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Ep 50. summary. Gil Seon-Mi was slayed by Moo-Hyul. He was still breathing when Yeon-Hyang came to see him. He apologized her that he lied about the children because he resented her for abandonin

The flow of the events are as I expected. The difference is... Boon-Yi and Moo-Hyul visited Bang-Won's house to say the final farewell to Bang-Won. Lady Min told them Bang-Won already went to sle

The historical background to help understand Ep. 49~50     ■ Baek Dal-Won 백달원 白達元 (?~?)     ■ The Second Strife of Princes  (January, 1400)

Moo Hyul has the cutest bromances... first with YBW, then YG, now LBJ! :D It is so good to see that his adorkable traits, while diminished, are not totally gone by the time he becomes Yi Do's bodyguard in Tree with Deep RootsThat relationship is like that of an old married couple, with him consistently nagging Yi Do about his safety. Truly love this character :) 

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Moo Hyul has the cutest bromances... first with YBW, then YG, now LBJ! :D It is so good to see that his adorkable traits, while diminished, are not totally gone by the time he becomes Yi Do's bodyguard in Tree with Deep RootsThat relationship is like that of an old married couple, with him consistently nagging Yi Do about his safety. Truly love this character :) 

i wonder if hell doa cameo - although CJW is pretty busy these days 

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Thank you everyone for your insightful comments! I learn so much everytime I come by, it's so wonderful. This drama is just getting better and better - there hasn't been a wasted episode yet. Even though one of the reasons why I started watching Kdrama is because they do great romantic dramas, I love that SFD is written in a way that romance is not the main theme. Obviously there's a lot of history to tell, but romance is an easy road to follow, and with leads with such amazing chemistry as YAI and SSK, it's easy to go that way. I love that while there is romance, it stays somewhat in the background like a subliminal message throughout each episode. Even the confession scene was the most unromantic yet moving confession scene in any Kdrama I've seen so far. I mean they both confess, and LBW does it almost angrily and walks away.. no hug or kiss or whatever. But the feelings run so deep that for days I kept thinking of that scene. Amazing acting by both YAI and SSK. And since that epic scene, even with no other big romantic scene between the two, just occasional quiet moments...the camera would catch either one's expression from time to time as they watch the other, and you can see that the feelings still run deep, if not deeper as time goes by. So many times, the looks, especially from YBW just hit me right in the gut. Like when BY realised who DS was, and had an emotional reunion with her orabeoni, BW was watching them looking moved and pleased at the same time. 

I am not going to talk about the 'love triangle' between YBW, BY and LM because as @liddi put it so well, one drives his heart and the other his ambition. I just want to be here to watch how the story unfolds and what part BY will finally become in BW's life. As for now, BW's character has really won me over. I love his drive, his bravery, his intelligence and even his recklessness - I love that he gets things done, in that devil-may-care way of his, but he does. And at the end of that confrontation at Haedong Gapjok (another amazing scene acted out by YAI), you can see the respect and admiration that MH and YK have for him has increased manifold. And for the romantic, I love that in what he thought were his final moments, his thoughts were all on BY - thanks for pointing that out @liddi. That really melted my romantic heart. 

I too feel like a rewatch of TWDR is in order - I may hold out a little longer to not get disillusioned by the elder BW though. YAI is winning me over big time with his interpretation of young BW. MH was one of my favorite characters in TWDR, and I am in anticipation to watch his growth from fledgling to full grown dragon. So is it LBJ that becomes his teacher?

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@azzurri really liked you comment on how BY BW have this romantic undercurrent which guides their way - BW always look for and think of BY in decision making as @liddi mentioned 

BY fast to defend BW to her brother to JDJ 

their passes will always cross one another 

what really made  me think is what you said about MH growing admiration to LBW and how in the end he will become LD man - bromance 

what will happen to him to change this much, will they show us that?

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what really made  me think is what you said about MH growing admiration to LBW and how in the end he will become LD man - bromance 

what will happen to him to change this much, will they show us that?

I too am curious about this! MH does start out as BW's bodyguard, though, so obviously in the early days there was much respect and admiration there for his young master. I guess as the years go by, and he becomes more driven by power, something must have changed in BW. Even his own father becomes very estranged from him because of his hunger for power. Although I do wonder if LSG didn't decide to hand over the title of crown prince to his younger brother (by a different mother), perhaps things wouldn't have turned out the way it did. After all LBW did contribute the most to the forming of Joseon, and after that happened his father and JDJ became afraid of him for some reason. Still so much story to tell - I wonder will SFD end with the founding of Joseon or with LBW ascending the throne?

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@nevill If CJW does do a cameo, I will be officially over the moon! It was a joy to see SJY cameo as well, though a little disappointed with his character here, who turned around and betrayed Heo Gang by denying everything. What a difference from his role as the tragic Prince Gwangpyung, whom I truly loved in Tree with Deep Roots. Now, all we need is HSK, JH and YJM :wub:

@azzurri Love your analysis of YBW and BY's relationship. Their love is refreshing because while it is deep, it does not define nor drive them... rather they are two strong people who are assured in their own identity, and their love for each other is an extension of who they are. So while there may be initial hiccups, we do not see them moping over it, but always with their eyes firmly set on the big picture, what's at stake. 

If I remember correctly from TWDR, LBJ was never Moo Hyul's teacher... and if anything, there was always a form of rivalry on Moo Hyul's part to defeat YBJ, who was known as the greatest swordsman of his age. Perhaps this will be rewritten in SFD... seeing they are currently fighting on the same side, not to mention YBJ being "Lady BY"'s brother :D

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@azzurri there is still so much history im sure theyll do a couple time leaps - i think the drama will end with LBW killing JDJ or their conflict - but who knows

it seems they actually dont have enough episodes and YAI enlistment assure they have a deadline so...

@liddi as always you make me laugh - i think JH would be difficult but please can it happen 

i love garion - my favorite actually and love how HSK made me rethink my hate for kings 

but i can gash about that drama endlessly - so ill finish now  

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It is so canny how the writers are showing the 2 different camps and 2 different war rooms forming. Actually 3 camps except that the 3rd camp is not being looked as yet as a 3rd camp. Each camp have their own leader and followers/supporters. YSG has his war room in his residence and his right hand man is General Jiran and of course his sons but Bang Woo and Bang Gwa seem to be busy with military matters and are rarely seen. On the other side is the JDJ camp and his right hand man is the Chief of Security Eun Nam. We see the power of the sword and the power of the scholars separately yet together. We see the General attended by JDJ and General Jiran mostly in his war room and JDJ’s war room in the cave is attended by Eun Nam, the revolutionaries, the common people and a noble LBW. He is able to attend both war rooms and grasp the perspectives from both camps. He is the 3rd camp that is forming attended by Yeong Kyung and MH but no one including themselves are yet consciously aware of it not even BW. He still thinks of himself as one of JDJ’s student and revolutionary. The ones though who are apprehensive and can see through BW’s hunger are Eun Nam and YBJ. Eun Nam got to know BW in the torture chamber, his intelligence and determination. YBJ on the other hand thinks that BW has his own agenda which is not in sync with what the commoner revolutionaries are fighting for. I can relate LOL. Even ithe modern world politics and politicians are seen through jaundiced eyes. It will be Lady Min who will fan those ambitions. BY is the other one whose feet are in both camps. She is the one dragon stands with JDJ for the common people but she also loves and believes in BW. She does not discriminate and believes in fairnesst. BW said as much to the then Dang Sae, that freedom is for all people regardless of class or status, for now.

He told his FIL that he did not know whether the box was filled with gunpowder or stones. I thought the FIL was going to faint when he heard that. His son in law is nuts and will do anything to achieve what he wants, what did he get himself into?

I just want to say that the actor Jeon No Min played the role of HIB so well in this last episode. I could not stand his greedy vengeful character. Ughhhh…


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Yoo Ah-In just won the Best Actor Award at the 2015 Blue dragon award ceremony with his role in The Throne (2015). The Blue dragon awards is the Korean equivalent of Oscar. Congratulations, our Prince Yi Bang-Won. :w00t:


2015 Blue Dragon Awards Nominees


2015 Blue Dragon Awards Winners

Best Picture
- Assassination 암살

Best Director
- Ryu Seung-Wan (Veteran) 류승완 <베테랑>

Best Lead Actor
- Yoo Ah-In (The Throne) 유아인 <사도>

Best Lead Actress
- Yi Jeong-Hyeon (Alice in Earnestland) 이정현 <성실한 나라의 앨리스>

Best Supporting Actor
- Oh Dal-Soo (Ode to My Father) 오달수 <국제시장>

Best Supporting Actress
- Jeon Hye-Jin (The Throne) 전혜진 <사도>

New Actor
- Choi Woo-Sik (Set Me Free) 최우식<거인>

New Actress
- Yi Yoo-Young (The Treacherous) 이유영<간신>

New Director
- Kim Tae-Yong (Set Me Free) 김태용 <거인>

- Kim Tae-Gyeong & Hong Seung-Cheol (The Throne) 김태경&홍승철<사도>

- Kim Seong-Je & Son Ah-ram (The Unfair) 김성제&손아람<소수의견>

- Bang Joon-Seok (The Throne) 방준석<사도>

Production Design
- Ryu Seong-Hee (Ode to my Father) 류성희<국제시장>

Film Editing
- Yang Jin-Mo (The Beauty Inside) 양진모<뷰티 인사이드>

Visual Effect
- Jo Sang-Gyeong & Son Na-Ri (Assassination - Costume) 조상경&손나리<암살 - 의상>

Best Short Film
- The Photographers <출사>

2015 Korean movie with most admissions
- Ode to My Father <국제시장>

Popular actors / actresses (Netizen’s vote)
- Lee Min-Ho, Park Bo-Young, Park Seo-Joon, Kim Seol-Hyeon


The number of Winners for each movie

The Throne 사도 (4)
Ode to My Father 국제시장 (3)
Assassination 암살 (2)
Set Me Free 거인 (2)
Veteran 베테랑 (1)
Alice in Earnestland 성실한 나라의 앨리스 (1)
The Beauty Inside 뷰티 인사이드 (1)
The Unfair 소수의견 (1)
The Treacherous 간신 (1)

Edited by homura
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Guest rainmoon
@USAFarmgirl funny that they had the word "Rice Cooker" at that time - isnt it an electric cooker?

It's literally rice pot or whatever kind of pot where they cook rice. Moohyul tells her to think that Lee Bang Won is just something that gives them food and nothing else. Would Lee Bang Won Rice Pot be a better translation then? lol. Rice Cooker is the first thing that came to my mind. It's hard living in the techie world. HAHA

although i do have a rice cooker (which i dont use that often) im the only one among anyone i know who does - so it doesnt come naturally to me - i bought it bc of kdramas

LOL .... nevill you're comment got me laughing out loud!!! 

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Prior to watching the latest episode, I watched the clips and was literally going through anticipatory symptoms based on the preview & clips because it marks the beginning of the end for the 1st set of lovable baddies - HIB, GTM & LIG.  I wanted to see that episode immediately after that one ended.   Sad to say the trio's time is at an end and new arc as to the establishment of Joseon will start soon, they will all be missed.  The trio's family who benefited are now enemies of the country therefore its every man for themselves, who survives in the end is lucky/unlucky depending how you view it.  We are aware that GTM has a twin brother but I doubt that he would retaliate for his death due to the fact that he knows his twin's nature/lifestyle which he rejected.  The interesting thing would be a fight between him and YBJ which would be more a student/teacher kind of thing, YBJ would be showing how much he has grown since left in the hands of his teacher.  

What I liked about the last 2 episodes were ep 15 - action, YH did her part in protecting JDJ; (DS) YBJ/BY/YH reunion and in a way childhood closure allowing them to move on, MH meeting GTM who complimented him and gave him some insight as to his teacher & most importantly YBJ really smiled for the first time after talking to MH.  For ep 16 - strategic/tactical warfare with the parties that's action itself, the effects it would have on all parties including the spy network on a large scale and that I realized that though their relationship is no longer romantic BY/YBW are actually each other's best friends.  This realization was solidified in ep 16 when BW trusted her with the "gunpowder", she is the one he turns to when he needs to come up with a strategy with the Min clan & an assurance that he is doing the right thing as she explained to JDJ she kind of sensed what he was up to & made the decision for him by choosing rocks.  BW was the happiest for her when she reunited with her loved ones and was there to comfort her when she was sad about the events that made all of them change.  So they can openly love each other this way with limited negative repercussions.  LBW really showed that family saying that they have 700 years of nothing/hypocrisy so they have no right to look down on him/his family who have always fought and protected the people & the country.  He called them up on their BS crap which is good and was courtesy of Lady Min giving him that information that was instrumental in his attack.

SFD is not a romantic saguek it’s a combination of historical fact & fiction as to the birth of a new nation and the lives of the people who contributed to its life primarily from BW’s perspective which is being told to us in a very interesting manner.  The feels for YH/YBJ & BY/YBW are there which is sad but true for that time as the events & realities of that country affected them, cupid has very little space here.  Some were curious as to how YH became a member of Hwasadan, the powers that be has left that our imaginations, but my supposition is that after the incident she made some decisions one of them is to be strong & no longer a victim, being a member of Hwasadan allowed that so she decided to join them during that time she formed her own agenda/matured as to her future, meeting JDJ gave her the chance to fulfill that.  Another thing I just noted when I looked at the pictures of LM and YH, they could pass for sisters with similar face shapes etc. 

I'm really looking forward to the next 2 episodes, have a good weekend & take care.

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@chasen8888 i didnt even think that it was LBJ first smile till you wrote it - and if we can tell by the pic - he will continue to smile 

about YH i thought she had no choice but to go to Hwasdan since being raped at that time gave her no choice - but i might be mistaken and she chose to go there


congratulation YAI - well deserved 

Embedded image permalink 

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2015-2016] Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤

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