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Found 1 result

  1. Brief Background: 1998: JHJ first emerged on the Korean entertainment scene as a member of the boy band Guardian and appeared three times on CATV. Due to problems with the production company, the group disbanded soon after they released their first album. 2000: JHJ was discovered by talent scouts while practising in a boxing arena. He first appeared in a drinks commercial and then in a chewing gum commercial. After that commercial aired, his looks and deportment became the talk of the town. This resulted in his landing the role in Episode 75 of “KAIST”. Unfortunately the reviews were unfavourable, so JHJ was relegated to a supporting role and disappeared altogether after two episodes. He was not adequately prepared, acting for the first time and with no experience, and the script was receieved only a few days before shooting. JHJ admitted his own inadequacy but refused to give up. In the following year, he practised acting and tried to learn from other actors. He passed the qualifying exam and enrolled in the Drama Department of Myonji University the following year and became a pupil of Professor Jan Mihie. Summer of 2001: JHJ played the youngest son Zondu in “Father and Sons”. For the first time he was mentioned as a newcomer under the name LEE Hyun Jae. After this drama aired, he gained his first fans and his first fan website was established in Korea. (http://cafe.daum.net/hyunjaelove) 2001: JHJ played the part of Ihyonje in “That’s Good”, the drama that was considered the stepping stone for young actors. It was a considerable role, played for laughs. JHJ felt uncomfortable, like wearing someone else’s clothes. He decided to seriously learn acting skills. He was in the first 66 episodes of “That’s Good” (out of 74.) 2002: Then JHJ appeared for a few seconds in an unimportant role as an art teacher in the SBS Mid-Autumn special “Golden Pond.” 2003: Jo Hyun-Jae got the opportunity to act in “Great Ambition” (Dae Mang) and began playing the minor role of the Crown Prince. For the first time he used his own name Jo Hyun-Jae. JHJ saw this as a chance in a lifetime and gave his best under the director’s guidance, creating the memorable Crown Prince. He received such praise as a newcomer who does not look like a newcomer. In the cast, the Crown Prince is not an important role. When the drama started, there were lots of enquiries about him. For the first time, people were paying attention to him. Because of this, his role was expanded. Instead of being killed off early, he became the companion of the lead character and ended up coming into his own as the king. After the failure of KAIST, JHJ tried harder and finally succeeded in making an unimportant role more important. His Crown Prince gained him many fans, even in Japan. That was when he first broke into the Japanese market. He also got the chance to act in other dramas. The director and scriptwriter of “Love Letter” decided to use JHJ. He became the lead actor three years after his first appearance in a TV drama. Later he was handpicked by the director of “Seo Dong Yo” to star in the 55-episode historical drama, the first time such a young actor was elevated to such a role. “Great Ambition” is the turning point for JHJ as an actor and the first time he used his own name. In an interview in Japan, he also said “Great Ambition” was the turning point in his career. JHJ is quiet by temperament, but he wants to be an actor, so he follows his dream and gives his all. He is not a very emotional person, so it is difficult for him to cry, but his beautiful tears and angelic smile light up every drama. He is improving under the camera all the time. He can move people with his clear, luminous eyes. He is born to be an actor: he refuses to succumb to frustrations and does not falter under difficult circumstances. He performs each and every role with sincerity and verve. His straightforward character is revealed in an interview at the premiere of “Untold Scandal” (2003): “I only got the script a few days before shooting of “KAIST”, [that's why I didn't do too well.] I took a year off and learnt to act, to grow up. How do I act by myself? It’s a secret. When I’m acting, I don’t think about anything outside of my role. Compared to the name of Jo Hyun-Jae, I’d rather my fans remember me through my characters’ names.” JHJ is not content to be confined to his roles; he always gives his best to every role. His future is something to look forward to. (Adapted from CarpeDiemJapan, translated to English by wuliJHJ) 2008 - JHJ enlisted for mandatory military service in the Korean Army on August 5, 2008 2010 - JHJ was given honorable discharge on June 19, 2010. 2011 - JHJ's comeback project after military service, 49 Days (March-May 2011), aired. His portrayal of his Han Kang character in 49 Days earned him praise and many fans not only at home but in different parts of the world as well (i.e. North America, Europe, Middle East, many parts of Asia). In August 2011 he flew to China to film his first Chinese drama, KING ROUGE (KR). He finished filming KR and returned to SKorea in November 2011, only to return to China on December 1, 2011 to film his second Chinese drama, YOUNG STORM. 2012 - He finished filming his second Chinese drama and returned to South Korea. On March 30 JHJ left his management agency, Star N Hit, to join Storm S (the management company owned by actor Song Seung Hun). Dramas: King’s Daugther, Soo Baek Hyang MBC, September 30, 2013 Plays the role of Crown Prince Myeong Nong (later to become King Seong, the 26th King of Baekje) Posts about this drama can be found beginning on page 265 of this thread. You can also visit my website: http://johyunjae1980.wordpress.com/ and this category in particular: http://johyunjae1980.wordpress.com/category/drama-kings-daughter/ for updates on "KIng's Daughter" King Rouge/Rouge Overlord/Rouge Hegemon (Chinese drama, HSTV, February 23, 2013) Played the role of Young Master Xiao Wu Kui JHJ filmed “King Rouge” from August 5, 2011 to November 19, 2011 in Mainland China Advertising Genius KBS2TV, February 4, 2013 -March 26, 2013 Played the role of Addie/Addy/Eddie Kang Young Storm Chinese drama, not yet aired Played the role of Ye Zi Xuan JHJ filmed “Young Storm” from December 2, 2011 to January 31, 2012 in Mainland China. 49 Days SBS, March 16 – May 19, 2011 Played the role of Han Kang Three Dads, One Mom KBS, April 2 – May 22, 2008 Played the role of Han Soo Hyun Seo Dong Yo/Ballad of Seo Dong/Song of the Prince SBS, September 5, 2005 – March 27, 2006 Played the role of Seo Dong/Jang (later becomes King Mu, the 30th King of Baekje) Only You/Lovers in Venice SBS, June 4 – July 24, 2005 Played the role of Han Yi Jun Fox with 9 Tails/Gumiho/Forbidden Love KBS, July 19 – September 7, 2004 Played the role of Kang Min Woo Sunshine Pours Down/Shining Days/Sunshine of Love SBS, February 11 – April 1, 2004 Played the role of Jung Eun Sup Star’s Echo/Sound of Star a 2-episode Japanese-Korean cooperation drama MBC, January 30, 2004 Played the role of Yoo Seong Jae First Love SBS, August 2 – September 28, 2003 Played the role of Han Yeong Woo Love Letter MBC, February 10 – April 1, 2003 Played the role of the priest Andrea/Lee Woo Jin Great Wish/Great Ambition/Daemang SBS Big Drama, October 12, 2002 – January 5, 2003 Played the role of Crown Prince who later becomes King Golden Pond SBS Special Drama on Korean Thanksgiving Day, September 21, 2002 Played the role of art instructor Very Good/That’s Good SBS Sitcom, November 19, 2001 – March 15, 2002 Played the role of Hyun Jae Father and Sons SBS Weekend Drama, July 21 – October 28, 2001 Played the role of the 4th/youngest son Jong Du KAIST SBS Drama, Episode 75, Love of 145 Km, August 13, 2000 Played the role of Dong Ha, a graduate student of KAIST . MOVIES She Lacks 10% Plays the role of movie director Hong Jin Woo JHJ filmed this movie from September – October 2012. To date, the movie has not been released yet. G.P. 506/The Guard Post (2007) Plays the role of 1st Lt. Yoo Jeong U Joy of Love/Pleasure of Love (2004, short internet film) Untold Scandal (2003) Plays the role of young scholar Kwon In Ho MUSIC Even if I live just one day (2011, 49 Days OST) Different Space, Same Memory Digital Single, 2008, includes his original songs: Like The Wind Beside YouWords You Said To MeI Spread My Dreams In The Sky Member of the boy group Guardian, 1998 . ADDRESS FOR FAN LETTERS: JHJ is currently looking for a new management agency. Address for fan letters will be announced once new agency has been determined. . OFFICIAL SITES Korea Official Website: http://www.johyunjae.com Japan Official Site: http://johyunjae.co.jp/ Personal Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/hj.jo.376 Official Weibo account: http://weibo.com/zhaoxianzai 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION
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