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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 パク・ボゴム ♥ Upcoming Album: Blue Bird, Upcoming Movie: Seo Bok, Upcoming Drama: Record of Youth

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3 hours ago, Sakurafairy said:

That issue of his BIG DECISION and the badge, let's pray and hope for the BEST for him.  We all know this is not the first time he used these products. He wore t-shirts during 2D1N. He held bag of this during airport sightings. We know him, he is really a consistent person and a principled one. This one, using the badge is a little worrying but we know God and fans will not let Bogum be in chaotic situations and his agency (ahermmm for this) :tears:

Could you please enlighten me on this badge thing? 


After reading what you wrote above, I think it must have been a hard decision indeed. If he said no and then agreed, he must have thought through a lot. 


I am confident that his Japan fans and BTS fans will be there for him. And I'm really happy he gets to hangout with V again. 

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@summer2017, @Sakurafairy, Bo Gum has been silent supporting the cause of comfort women by using Marymond products ( proceeds go this cause) as early as 2016 and has been consistently doing so since then. You can google about it and there are several articles all throughout these years. Hence, donning one is doing what he has been doing so all along. I must say though that it's an act of courage to wear it under the circumstances and I admire him greatly for it. He has a sunny bright disposition and a will made of steel for sticking to his principles.


Here's an article:


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Wow, @Sakurafairy, even though it's right there, I didn't notice that pin at all :sweatingbullets:


I also don't think friendship is in the equation here... As @rahma92 mentioned, the CJ group is really powerful and plus, he's been a CJ model for 4 years and hosted MAMA Jpn for the last 2 years. He probably found it really difficult to reject again when they asked him to reconsider?  


@summer2017, Marymond is a brand that sells products designed by former comfort women and all the proceeds go to support the remaining comfort women... 


More photos: 







Cr: logo

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Was he in the red carpet? I don't see posts about that... :wacko: 


I'm actually watching this on TV right now... much better than on Youtube :lol:


He wore Alexander McQueen last year too right? :D


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Have been very busy on these two last weeks but continuously follow every notif here and in twitter. 


Feel so excited with every single news about him! 


I have read about comfort woman but I have no idea what it means. Thank you @gumtaekfor delivering that kstarlive article here!


There is one organization like that too here, since Indonesia was colonized by Japan too around 1942. It is always great to have a public figure who cares about this matter. 


(is there another news about him I don't know yet? Each of it makes me respect him more) 


Will patiently wait for english sub of MAMA and very sure that you will post it here. Bo Gum is so daebak!!! 


By the way, realizing that Encounter is just having its first birthday on lastNovember 28th, I count my days as his fan. 


It hasn't been completely a year. 

I wish I can stay supporting him for a long long time. 


Love you all, chingus!!! 



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