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Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드) - Thank You LADIES CODE!

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LAVELY, Ladies’ Code’s fanclub, decided to make EunB’s wish come true by trying to make the group’s song #1 on the music charts. 

They asked everyone to stream Ladies’ Code’s “I’m Fine Thank You” on music sites to give EunB one last present. 

Other fanclubs also responded, pausing their own artists’ songs for awhile and playing “I’m Fine Thank You” instead. 

This is the result. 

Just this one day today,  I cry
I hope that you are forever happy, Good bye
Sometimes, you can think of me and smile
I’m fine thank you
Thank you

- Ladies’ Code -  I’m Fine Thank You

than you soo much to the people helping the lavelies grant EunB's wish

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Guest marshmallow91

although i just know about Ladies Code through this shocking news, i'm sorry for their lost. I will pray for her rest in peace and her members for a quick recovery.. For her parents and fans, please be strong..  :( 

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"Back Wheel came off"

Polaris and the management need to apologize to everyone for being incompetent.

Something like:

Routine Car Maintenance.
New All-Weather Tires
And a Multi-point inspection of the vehicle

Could have prevented the "back wheel from coming off in the rain"..


I'd also level a lawsuit at the car company for air bags that didn't deploy, although they should go with a safer mini-van that has higher crash-test scores.

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Geezz, wheel has come off for sure, all wheel studs snapped off cleanly (judging from pic), but how the disc rotor is missing but the brake calipers are still in place is like wtf? #confusedddd

Polaris Entertainment reveal they rented van after company van failure; defend manager in statement


Since Ladies’ Code fatal car accident just yesterday, more and more photos are being revealed of the van.

Polaris Entertainment has released another statement, defending their manager and expressing their sorrow and frustrations with the van.

Earlier in the day, we reported details on the accident that caused this fatal crash. The van crashed into the expressway’s wall after a rear tire fell out from the car on September 2nd at 1:30AM. Ladies’ Code was returning from a schedule in Daegu ( KBS 1TV “Open Concert”), taking the Yongdong Expressway heading towards Incheon at the 43km point. 

However, reports came out soon afterwards that another van may have been involved in the accident, and the driver attempted to avoid a collision.

Now, Star Today has released more photos of van after the crash, focusing on the tires as well as the side of the car. In the report, they defend their manager as well as express frustrations that a rental car could fail at such a critical time. This was the first time the car was driven since they rented it.

In a statement to Star Today, Polaris Entertainment revealed, “The vehicle was being driven for the first time on the day of the accident. We are extremely upset that after experiencing problems with our managements vehicle, we received a new car from the rental center and still a tragedy like this occurred.”

They continued to defend the manager who was driving saying, “The manager is not new to driving, and while has been working as a road manager he has never had an accident like this.”

The van has been sent to the NFS (National Forensic Service) for inspection, with results expected to come back within a week. Stay tuned for updates.



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I reckon its a good choice they chose to with hold the info from her for the time being.

BREAKING: Sojung to undergo surgery for facial fracture tomorrow; does not know of EunB’s death


Polaris Entertainment has now revealed in another statement to officials that Sojung is currently receiving treatment and that another surgery is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

In a fatal car crash yesterday, September 2nd 2014, Ladies’ Code member EunB passed away on sight. Members RiSe and Sojung have been in critical condition and have undergone surgery since then.

Member RiSe has been assigned expert trauma surgeon, while Sojung was reportedly in stable condition. Now, Polaris Entertainment has revealed another statement that Sojung is currently receiving treatment and that another surgery is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

The time of the surgery has yet to be scheduled and will vary depending on Sojung’s condition tomorrow morning. She is currently being treated for fracture injuries from the car crash.

When asked about her condition, Polaris Entertainment revealed, “After being hospitalized, she gained consciousness and spoke a few words. She still does not know of EunB’s passing. We decided that it was the best decision to not tell her the truth to maintain a good condition before her surgery tomorrow.”

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class="titleNews" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 10px; font-family: arial, dotum, Helvetica, AppleGothic, tahoma, verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 23px; line-height: 28px; border-bottom-width: 3px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-color: rgb(80, 80, 80); color: rgb(68, 68, 68); background: rgb(255, 255, 255);"′M COUNTDOWN′ to Pay Condolences to LADIES′ CODE EunB Today (8/4)Remembering LADIES′ CODE′s EunB, Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN wil be paying tribute through broadcast. 

A staff of M COUNTDOWN told Newsen on September 4, ′At the beginning of today′s broadcast, a video dedicated to LADIES′ CODE′s EunB will air." 

"The MCs will pay condolences to EunB and pray for the fast recovery of the other LADIES′ CODE members as well." 
According to Polaris Entertainment on September 3, LADIES′ CODE was involved in a car accident at around 1:20 AM KST in Yongin, when its car hit the protective wall on the rainy road. 

Following the accident, EunB was transferred to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately passed away. Kwon Rise was also taken to a hospital, where she went under hours of surgery. Due to low blood pressure and swelling of the brain, the surgery had to be stopped. She was transferred over to ICU, where her status is repeatedly checked. Lee So Jung is awaiting surgery on injuries caused by fractures, while the other members are suffering more from mental shock than physical injuries.

EunB′s funeral will be held at the Korea University Anam Hospital on September 5. 

Photo Credit: Newsen, Joint press photo commons

cr MWave

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Ladies’ Code RiSe is currently recovering after being in critical condition and undergoing surgery after a fatal car crash. Koreaboo has taken an exclusive look into the surgeon who is operating on RiSe and his background.Around 1:20AM at the Singal Intersection of Yeondong Expressway heading towards Incheon, near the 43km point, Ladies’ Code’s van lost a back tire down a slippery road, hitting the expressway’s wall. RiSe and Sojung were reported to be in critical condition, while EunB died from her injuries.

RiSe was immediately rushed to hospital along with Sojung, who also received critical injuries. RiSe suffered from a massive head injury that required immediate attention and underwent three major surgeries. A fourth surgery was scheduled, but was cancelled when her blood pressure rapidly decreased and CPR was applied. 

According to Polaris Entertainment, she was transferred to the ICU though her condition remains critical and has yet to regain consciousness. 

While some news agencies reported she was in surgery for 9 hours, others like Sports World, reports her surgery lasted 11 hours.


The surgeon who participated in RiSe’s operation is considered one of, if not the best in Korea. He’s a trauma surgeon by trade, and has been called by Korea to work on high profile cases in the past. Dr. Lee Guk Jong, 42, is also the trauma specialist renowned for treating Seok Hye Gyun, the captain of the freighter Samho Jewelry, who was shot during a rescue mission after being held by Somali pirates in January. 

When the request came in, most doctors told Dr. Lee that it was far too late to save Captain Seok. When Captain Seok’s transportation back to South Korea for surgery was delayed due to high costs, Dr. Lee said, “I’ll be responsible for the costs, just transport him now!”, even though it would be well over $400,000 USD. In an interview with Joongang Ilbo, Dr. Lee reveals he works more than 6 hours in the operating room, sometimes not sleeping all day operating from 1am to 4am. 

Numerous times, the Dr. has been requested for interviews and each time he has responded with, “I’m going to perform an operation” or “I’m taking care of a patient.”, showing his dedication for patients. 

Finally, after finishing his afternoon surgery, he was able to make time for the reporting team. The first thing he did was introduce patients in the intensive care unit on the third floor of the emergency medical center. 

Twenty beds were occupied by patients, all of whom had been treated by Dr. Lee. The doctor explained the situation of each; when he stopped in front of the man who had languished in a small hospital for a few days, he showed us the patient’s right hand. It had only a thumb.
 — Joongang Illbotumblr_inline_nbcikjautY1qzb80b.png
The above photo is from the surgery with Captain Seok, where Dr. Lee stated, “Although the surgery room looks a mess, I think that depending on which perspective you look at it, it can really peaceful too. It feels like theres a huge ship floating in a huge ocean.”

Dr. Lee has treated over 1,300 patients, with expert hands and even more knowledge of surgery he has proven himself to be one of the best. His career started when his father, of national merit, fought in the Korean War and suffered injuries in his eyes, arms, and legs when he stepped on a mine. He revealed, “I know how this society is so cold to those with disabilities. That’s why I went to medical school.”The doctor is also the inspiration behind the drama, “The Golden Hour”, which refers to the hour immediately following a serious injury and is the most critical time. 

EunB’s wake

 is being held at the Korea University Anam Hospital until September 5. Koreaboo will keep you updated on the conditions of RiSe, Sojung and the others who were at the accident.

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LavelyShai said: @kimsoyeon18That's what is going around, but remember that there were also rumors about her dying so nothing is for sure. If her facial fracture is as bad as they're making it out to be then she won't be a performer anymore, but you never know with the power of modern medicine. Polaris hasn't made the extent of anyone's injuries public for a reason, they don't want to scare anyone. At least she's not in a life threatening situation so we can breathe a sigh of relief for that. 

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@LavelyShai many people says our girls will disband this is for the better but the lavelies said they need to continue because EunB's Dreams wants the Group go more achievements
its ok if our girls become a ballad group the disbaning no i wont agree

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Koreaboo apologizes for a translation error in the past post we made. We have corrected this and will ensure we work to minimize any translation errors. 

Dispatch has released a 14 point post summarizing Ladies’ Code car accident and the developing story afterwards. The stories are collected from families, entertainment officials and those close to the artists.

Since yesterday, when Ladies’ Code was first reported to be in a major car accident and reports came in that EunB had passed, more and more developments have come in. 

Dispatch has compiled a list of the stories below:

1. September 4th, 3:46 am. Silence broke. “Only today, I cry. I hope you’re happy forever.. Goodbye. It’s okay to smile [while] thinking of me sometimes. I’m fine, thank you. Thank you.” Somebody played the song “I’m Fine, Thank You." It was late daybreak, visitors were wept in tears. Among them was Eunb’s mother. She held her chest firmly, she raised her head, and tried hard to hold back her tears.

2. How does anyone cope with the loss of their own child. But EunB’s mother managed to say “thank you.” She also added that EunB was a happy child, and that she accomplished her dreams before she passed away.

3. There was no one as kind as EunB’s mother was. Even coping with the loss of her own daughter, it has been revealed that she was also worrying about fellow member RiSe’s condition. Polaris Entertainment revealed this is exactly what EunB’s mother said, “RiSe will be alright. Don’t worry. Our EunB will protect RiSe before she leaves.”

4. RiSe is currently in critical condition. They say it’s a miracle that she is even breathing at the moment. Before the emergency respondents came to the scene, she stopped breathing at least 3 times. Despite that her brain was swollen, oxygen wasn’t even reaching the brain properly.

5. He was what the drama “Golden Hour” was based on right? Lee Jong Guk, who works at the Aju University Hospital Trauma Centre, took on RiSe’s surgery. This professor is known as the “Hero of Gulf of Aden” when he saved Captain Seok. But even for him, he took on a challenge with 0.01% chance of winning. We can now only hope for that 0.01% of miracle to happen. (READ MORE)

6. Lee Sojung was also at the same hospital. After hearing about the accident, Sojung’s mother quickly made her way to the hospital. Of course Sojung’s injuries are severe as well. But, even Sojung’s mother worried about RiSe’s sake after hearing that her own daughter was okay. “Sojung will be at least okay. I can take care of her, so please take care of RiSe first. No really, Sojung is okay. Before RiSe’s mother makes her way, please protect her.”

7. But RiSe was not showing any signs to wake up any sooner. This Chuseok, RiSe was said to be planning a Hong Kong trip with her parents who live in Japan. The parents that RiSe missed so much, the location they met was in ICU of a hospital in Suwon.

8. Ladies’ Code’s last schedule before the accident was “KBS Open Concert”. After attending the recording of the show in Daegu, they were returning back home. Their schedule wasn’t too hectic. On that day, that was the only schedule, even after, there was no other schedule planned.

9. The freeway roads were extremely slippery due to rain, and the vehicle’s back tire fell out. How could the world be so cruel. One thing that makes this situation even sadder is that Ladies’ Code’s vehicle is actually a “Kia Carnival” not a “Hyundai StarEx”.

10. Yes, Ladies’ Code’s vehicle is originally a “Kia Carnival.” But, when the car was in for a maintenance before their schedule in Daegu, the car came across a problem. Due to this, they rented the “Hyundai StarEx” and left their original vehicle at the car rental store. The StarEx was just a rental and it was Ladies’ Code’s first time riding this vehicle. (READ MORE)

11. This is what makes Eunb’s passing, and RiSe’s situation more heartbreaking and sad. But what the entertainment company officials are even more heartbroken is about their last business dinner meeting together. They can’t seem to forget the day when they Ladies’ Code celebrated the completion of their activities on August 30th.

12. Ladies’ Code made a comeback with their single “Kiss Kiss” back in August 7th. They all knew it was going to be their last time performing on stage together. Their album sales weren’t great but it has been known that they were all satisfied with the results. They cheered each other on to continue their last album together with no regrets.

13. (During this business dinner) EunB (EunVitamin) was the most excited and active at the dinner. It is because EunB saw potential in [Ladies’ Code] to stick together and succeed. She found the new hope that was needed. In that instance, here is what EunB told everyone half jokingly half seriously that night:We did really great right? Even after this album, Ladies’ Code is going to continue on. No body is going to give up and say ‘I’m Fine, Thank You,’ Okay? This is not our last try right? Ladies’ Code fighting~”

14. The entertainment company officials teared up again as they thought about that night. And this was when, late in daybreak, they played the song “I’m Fine Thank you” next to EunB’s portrait.

If you live like nothing happened, you might forget me. Even when you think of me sometimes, dont worry, I’m in a good place.

♪ 아무일 없듯이 살아가다 보면은, 혹시 나를 잊을 수도 있죠. 아주 가끔 내 생각이 나더라도 잘 있으니 걱정 말아

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