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Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드) - Thank You LADIES CODE!

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“Dont ever give up. You guys have to continue on for EunB." — EunB's mother

EunB’s mother took Ashley and Zuny(who expressed guilt for being alive and well) and held them during the funeral.

#RIPEunB #PrayforRiSe
what @LavelyShai ashley And Zuny are Guilty for being alive  :(
EunB's mom wants them to continue for EunB

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LavelyShai said: EunB's mother is so amazing, EunB was very lucky. I love how instead of thinking of herself, she's been comforting the remaining members and their families. It's very selfless to tell Ashley & Zuny to continue on as Ladies' Code because that's what her daughter would want. She's such a sweet woman. I hope that even after this, everyone stays close to her. 
@kimsoyeon18Yes they have survivor's guilt and that is natural for them due to the nature of the accident. I hope they are receiving therapy for this because that can lead to suicide in some cases. Ashley is probably experiencing it the most since she's the leader. 

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Earlier today, Ladiies’ Code’s Ashley and Zuny were spotted paying their respects to EunB as they laid her to rest at the Sky Castle Crematorium in Seoul, South Korea. However, in a press release sent by Polaris Entertainment, the agency stated that Ashley and Zuny returned to hospital for further treatment. 

A number of EunB’s family and friends, along with Ashley, Zuny and their agency’s staff membersattended the ceremony held this morning. However, as both members have yet to make a full recovery, Ashley and Zuny were readmitted back to hospital for further treatment. 

Polaris Entertainment further asks for support and prayers for the members’ stable condition and recovery.  

Meanwhile, it was also relayed that Sojung has undergone surgery for her facial fracture and remains stable. Sojung’s recovery shall depend on how she progresses in the next few days. 

RiSe, however, is still unconscious after suffering from a significant head injury. 


Source: MyDaily

via KoreaBoo

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Pictures of EunB's banana plush toy gain attention as netizens continue to mourn

A hot topic on Nate's portal site features a collage of EunB holding her banana plush toy, and that same toy being found in the rubbles of the tragic car accident.

The poster appears to feel strongly over these images, as his/her post reads: "It seems like [EunB] kept carrying that [toy] not necessarily to look cute but because she actually really liked it…. It was a present she received from fans…;;. The banana doll that she chose to sleep with when she couldn't be with her family and friends due to her busy schedule. A girl who has been running after her dream, was a trainee for 7 years, was living a difficult life, and she suddenly dies in vain…. I respectfully pray for the family of the deceased."

Some of the netizens who viewed the post, commented, "My heart hurts TT," "It's so regrettable TT, I respectfully pray for the family of the deceased," and, "She has gone to a better place...

EunB's funeral was held yesterday while RiSe continues to remain unconscious. Our thoughts go out to those affected and suffering from this tragedy, and we wish that EunB rests in peace. Her fans miss her, and it is evident that EunB loved her fans as well, even in her last moments. 

cr AllKpop

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K-Pop idols have been sending their condolences and grieving on Twitter over the loss of Ladies’ Code member, Eun B. Members RiSe and Sojung were critically injured, with RiSe still unconscious but Sojung in stable condition. 

Idols are now wearing a black ribbon in memory of EunB as well as a show of solidarity in their hoping for RiSe to improve in health.

Started by BESTie, who were also in a car accident just 4 days ago, idols have begun wearing black ribbons to pay their respects to EunB. The group performed on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” with their song, “I Need You”.

Members of BESTie are known to be extremely close with Ladies’ Code, often seen interacting with each other. 

Sunny Hill also joined in paying respects, wearing a black ribbon during their performance on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” while performing song, “Monday Blues”.  

More idols are expected to pick up on the ribbons as the nation mourns over the loss of 22-year-old singer, EunB.

cr Koreaboo

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Surprised about SoJung, strong girl.
Still prayin for RiSe though.

Ladies’ Code Sojung knew of EunB’s death prior to surgery; RiSe condition remains same after 80+ hours


Yesterday, we reported that Ladies’ Code member Sojung had completed her facial bone fracture surgery and had repaired injuries received in the tragic car accident that claimed member EunB’s life.

It’s now been revealed that she was aware of EunB’s passing and RiSe’s critical condition at the time of the surgery.

Polaris Entertainment told reporters, “Sojung has received her surgery for a facial fracture on September 5th. The surgery was successful and she is now recovering. She had extreme swelling in her face, but has now started improve in her condition.”

The company went on to reveal that Sojung was aware of EunB’s passing, and RiSe’s critical condition saying, “In truth, Sojung was aware prior to her surgery.”. Due to Polaris Entertainment staff heading in and out for EunB’s funeral, as well as loved ones visiting RiSe and her, she was able to deduce what had happened. 

Sojung was revealed to have been “healthy enough to search articles on her cellphone and was in great shock at first, but is slowly gathering herself together.”


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Fans ahve found an interview that Ladies’ Code EunB did almost exactly a year ago, with Economy Today. In the interview, EunB talks about her nickname, a fan that she remembers, and leaves messages for her fans as well as her members. 

In the interview, EunB talks about a fan she remembers saying, There’s an Unnie fan that always comes to visit me. Everyday she gives me letters, and she says “I heard this is good for you” and gifts me a lot of things.”

She goes on to talk about her worry about how Ladies’ Code 2nd album will do, and in the end revealed that her one and final goal is for Ladies’ Code to be known around the world.

Check out the full interview, subtitled in English below.

Cr Koreaboo

yes we lavelys will do that  we will make ladies code more famous and loved 

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AOA's agency FNC Entertainment said, "EunB had trained in FNC Entertainment with AOA members for about 2 years before she changed agencies and debuted as Ladies' Code. She had such a great personality that she got along with everyone well when she was being trained here, even being given the nickname 'Euntamin'."
cr. kpopstarz.com

‪#‎PrayForLadiesCode‬ ‪#‎StayStrongLadiesCode‬

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LavelyShai said: @kimsoyeon18I don't think that means anything since all the members had interactions with that guy in the video. It seems like someone is just trying to scare fans or something, it really is nothing, but a MV. 
I had a feeling Sojung had to have known about EunB, I think it's commendable of everyone trying to keep her calm, but I knew that once she saw everyone wearing black then she had to have known something was up. At least she's well enough to check her phone. 

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Did you guys read the live thread on reddit....it says rise passed away......I'm freaking crying right now I really wanted her to pull through. I just saw her on last variety show and began to like her....

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[bREAKING] Ladies' Code's RiSe passes away

Yet another Ladies' Code member has passed away.
RiSe had been in coma several days, after her surgery had to be stopped because of her falling blood pressure. Polaris Entertainment announced on the 7th that RiSe has ultimately succumbed, annoucing,"Ladies' Code's RiSe has passed away to the heavens at 10:10 AM on the 7th, at 23 years of age."

They said, "At the time of the accident on the 3rd, RiSe obtained a big injury to her head and was moved to the hospital. She was operated on as much as possible for a long time, but she has ultimately passed away. Her parents, who came from Japan, and the label employees stayed with her at the end. We are sorry to give another sad news since the late EunB and we cannot hide our sorrow."
Currenlty, a place for RiSe's wake has not been determined. 

Our hearts go out to RiSe's family, EunB's family, as well as the rest of Ladies' Code and their families.

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I'm not a fan of them, to be honest recently have I known this unfortunate accident, but I present my sincere condolences for the fans of these beautiful angels. EunB & RiSe both dance and sing in heaven, now in a better place, just ask strength to his family and all those close to them. Force family Ladies' Code.

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