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Wow congratulations to Yoo Ah In... truly well deserved. Have yet to watch the Throne, but the little I've seen, I have no doubt at all that his acting was amazing.

So our Dragon had a big win at the Blue Dragon... hehe... how ironic. Looked absolutely dapper in his velvet tux too!

I used to say YAI will always be Gulro to me... and my love for Gulro has not diminished in the least, but he's YBW too now. Absolutely and irrevocably the one and only YBW. And I haven't watched him as Sado yet. :)

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Ep 50. summary. Gil Seon-Mi was slayed by Moo-Hyul. He was still breathing when Yeon-Hyang came to see him. He apologized her that he lied about the children because he resented her for abandonin

The historical background to help understand Ep. 49~50     ■ Baek Dal-Won 백달원 白達元 (?~?)     ■ The Second Strife of Princes  (January, 1400)

The flow of the events are as I expected. The difference is... Boon-Yi and Moo-Hyul visited Bang-Won's house to say the final farewell to Bang-Won. Lady Min told them Bang-Won already went to sle

the strong woman of SFD

Where is Gap Boon cause for me she is one strong young woman too. She loved and followed DS and found a living as a pan player and singer. I hope that YBJ will not just abandon her.

cr: smilegasna

this is for you

@ nevil thank you, I cry for her too. Hope she joins in the camp and help BY too

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Count me in too!  I love Gap Boon for so many reasons but I think what stands out the most is that she isn't about the objective or mission she is what they are all fighting for a part of the people who have suffered but tries to live on.  Wanting a better life but trying to live a good one right where she is.  She has eyes for one man and although his heart belongs to another a part of me really wants to see this sweet soul find happiness.  I have to say nothing has moved me more than just hearing this first song......   Will always be one of my favorite moments....  


th?id=OIP.M570686016d553775a11087f1431c4 In my country today is Thanksgiving hoping each of you had a special day!

Credit & Thanks to dawni842.......

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@USAFarmgirl Thank you so much for the compilation of the folk song... it never fails to move me to tears each time I hear it... from the moment Ddang Sae sang so tragically of their bleak hopes in a cruel world... and later as Gap Boon expressed her own gentle hope where all seems impossible. I really really hope that we will hear both versions in future OSTs.

And congratulations to YAI! He was absolutely brilliant in The Throne.. and I wept pretty much throughout as we followed Sado's tortured journey, from his disillusionment to his devastating end.

Wishing everyone in the US a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving! :) 

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Hi guys, I don't think I posted much in this thread but I frequently read what everyone says bc all the posts are really great and insightful! 

but I just wanted to drop by and congratulate Yoo Ah In on his award!! ^___^ He had a great year and deserved the best actor award! I think he's the second youngest to win the award, which is a huge achievement (only him & Lee Jung Jae were in their 20s receiving this award i believe). I'm so happy for him and really loving how he's portraying BW in the drama. he is such a great speaker and so charismatic, i can't imagine anyone else who could've portrayed BW better than him. also loving BW & BY in here hehe. And I'm loving the drama, hoping that the ratings will keep going up bc it deserves to be in the 20%+ already!

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@USAFarmgirl and all who celebrate happy thanksgiving and have a great holiday

i was blown away by GB voice its so clear and beautiful - i did know she could sing

i think to me she is the one person that if everyone is happy she is happy she care by association more than cause - you can feel how good a person she is

@Katrina Abdul Talib me too - every time i need a very short break to clear my mind i just watch the opening of ep 15

i love all the dragon so caring a bout JDJ YH included and to my surprise although i saw the BTS when i watch the reunion scene i keep tearing up 

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Count down to Monday...speculation only.. If I may hazard a guess here that Eyeshadow Warrior, the diva of warriors the fashionista colorful warrior who was at the time the undefeated swordsman, will not die yet. HIB yes, but GTM not sure. He is a survivor and will grovel if he had to in order to survive. LBJ is so fast now that he can kill his enemy without blood staining his sword. He got faster because he fought GTM and in that fight GTM was better. LBJ's teacher said that as he fights better and stronger warriors that he becomes better himself. So now he is on par with GTM and the fight between LBJ and GTM could end up in a draw for the moment. Just guessing and just hoping we will still see the infamous eyeshadowed GTM. 

I laugh at Young Gyung who now hangs out with mostly BW and MH. He was watching MH train and MH was doing all these GTM poses and YG was shaking his head. He used to think that MH was a good, regular kid but now he he sees that MH is also "not normal". YG thinks he is now stuck with 2 abnormal guys, BW and MH.

There is still lots to do and accomplish before the change of ruling parties and the establishment of new Joseon. The dinosaurs of Goryeo, YIG and General Choi are still around including the most respected scholar of Goryeo, Jeong Mong-ju. So this is just the beginning. We are a long ways from the changing of dynasties. LSG survives a political fight but there are still many conflicts to overcome as the old Goryeo fight for survival and there is that war with Ming.

@USAFarmgirl... and everyone else from the US hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. For all, thank you for being here with us in the forum.

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DS & YH's indirect hug with BY as a hug deliver <3 . What, I'm desperate for some skinship, please don't judge me. 

This scene playing in my head like the long lost daughter reunited with their parents only to find out they're divorced , ha ha. ...sorry, just trying to be funny :v 

But for real though, consider BY's childhood DS n YH are practically her parents, right? 



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Guest rainmoon

Snow on rooftops, Yoo AhIn IG update ... hopefully they are keeping warm while on set.


IG update from Byun YoHan also didn't realise how tall Yoon Gyun-Sang was ....


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@zenya22 i hope youre right and they are noe equal- so GTM wont die 

poor normal YG with 2 crazies - funny

@yoominion i completely agree it does feel like they are in a way her parents - and they have all come home i wouldnt say divorced just a lot after the honeymoon 

@rainmoon thanx it so pretty - hope they keep worm 

sajeuk is so difficult during winter time 

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The historical background to help understand Ep. 15~16


Seong-Gye : What’s your name?
Tang-Sae : My name is Tang-Sae.
Yi Ji-Ran : With such scary swordsmanship, a name like Tang-Sae? That’s not quite right. Brother, give him a grand name that is suitable.
Yi Seong-Gye : Yes, I am going to consider you my son from now on. Why don’t you use “Bang (芳)“ with the meaning of flower? Since your name is Tang-Sae, use the letter "Ji (地)” with the meaning of Tang (land), call yourself Yi Bang-Ji (李芳地) from now on.


* Aristocratic names

I already explained about Tang-Sae’s new name in the previous post.

In the history of Korea, the noble class had been literate while most commoners had been illiterate until the Hangul alphabets were created by King Sejong the Great who was Yi Bang-Won and Lady Min’s son.

Therefore, the names of noble class were in Chinese Characters, whereas the names of lower class were mostly in native Korean. For the social reason, native Korean names had been regarded as uneducated, vulgar and crude in the past.

For example, Tang-Sae’s name consists of pure native Korean words. Tang (땅) means "earth or land”, and Sae (새 or 쇠) is a common suffix for lower class male. Therefore, I guess, the TV writers’ intention for his name is “The son of the soil”, but it also sounds like the name of an ignorant rustic peasant guy. That’s why people around him was laughing at his name.

Aristocratic names have a rule called “Dolimja (돌림자)” in Korean : The common syllable in the names of your generation in your family. The Dolimja rule mostly applied to noble class male. Commoners, slaves, and women didn’t have such a rule in the past.

For example, in Jeonju Yi clan, General Yi Seong-Gye’s generation (his brothers, his male cousins, etc) shared the same syllable “Gye (桂)” in their names (Yi Won-Gye, Yi Cheon-Gye, Yi Seong-Gye).  Likewise, their sons’ generation shared “Bang (芳)” in their names (Yi Bang-Woo, Yi Bang-Gwa, Yi Bang-Gan, Yi Bang-Won, and…….. Yi Bang-Ji).

The order of Dolimja for each generation is predetermined by the clan’s own rule. Therefore, you can recognize someone in your clan belongs to which generation only by his name.  

In most cases, daughters didn’t share the dolimja. Actually, women’s names were rarely recorded in the history. Even the names of queens and princesses were not recorded. They were known only as their family name or their official titles.

For example, Yi Bang-Won’s wife Queen Wongyeong (원경왕후, 元敬王后) is known as Lady Min (閔氏), and nobody knows her full name. The TV writers call her Da-Gyung, but it’s not historically accurate.




* Yi Ji-Ran (이지란, 李之蘭, 1331~1402)

When Yi Seong-Gye gave Tang-Sae a new suitable name, it reminded me of the historical fact that General Yi Seong-Gye also renamed his sworn brother to Yi Ji-Ran.

Originally, Yi Ji-Ran was a warrior from Jurchen tribe, and his name was Kurun Turan Timur (쿠룬투란티무르, 古倫豆蘭帖木兒), called Tung Turan (퉁두란, 佟豆蘭) in short. When they became sworn brothers, Yi Seong-Gye gave him the new Korean name Yi Ji-Ran, to share his sir name Yi (李).

Anyways, a descendent of Yi Ji-Ran’s cousin from the same Jurchen tribe is the famous Nurhaci (1559~1626), the founder of Ching Dynasty of China. 




* Jo Ban’s rebellion (1388)

In ep. 15~16, Hong In-Bang framed Jo Ban of Haedong Gapjok for treason. It looks like a poor treason plot with a lot of loopholes, but it is almost historically true.

Jo Ban (조반, 趙胖, 1341~1401) is one of the Haedong Gapjok who told Lady Min’s father (Min Je) the news about Yi In-Gyem’s downfall in the cabbage field. (ep. 13) In the history, he was a high-level government officer working in diplomacy for a long time.

Yeom Heung-Bang (염흥방, 廉興邦, the real historical figure that “Hong In-Bang” is based on) had a servant named Yi Gwang (이광, 李光) who abused his master’s power to exploit people. He was notorious for wielding ash clubs to beat people for robbing their land.

In 1388, Yi Gwang stole Jo Ban’s land. Jo Ban appealed to his master Yeom Heung-Bang and retrieved the land, but Yi Gwang robbed it again. Furious Jo Ban sent his private armies to kill Yi Gwang, and set fire to his house.

Humiliated by his own servant’s death, Yeom Heung-Bang framed Jo Ban for treason. But even his severe torture couldn’t lead Jo Ban into a false confession. Jo Ban shouted to Yeom Heung-Bang “You are the criminal to be punished!”

General Choi Young (최영, 崔瑩) intervened and investigated how things really happened, and found out Jo Ban was not guilty. Under the secret order of King U, Choi Young joined forces with General Yi Seong-Gye and took advantage of the chance to drive out the corrupt Dodang trio.

Except for Yi In-Im (“Yi In-Gyem” in SFD) who had been good friends with Choi Young, the rest two were arrested and executed. Their families were killed or degenerated into slaves.

But as you’ve seen in the drama, SFD writers have changed many details of the historical event. As a result, we can’t predict how things will happen to Gil Tae-Mi and Hong In-Bang in the next episodes. Let’s wait and see.



Yi Bang-Won : If I were Hong In-Bang, that’s what I would have done. (Putting himself in his shoes) I can never forgive myself for being powerless and weak. I can’t stand myself for surrendering. Yes, I will have the Haedong Gapjok kneel at my feet. I am Hong In-Bang. I’ve lived my life with the infamy of a defector. What reason do I have not to cross any forbidden lines? I will do what no one else has done for 700 years! That is the reason I betrayed Sadaebu and endured the notoriety of being a defector.


* The similarity between Hong In-Bang and Yi Bang-Won

This is exactly what Yi Bang-Won will do in the future. Chilling foreshadows. I think Hong In-Bang is Yi Bang-Won’s negative alter ego.



Yi Bang-Woo : The thing that’s inside is called gunpowder. General Choi Mu-Seon created it.
Jo Young-Gyu : Wow, I heard about it, but I didn’t know it would be so powerful.
Yi Bang-Woo : General Choi Young told us to create a gunpowder unit so that we could make use of it to fight off the Japanese pirates.


* Gunpowder in Korea

About General Choi Mu-Seon (from wikipedia)

Choi Mu-Seon (최무선, 崔茂宣, 1325~1395) was a medieval Korean scientist, inventor, and military commander during the late Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty. He is best known for enabling Korea to domestically produce gunpowder by obtaining a recipe for the Chinese commodity from a Chinese merchant, as well as inventing various gunpowder-based weapons in an attempt to repel the Japanese pirates that plundered coastal regions of the Korean Peninsula.

Korea began its first domestic production of gunpowder between the years of 1374 and 1376. Choi Mu-Seon demonstrated the power of the new weapon in front of King U and many other court advisers; and almost every one of them were impressed by its devastating power compared to other arms which were already in existence in Korea. The government gave him great support, establishing the official laboratory and factory for gunpowder in 1377; here Choe invented various kinds of cannon and other firearms.

Among his inventions were the singijeon and the hwacha, a launching device somewhat resembling the first modern multiple rocket launcher. Then he put his inventions into real battle against the Japanese at the Battle of Jinpo (1380), in which he participated as one of the Korean commanders; the battle was easily won by Korean forces, thanks to the gunpowder. He also began to build warships to chase off the pirates.


Gunpowder has already been known to Goryeo government in mid 13th century, but it could not have been produced domestically until the late 14th century.

SFD ep. 15~16 are set in 1388 when Jo Ban’s rebellion broke out, so it is at least 12~14 years after Choi Mu-Seon demonstrated gunpowder in front of King U and nobles, and 8 years after the battle of Jinpo against Japanese pirates.

So, it is natural that the Haedong Gapjok was scared of Bang-Won’s threat because they already knew the power of gunpowder.



Yi Bang-Won : Everything you heard from your father today. That’s what I would like to know.
Lady Min : Then what will you give me? Didn’t you say it was a deal?
Yi Bang-Won : The biggest secret of my family and I. If things go wrong, it will keep the Hwangryeo Min clan in a safe position.


* The biggest secret of Yi Seong-Gye’s family

You can recognize the ambiguous letters written on the paper : 易姓革命.
It means “Dynastic Revolution”.



Yi Bang-Won : For the 30 years during the Mongol invasions, when the whole country was burning and people were massacred, all of you kept to yourselves on Gangwha Island and held poetry and art exhibitions every day. Yes! Of course it must have been painful to see the wretched reality of Goryeo. That’s why you created so many poems that take pity on the citizens in misery. Other than that, what have you done for 700 years? You sat by and watched history pass you by for 700 years. Without paying any price, you enjoyed everything you could! That’s the Haedong Gapjok.


* Mongol invasions of Korea (1231~1259)

Sadly, that is exactly what Goryeo nobles did about 150 years before Yi Bang-Won’s times.

The Mongol’s Great Kahns had sent their troops to Goryeo over 9 times from 1231 to 1259. The military regime of Goryeo escaped the capital with King Gojong and nobility, and moved to Ganghwa island. They started the construction of significant defenses to prepare for the Mongol threat because they believed that Mongols’ primary weakness was fear of the sea.

Therefore, while the fierce battles between Goryeo commoners and Mongol armies lasted in the mainland for about 30 years, the nobility was enjoying their parties with poems, paintings, music in the island. Goryeo commoners in the mainland should pay taxes to the nobles in the island, while suffering from the massacres of Mongol troops.

The Mongolian invasions were so horrible that every structures in Korean peninsula built before the war were completely burnt to ashes. The war ended with King Gojong’s surrender in 1259 when the last leader of the military regime was assassinated.  

Mongol invasions of Korea (from wikipedia)


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WOW Congratulation Yoo Ah In received award for The Best Lead Actor:D 

Thank you @homura for all information about history in SFD! You are the best;)

@rainmoon so beautiful gif:D did you have more gif with MH from ep 16? I love him more and more:lol:

off topic 

Today I experienced huge shock... I saw first in my life kdrama in national tv in my country!!!!:w00t: I just drop dead... I am soo happy!!!! Now I can watch "Empress Qi" with my language translator..ZERO SUBTITLES!! Welcome kdrama in POLAND:D:D This could be even better if this was be SFD;) But who knows... maybe in the future:P

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