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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

I feel like this needs to be said because some people still automatically assume that the members know literally everything about each other, which couldn't be further from the truth.


This is a group that went from 9, to 8, to then 5 members. They like to act like they're super close, but are they? Don't think they are anymore.


We had the biggest of examples when Yuri teased YoonA on Channel SNSD's first episode in July by mentioning his name and they had already broken up, unbeknownst (?) to her.


And they still kept doing that in 2017 before his discharge. Figure that.


When the KB episode aired, people started assuming things based on the members reactions.


"Oh they're smiling and laughing, I can tell there's no bad blood between them."


They laughed because Heechul's pun was highly amusing and hilarious. It's something that invoked laughter.


After that, and after Soo-geun pretty much implied what was evident to all (i.e. YoonA being the biggest liar of all) they all got serious and anxious, the air and vibe got cold, because they all knew he had just owned YoonA badly and had no ground to stand on.


Same thing when YoonA was smiling and laughing at his speech at AAA.


It means absolutely nothing. it's all appearances.


We know how they really feel. We know the whole story now.


Get this:


The members are not going to intrude or pry into each others private lives. This was made evident when Yuri said she wouldn't know how to go about it on Radio Star (when discussing the other members dating), when Sunny asked YoonA if there was something she wasn't telling her on her radio show, and when Leeteuk said on Radio Star that the two of them dating is something that is about the two of them.


They're merely made aware if one or the other is dating and who, that is all.


No matter how close one may be to you, your life is your life. It belongs to you and to you only. Nor YoonA nor LSG are the type of people that are going to go around telling others if they're dating and the current happenings in their personal relationships (is anyone like that?), which is why they kept putting up the "dating happily" act.


The main topic of conversation has always been her, her public image, her shady behavior with other guys, and her lies.


This is someone who goes from:


"I really like him"

"I always thought he was just saying it on the broadcast"

"He never portrayed direct interest in me at the time"




"I didn't know it then, your heart."

"I didn't know it then, it was love."

"I didn't realize how love looked like."


All this while she was probably dating others. Ridiculous.


To conclude, I don't think LSG would've ever bothered confessing to YoonA if he wasn't sure that YoonA liked him, and even with such reassurance, he still waited years to do so.


And yet, look how it turned out; in a puff of smoke.


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I always think how much it must be killing her that she'll never be able to guest on any of his programs, ever. Whether ones he leads or ones he regularly guests on (that probably goes for the other members too), yet the biggest names, people she knows, and other mutual acquaintances will do so lol.


That would still stand even if they were together or were to get married. I think dating with someone who's in the same line of work as you and is in the public eye all the time is not such a great idea from a working and relationship standpoint unless you can keep it hush hush. Once it goes public you have to be willing to endure everything that comes with it. They've experienced it first hand, they know how it is.


If it goes wrong, it will backfire on you horribly, and possibly, it will affect the rest of your career/life. We've had various examples of this in the past few years.


LSG is considered the heir to KHD and YJS. He's been in the industry for a very long time. His rep and cred are unparalleled.


He's the one most PD's think about and approach; Jipsabu, Produce 48, Busted!, Little Forest, Friday Joy Package, Twogether, Hometown Flex, Sing Again.


You take Knowing Brothers and Running Man out of the equation, which don't draw huge crowds (and they won't go on forever), and you're relegated to guesting on other programs or doing your own minor shows.


Moral of the story: It's not a very good idea to be on not-so-good-terms with him, or on-not-any-terms at all.

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Does YoonA smoke?




Of course that's a rhetorical question since there are no known genuine pics of her smoking.


But I've seen packets of cigarettes beside her at tables she was sitting at, literally at her hand's reach. Whether they belonged to her or not I'm not sure.


I'm curious because of this.






The reporter is basically describing her without explicitly mentioning her.


She ticks all the boxes:


  • Known for her innocent image
  • Have an innocent style
  • Shot CF in Thailand
  • Total top star


Apart from the "swearing" and "this particular B communicates with her chin. The kind members in her group are her personal errand runners."


But you never really know.


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Winners Of 2020 Brand Of The Year Awards


The winners of the 2020 Brand of the Year Awards have been announced!


Each year, the award ceremony recognizes brands that have been brightening up the year. It’s hosted by the Korean Consumer Brand Committee and overseen by the Korean Consumer Forum, and award winners are determined through online votes. 550,000 Koreans took part in this year’s vote, and the results were announced on September 28.


Male Multi-Entertainer: Lee Seung Gi

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he is improving in writing  song lyrics ... remember the Lee Sun Hee episode when he was the last one ;-) lol 




although the theme didn’t change  ... “begging” someone to come back? ;-) lol 



this lyrics just reminded me that picture whe drew a while ago in an other MITH episode ...




... and this tweet gave an other thought ... one of the photos (I think the one resembles more, even his coat  color) what was from Noonas over flowers at 2013 Fall ;-) lol







Yoona posted on IG 5 hrs ago ... such coinsidence ;-) lol









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Already heard that before.


I wrote many letters and erased them again
Looking at your eyes I will tell you today
Come back to me
Hold my hand

You will never leave my side again


Well I repeat. This is nothing but a farce to me. A farcical relationship, but what's surprise's me the most, is that LSG is putting up with it.


I guess he doesn't mind being the "3rd wheeler" or in some childish love triangle in his/their mid-thirties.

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