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Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드) - Thank You LADIES CODE!

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Also from December, V Live.
This V Live atm is last V Live, where we see Ashley, Sojung and Zuny in one video.
Having said that, it is also funny video, probably funnier in second half.
After this, there were 4 personal V Live streams (3 Sojung's and 1 Zuny's).
Also this V Live is atm last V Live with english subtitles.
Speaking of subtitles, it is nice to have subtitles, because not all Ladies' Code videos have subtitles.
Only be warned that in this video partial english subtitles are coming before corresponding parts of video.


link to "2019 finish!" V Live


Related photo:


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New release, LEE SO JUNG - "ISLAND"


in MV:
0:10-0:17 reminds of "Galaxy". Sojung with books and mirrors.
0:16-0:18 random fly appears
2:13 Johnnie Walker glass upside down.

also, among retro gadgets we see gadget named CUBE. It is camping gas stove by Kovea, so it is not produced by CUBE.

Sojung's eyes movement in one of scenes reminds me of some other scene, where she was with Ashley and Zuny, probably this (first 12 seconds).
MV is totally different from teaser (maybe because it is called preview, and not teaser), looks like there are no common scenes.
This animal in 0:35-0:36 of teaser reminds of one of Sojung's pets.

Good song. It may look like composers (Sojung and KIDPOOL) continue Ladies' Code's group and solo music from 2018-2019 (which was composed by NEWTYPE Ent. composers), but I think that composers Sojung and KIDPOOL did better than NEWTYPE.
Combination of music in this song and Sojung's voice allows her voice to additionally shine.
I would like also, if in future Sojung will sing something jazzy similar to "Dada La", or something R&B/Soul/other, similar (maybe more upbeat) to Ladies' Code's songs from 2016, I mean these types of music also were good combinations with Sojung's voice.

Sojung composed this song together with KIDPOOL. From other KIDPOOL works, I highlight LOVO VERDI - Nocturne, also he was supposedly involved into composing PurpleBeck - 노는날 (Holiday/Play Day).

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