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Yong-Pal  용팔이







  • Drama: Yong-Pal (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Yongpalyi
  • Hangul: 용팔이
  • Director: Oh Jin-Seok
  • Writer: Jang Hyeok-Rin
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 18
  • Release Date: August 5 - October 1, 2015
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea



Kim Tae-Hyun (Joo Won) is an excellent surgeon, but he is constantly harassed by debt collectors due to his younger sister. His younger sister requires expensive kidney dialysis. To make more money, he goes to see patients privately for a high fee. He doesn't care whether these patients are criminals as long as they can pay him.

Kim Tae-Hyun then meets Yeo-Jin (Kim Tae-Hee) who is in deep sleep in the hospital.




  1. "Yong-Pal" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Mask"
  2. First script reading took place June 25, 2015 at SBS Production Center in Ilsan, South Korea.



Yong-Pal-Joo Won.jpg Yong-Pal-Kim Tae-Hee.jpg Yong-Pal-Jo Hyun-Jae.jpg Yong-Pal-Chae Jung-An.jpg Yong-Pal-Jung Woong-In.jpg
Joo Won Kim Tae-Hee Jo Hyun-Jae Chae Jung-An Jung Woong-In
Kim Tae-Hyun Han Yeo-Jin Han Do-Joon Lee Chae-Young Chief Surgeon Lee
Yong-Pal-Stephanie Lee.jpg Yong-Pal-Song Kyung-Cheol.jpg Yong-Pal-An Se-Ha.jpg Yong-Pal-Jo Bok-Rae.jpg Yong-Pal-Oh Na-Ra.jpg
Stephanie Lee Song Kyung-Cheol An Se-Ha Jo Bok-Rae Oh Na-Ra
Shin Sa-A Doo-Chul Man-Sik Park Tae-Yong head nurse
Yong-Pal-Park Hye-Soo.jpg Yong-Pal-Kim Na-Woon.jpg Yong-Pal-Jang Gwang.jpg Bae Hye-Sun Kim Mi-Kyung
Park Hye-Soo Kim Na-Woon Jang Gwang Bae Hye-Sun Kim Mi-Kyung
Kim So-Hyun Tae-Hyun's mother Construction Company President Ko Nurse Hwang head nurse
Yong-Pal-Park Pal-Young.jpg Yong-Pal-Moon Ji-In.jpg Yong-Pal-Yoo Joon-Hong.jpg Yong-Pal-Lim Hwa-Young.jpg Yong-Pal-Kim Dong-Seok.jpg
Park Pal-Young Moon Ji-In Yoo Joon-Hong Lim Hwa-Young Kim Dong-Seok
hospital director Nurse Song resident 1 resident 2 resident 3
Yong-Pal-Yoo Seung-Mok.jpg Yong-Pal-Jo Hwi.jpg Yong-Pal-Nam Myung-Ryul.jpg Choi Min
Yoo Seung-Mok Jo Hwi Nam Myung-Ryul Choi Min
Detective Lee Detective Kim Chae-Young's father Choi Sung-Hoon


Additional Cast Members:



Drama Posters:








Character Posters:


















Cr: koreandrama.org














Relationship Chart:


Translation credits to @jadecloud


Script Reading Pics (see pages 6-7 for more):







Presscon Pics + Videos (see pages 25-7 for more):






Part 1 - "To My Love" by The One 


Part 2 - "Nightmare" by Yong Jong Hyung (Beast) and Heo Ga Yoon (4Minute)


Part 3 - "Actually, I'm" by Jung In


Part 4 - "So We Are" by Baek A Yeon


Part 5 - "Come To Me" by K Will


Part 6 - "Only Remember Me" by Park Hye Soo





    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-08-05 1 9.2 (9th) 11.2 (5th) 11.6 (4th) 12.9 (3rd)
2015-08-06 2 11.8 (5th) 14.9 (3rd) 14.1 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd)
2015-08-12 3 12.5 (5th) 15.8 (3rd) 14.5 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd)
2015-08-13 4 15.3 (3rd) 18.8 (2nd) 16.3 (3rd) 17.8 (2nd)
2015-08-19 5 16.4 (3rd) 19.4 (2nd) 18.0 (2nd) 20.3 (2nd)
2015-08-20 6 18.1 (3rd) 20.7 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd) 22.2 (2nd)
2015-08-26 7 17.1 (3rd) 21.2 (2nd) 19.2 (2nd) 21.4 (1st)
2015-08-27 8 18.4 (2nd) 21.9 (1st) 20.5 (2nd) 22.8 (2nd)
2015-09-02 9 15.7 (4th) 18.2 (2nd) 17.0 (3rd) 19.1 (2nd)
2015-09-03 10 16.3 (2nd) 19.3 (2nd) 17.4 (2nd) 19.3 (2nd)
2015-09-09 11 15.9 (3rd) 18.4 (2nd) 19.3 (2nd) 21.7 (2nd)
2015-09-10 12 18.2 (2nd) 21.3 (2nd) 19.1 (2nd) 21.0 (2nd)
2015-09-16 13 18.0 (2nd) 21.0 (2nd) 21.5 (2nd) 23.7 (1st)
2015-09-17 14 19.5 (2nd) 21.8 (2nd) 20.9 (2nd) 22.3 (2nd)
2015-09-23 15 17.8 (2nd) 20.0 (2nd) 20.0 (2nd) 22.3 (2nd)
2015-09-24 16 19.2 (2nd) 21.0 (2nd) 20.2 (2nd) 22.3 (2nd)
2015-09-30 17 16.4 (3rd) 18.2 (2nd) 18.4 (3rd) 20.0 (2nd)
2015-10-01 18 19.6 (2nd) 21.4 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd) 21.6 (2nd)


Best '1 Minute'/ Peak Rating:

Ep1: 15.9% - Scene between Yongpal and Gangster before they jump off bridge

Ep2: 19.7% - Emergency X-Ray scene

Ep3: 19.9% - Cynthia told Taehyun about Yeojin's background that led to her accident

Ep4: 21.1% - Taehyun argues with loanshark & Yeojin offered him money

Ep5: 25% - Taehyun asked Yeojin to be friends

Ep6: 26.4% Yeojin's death & Taehyun-Dojoon encounter

Ep7: 25.7% - Taehyun-Yeojin rooftop date

Ep8: 24.2% - Nurse Hwang's death

Ep9: 23.4% - Birth-surgery and goodbye hug

Ep10: 23.63% - Police interrogation

Ep11: 26.9% - Yeojin discovers hidden USB

Ep12: 25% - Kim Taehee stands by her portrait at funeral

Ep13: 27.9% - Yeojin meeting with board of directors, reversal of good-bad

Ep14: 26.4% - Han Do Joon's accident

Ep15: 26.2% - Yeojin and Choe Hoe-jan encounter

Ep16: 26.54% - Yeojin and Taehyun confrontation at the dining table

Ep17: 24.5% - Baek Hyeonsuk's meeting with the directors

Ep18: 25.62% - Joowon & Kim Taehee called the police to arrest the board of directors

List compiled by @farbarri


Official Subbing Sites:








Don't post any requests for subs!

Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. 

Don't quote images.

01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the orginal subbers and doesn't have copyrights like  SOOMPI TV, Viki, Dramafever, Kdrama.com or Crunchyroll) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions.


All photos are property of SBS Hub Ltd. 

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Guest ororomunroe

Joo Won Confirmed for His First SBS Drama


After being in talks for the lead role in SBS‘s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Yongpal,” actor Joo Won has confirmed his casting.

A representative from his agency shared, “Joo Won has confirmed his role in ‘Yongpal.’ The filming schedule is still being coordinated.”

Joo Won will be acting as Kim Tae Hyun who is a third-year general surgery resident at Hanshin Hospital. It has been two years since his last role as a doctor in 2013′s “Good Doctor.” Kim Tae Hyun is the type of doctor who can save patients’ lives during dangerous surgeries and is extremely gifted. However, he is a rude snob who would do anything for money.

The actor has primarily acted in KBS dramas including “King of Baking, Kim Takgu,” “Bridal Mask,” “Good Doctor,” “Tomorrow Cantabile,” and more. He has also acted in MBC‘s “7th Grade Civil Servant.” Many are curious as to how he will do in an SBS drama.

“Yongpal” is scheduled to air after “Mask” ends. The drama will tell the story of a doctor who who suffers from debt because of his younger sister’s kidney dialysis treatment. The first episode is planned to air in August.


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@ororomunroe, thank you for starting this thread....  I was so excited to hear about Joo Won confirming.

Here is a bit about the drama and who's behind it, in a Dramabeans article from before the confirmation.

God’s Gift PD returns with new drama for SBS


There seems to be some heavy competition going on at SBS for a spot on its late summer Wednesday-Thursday drama lineup, because we’ve already heard news about two other dramas angling to air in that time slot — writer Kim Eun-hee’s Signal, which got pushed back for Shin Mina’s Will You Have Dinner With Me. And now a third drama is throwing its hat into the ring: a medical human drama called Yong-pal.


Read more on Dramabeans

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Joo-won to start making house calls as SBS’s Yong-pal


Soooooo, what exactly constitutes a medical emergency to get Doctor Joo-won to make a house call? Just wondering. I’m asking for a friend. Confirmations are in for Joo-won(Cantabile Tomorrow, Good Doctor), who has signed on to headline the new medical drama Yong-pal as its title character. I’m not normally a fan of hospital dramas, but this one has a twist of mystery and intrigue that I find appealing (and not in the Doctor Stranger way, please no and thank you) — it’s about an off-the-books doctor who makes house calls to the filthy rich and not-so-law-abiding.


Read more on Dramabeans

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Guest ororomunroe

Joo Won confirmed for 'Yong-pal-yi', his first drama with SBS 



Actor Joo Won has confirmed his cast for SBS' new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Yong-pal-yi". On June 3rd, a representative from Joo Won's agency told TV Daily, "Joo Won has confirmed his cast for "Yong-pal-yi". We're in the middle of adjusting his schedule to shoot the drama". Joo Won will play Kim Taehyeon, a third year resident surgeon. He is returning with a doctor role again since "Good Doctor", 2013. The character is a talented doctor who has superbly amazing skills to find bleeding regions at fatal situations. However, he is seriously shameless egoistic per

son, who chases after money. Joo Won has been building up his filmography mostly with his roles in KBS dramas including 'Bread, Love and Dreams' 'Bridal Mask' "Good Doctor" and 'Tomorrow's Cantabile' as well as his role in MBC drama, '7th Grade Civil Servant' step by step. Since this is his first role in SBS drama, his cast for "Yong-pal-yi" is drawing much attention.

"Yong-pal-yi" will begin after the completion of "Mask". Drama "Yong-pal-yi" depicts the ironic situation that a medical doctor should go through because of the debt accrued due to his younger sister's dialysis treatment. The drama is scheduled to begin in August. 


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Kim Tae-hee to play mystery heiress opposite Joo-won
by girlfriday


Looks like there are no casting surprises for Yong-pal, SBS’s new medical drama that’s been courting Joo-won and Kim Tae-hee to star. On the heels of Joo-won’sconfirmation, Kim Tae-hee has signed on as well, for what will be her first drama in two years since Jang Ok-jung, Live By Love. I hope they have some chemistry, not that we have any indication that this will be a romance drama. Oh, who’re we kidding, like they’re not going to have the two leads fall in love.

The new drama comes from the PD of God’s Gift–14 Days and the writer of Reset and tells the story of a surgeon who starts making illegal house calls in order to support his sick sister. Joo-won stars as a third-year resident with unparalleled surgical skills that he applies to emergency situations. He’s got the prickly personality to go along with his genius, naturally, and is known for being rude and above all, shameless when it comes to money.

He starts to make house calls to people who need emergency doctors but can’t go to hospitals for whatever reason, and in exchange for asking no questions, he can afford to keep his sister on the weekly dialysis treatments that she needs. He’ll have all sorts of shady clientele, as well as the filthy rich and ultra secretive.

That’s where Kim Tae-hee fits into the story. She’ll play a chaebol heiress whose family owns the hospital where Joo-won is a resident. She’s a character shrouded in mystery who lives a secluded life, and only has contact with a few doctors and her oppa, the chaebol group chairman. She was intelligent and bright in her youth, but after a big accident, she’s been hidden away from the world during her slow recovery.

More here: dramabeans.com/2015/06/kim-tae-hee-to-play-mystery-heiress-opposite-joo-won

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Hi everybody, I am happy that KTH signed on for this drama and I have a good feel for the pairing of JW and KTH. The storyline and characters are interesting and unique. Happy to join you all for a 'roller coaster ride' of this drama! :)


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I h​eard that Kim Tae Hee' agency is not confirm. I hope she to star with Joo Won. She is beautiful and intelligent although her acting is not quite good but she can do it. I will expect this drama.



Hi @duongbi1234,

Oh, is that so? We are premature here with KTH's confirmation? I do hope she accepts the offer, if that is the case. I am loving the plot and the description of the lead characters. KTH is known to be always wanting improvement and refining her acting and she works hard to deliver her best. Like you, I know that she can do well for the female lead character. Yes, I also have high expectation for the drama and the pairing plus their chemistry (if KTH is in). :wub::)


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Chae Jung-an to play Kim Tae-hee's sister-in-law


The main characters of the upcoming SBS TV drama are played by Kim Tae-hee (left) and Joo Won. Chae Jung-an (right) also plays a supporting role. (OSEN)

Korean actress Chae Jung-an has been cast in a new TV drama “Yong Pal Yi,” alongside celebrated actress Kim Tae-hee, according to media sources Thursday.

Kim places a wealthy heiress in the TV drama, to be broadcast by SBS, while Chae will play a supporting role as her sister-in-law. Jung’s role will reportedly be her attempt at more serious acting, in contrast to her more light-hearted roles in the past.

The upcoming TV drama will also mark Chae’s return to the small screen in a year, after the MBC drama “A New Leaf.”

“Yong Pal Yi” will be set in modern-day Seoul, with the main character, a visiting doctor, played by Joo Won. The doctor’s younger sister suffers from a kidney disease, which inspires him to become a better person.

Chae Jung-an is perhaps best known for starring in the hit 2007 TV drama “Coffee Prince.”

The TV drama will air in August on Wednesday and Thursday evenings after current SBS drama “Mask.”


Source: KpopHearald.

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Yay!!!! Confirmed, that KTH will be the chaebol heiress in Yongpalyi! Fighting, the cast of Yongpalyi!!! :wub::wub::wub:


Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won Confirmed to Star in Upcoming Drama “Yong-Pal”




On June 12, the producers of SBS‘s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Yong-Pal” officially stated, “Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won are confirmed as the leads for ‘Yong-Pal.’”

Kim Tae Hee commented, “I have wanted to try acting as a chaebol (conglomerate) heiress and will show viewers a new character. I am very excited because it has been a while since my last Korean project.”

Joo Won shared, “After reading the synopsis and script I was charmed by the writer’s writing skills and creativity. I will work hard as I trust the director.”

“Yong-Pal” is about a talented doctor who makes house calls to shady individuals as long as they are rich. He doesn’t reject any offers regardless of the location or client in order to make more money. Eventually he visits the chaebol heiress who is described as being asleep in a hospital. It appears as though she has some mystery ailment. The drama describes itself as a spectacular and unique melodrama. New writer Jang Hyuk Rin and PD Lee Dong Hoon of “God’s Gift – 14 Days” will be helming this drama.

Joo Won will be acting as third-year general surgery resident Kim Tae Hyun. Due to his younger sister’s costly dialysis treatments, he is mired in debt. In order to pay for these treatments he begins to work as a visiting doctor and makes secret house calls to wealthy patients. While working for various individuals including gangsters, his life is at risk with the police chasing after him. Kim Tae Hee’s character is more of a mystery. It has been revealed that she is a chaebol heiress and Joo Won will be making a house call, but the reason has not been exposed yet. The supporting cast has yet to be finalized.

“Yong-Pal” will air after “Mask” ends its run in August.

Source (1)







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A bit more about KTH's character, Han Yeo Jin, is mentioned.



Joo Won and Kim Tae-hee confirmed to star in the new SBS drama "Yong-pal-yi" 




Joo Won and Kim Tae-hee are starring in the new SBS drama "Yong-pal-yi". 

"Yong-pal-yi" is a melodrama about Kim Tae-hyeon (Joo Won), a fraud doctor who would do anything for money and Han Yeo-jin (Kim Tae-hee), the heiress to a very rich family who is lying in a hospital bed. 

Joo Won plays Kim Tae-hyeon who became a doctor after going through hills and mountains, but is an unfortunate being and has to support his sister who has to go through kidney dialysis every week. 

Kim Tae-hee plays Han Yeo-jin who is in a come in the VIP room of the hospital. She was put in a coma by her brother who wants the heritage for himself but Kim Tae-hyeon helps her wake up and seeks vengeance. 

Meanwhile, "Yong-pal-yi" is coming in August. 


Source : star.mbn.co.kr/view.p... 




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