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[Drama 2015] Late Night Restaurant 심야식당


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 Late Night Restaurant



Drama Title: Late Night Restaurant (adaptation after a Japanese show Midnight Diner or Shinya Shokudo)

Hangul: 심야식당

Network: SBS


Episodes: 20 (2 Episodes/day & 30 minutes/episode)

Director: Hwang In-Roe

Writer: Yaro Abe (manga),  Choe Dae Ung, Hong Yun Hui

Release Date: 2015-July-04 to 2015-Aug-15

Runtime: Saturdays 24:10

Production company:

Official site: http://program.sbs.co.kr/builder/programMainList.do?pgm_id=22000008149

Watch VIKI: http://www.viki.com/tv/27513c-late-night-restaurant

Watch Dramafever: http://www.dramafever.com/drama/3048/Late_Night_Restaurant/




A late night restaurant opens at midnight and closes at 7am. The owner and chef of the restaurant makes whatever his customers ask for. (Asianwiki) (asianwiki)

Kim Seung-woo will play Master in the remake. Nobody knows Master’s real name, age, or history, but his body is branded with scars, and he seems to have become a chef in order to forget something from his past. He’ll have no fixed items on his menu, but will take orders from any customer and cook up whatever they ask for. (Dramabeans) dramabeans


Kim Seung Woo - คิม ซึง อู

Kim Seung Woo


Kim Seung-Woo - Master (owner and chef of restaurant)

Nam Tae-Hyun - Min-Woo

Choi Jae-Sung- regular customer

Jung Han Hun- regular customer
Joo Won Seong- regular customer
Park Joon Myun- regular customer
Son Hwa Ryung- regular customer
Ban Min Jung- regular customer
Kang Seo Yun - regular customer
Jang Hee Jung- regular customer




Late Night Restaurant 02

Teasers/ trailers



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Kim Seung-woo headlines remake of Midnight Diner for SBS

by girlfriday | May 5, 2015 | 17 Comments


It seems like all the stations are jumping to experiment with their weekend timeslots these days. SBS is trotting out a new late-night Saturday drama, a remake of the popular Japanese television show Midnight Diner, or Shinya Shokudo, and Kim Seung-woo (IRIS 2, Third Ward) has signed on to headline. The human drama is about a chef, known as Master, who runs a quirky little late-night restaurant that opens at midnight.

The original source material is a manga series by Yaro Abe, which was adapted into a movie and a television drama that aired its third season in 2014. It starred Kobayashi Kaoru as Master, and told the stories of various patrons who came to eat at his restaurant in the wee hours of the night, where there was only one thing on the menu and he cooked to order.

Read more Dramabeans


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An article about the manga Shinya Shokudo.


Shinya Shokudo by Abe Yaro: Late Night Dining to Soothe the Mind


(This picture is a screen capture of the cover page of the official site's free read of Vol. 1. You may want to visit the official site for more information: shogakukan.co.jp.)

There is an excellent introduction and review on both the original work of manga and its TV adaptation at e*ting the worldShinya Shokudo - Food Manga Du Jour. (I myself became a fascinated follower the moment I spotted the site. There are a great number of words and pics you don't want to miss.)

This is a story about an eating place where, in a sense, eating itself doesn't really matter. It is always a food, to a particular costumer of that place, reminiscent of his/her life experience. Yes. It's like Marcel Proust and his episode of the madeleine, if you like.

Most of the costumers there have their own must-orders. The experience from the past becomes a psychological fixation reflected by the perpetual craving for the food: Ru's octopus-shaped wieners, Kosusu's sweet omelette, Rinrin's fried noodles...Most of the time, it's le manque (the Lacanian lack) embodied as a food and feeds back on the lack itself.

Speaking of comfort food, I see no better interpretation nor more poetic expression for it than Shiya Shokudo, both its original manga and its TV adaptation.

credit http://fooddiscourse.blogspot.ro/2012/09/shinya-shokudo-late-night-dining-to.html


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The excerpt from an interview with the writer of the manga creator, Yaro Abe...

Manga creator’s ‘Late Night Diner’ bustling in Korea

‘My story aims to bring comfort to the readers. ... I want [them] to feel as though they are not alone.’ - Yaro Abe, manga creator

Yaro Abe, creator of manga, or Japanese comic books, struck gold with “Shinya Shokudo” (“The Late Night Diner”). The graphic novel became a cult sensation in Japan and quickly spread across the East Sea, catching wind in Korea’s comic book market.

The stories take place at a diner that opens at midnight and closes at 7 a.m. Its patrons include a yakuza, an unsuccessful actor, a hostess and a stripper who all gather after a long day of work. They banter and order food - the chef usually cooks anything requested - while recovering from a stressful day on the job.

Comics are extremely popular among Korean youth, usually accessed on “Web toons,” or comic strip Web sites. Abe’s latest work has sold over 300,000 hard copies on the peninsula and was even adapted into an MBS/TBS drama that wrapped up its second season in December. The show casts Japanese actor Kobayashi Kaoru as the Master, the head of the diner.

Abe, who refuses to show his face to the public, sat down with the JoongAng Ilbo on the condition that no photos be taken. Yet he is far from timid, giving off an aura of amiable confidence and easygoingness.

The manga creator talked about his approach to “The Late Night Diner” and said he doesn’t know how the Japanese comic became so popular in Korea. The following are excerpts from the interview:

Read more http://mengnews.joins.com/view.aspx?gCat=020&aId=2954030


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@larus   Thank you so much for starting this thread...

I am excited to see Kim Seung-Woo back. I am actually watching him now in an older drama, 3rd Hospital.

I love culinary drama  (no wonder my first Kdrama was Gourmet... hehe), and I look forward to this one.

I see that the Japanese version already is airing or aired Season 3. I might try to watch some of the Japanese before the Korean one starts.

 @larus  Thank you so much also for the intro material into the manga. That picture sure looks appetizing...



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Good News....  Smiley

Viki has already set up a page for this drama!  And - it is already licensed for Europe Smiley

I hope they will also license it for the Americas.  Please make sure to click on "Favorites" There are only slightly over 100 now. We need more than that..


So lets submit a title request form for : Late Night Restaurant - 심야식당



Hopefully, they will license it for the Americas as well.  :rolleyes:

@larus      I also noticed that the drama is not listed on "The official drama Thread" under SBS.

I just asked Rubie to add it, so maybe by the time you look she will have added it already

Usually it is a good idea to let her know when we start a new thread. This way - we will avoid duplicate threads, and also people will know to come to the thread.

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Good News....  Smiley

Viki has already set up a page for this drama!  And - it is already licensed for Europe Smiley
@larus      I also noticed that the drama is not listed on "The official drama Thread" under SBS.

I just asked Rubie to add it, so maybe by the time you look she will have added it already

Usually it is a good idea to let her know when we start a new thread. This way - we will avoid duplicate threads, and also people will know to come to the thread.

​Europe license. Good news indeed.

@irilight: Thanks for notice Rubie about this thread. I usually let her know every time I start I new thread but this time I forgot. I started the thread in the temporary forum and it was moved a little later than others so I have some  mitigating circumstances. :P

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WINNER’s Nam Taehyun Cast in “Shinya Shokudo” Remake

WINNER’s Nam Taehyun Cast in “Shinya Shokudo” Remake

Boy group WINNER‘s member Nam Taehyun has been confirmed to appear in SBS‘s remake of the hit Japanese manga/drama, “Shinya Shokudo.”

Nam Taehyun’s agency YG Entertainment announced on June 4, “Nam Taehyun will be having his major broadcast TV debut with SBS’ late-night drama ‘Late-Night Restaurant.’”

The upcoming drama, based on the popular Japanese manga of the same title, is about an eclectic restaurant that only opens from midnight to seven in the morning. Nam Taehyun will portray Min Woo, a kind-hearted, positive individual who visits the restaurant.

Nam Taehyun has previously had his acting debut through MBC Every1‘s web drama, “Midnight’s Girl.”

He will be appearing in the drama alongside actors Kim Seung Woo and Choi Jae Sung, who were confirmed earlier. The drama is scheduled to premiere in late June.


Source: Soompi

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Winner’s Nam Taehyun To Join ‘Late Night Restaurant’


Winner’s Nam Taehyun will play the role of Minwoo in SBS ‘Late Night Restaurant’.

The drama ‘Late Night Restaurant’ is about a special restaurant that opens from midnight to 7:00 AM and each episode will introduce different story with a meal relate on it. ‘Late Night Restaurant’ is one of the most representative contents of ‘Eating show’, which became the biggest trend in Korea.

Nam Taehyun is a member of Winner who debuted in 2014. He showed his great singing ability as a singer and also proved his talent as an actor by playing in MBC Everyone’s drama ‘Midnight Girl’. It had more than million views in 10 days and he received a favorable response from the public with his acting. Nam Taehyun is definitely one of the rising stars.

The staff of ‘Late Night Restaurant’ said, “Nam Taehyun doesn’t have many experience in this field but we are expecting that he will express Minwoo with his own charm”.

On another note, ‘Late Night Restaurant’ will be directed by Hwang Inroi who also directed ‘Princess Hours’, ‘The Return of Iljimae’ and ‘Love Again’ and written by Choi Daewong, well-known for his works in ‘Gag Concert’, ‘Radio Star’ and ‘War of Words’ and Hong Yoonhee.

Meanwhile, SBS’ drama ‘Late Night Restaurant’ will air its first episode at the end of June

Source BNT News

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기사 대표 이미지:심야식당, 티저 포스터+출연진 자필 메시지 공개 대박 기원

Embedded image permalink

Teaser Poster and handwritten messages of the cast was unveiled

It seams that Late Night Restaurant will start airing on 27th June on SBS. 12pm timeslot. 2 episodes of 30 minutes back to back.

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@larus       yey.. we have a poster now...! thank you!  I like it a lot... And script reading too..!

KoreanDrama already lists the following cast members

Kim Seung Woo as owner and chef of restaurant
Choi Jae Sung
Jung Han Hun
Joo Won Seong
Park Joon Myun
Son Hwa Ryung
Ban Min Jung
Kang Seo Yun (강서연)
Nam Tae Hyun
Jang Hee Jung (장희정)


I am excited about Choi Jae-Sung. I loved him in the two drama with Lee Joon Gi.

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