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Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드) - Thank You LADIES CODE!

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Ongoing Event: Candlelight Vigil for EunB & RiSe 1910265_10152763102436412_19477852527513
 Fans will be gathering on September 8th for an all-day vigil in cities around the world at night, to light a candle in memory of Ladies' Code EunB and RiSe. 

In news that devastated the K-Pop industry, Ladies’ Code EunB and RiSe passed away after a tragic car accident on September 3rd. EunB was declared dead at the scene, while members RiSe and Sojung were put in critical condition and rushed to hospital for surgery.

While Sojung was able to recover, unfortunately RiSe succumbed to her injuries on September 6th. Idols and fans have been paying their condolences to the two young singers, tweeting their messages to the remaining members and loved ones.

Ladies' Code fans will be holding a Global Candlelight Vigil in memory of EunB and RiSe, as a special moment to appreciate and remember the bright lives of EunB and RiSe. 

We ask that all our readers and fans of Ladies’ Code light a candle on September 8th, at night and say some words for EunB, RiSe and the surviving members and their loved ones.

Please tweet with the hashtag #PrayForLadiesCode and share your photos and images in memory of two talented singers that were taken far too soon. Share with us your stories of how Ladies' Code helped inspire you or continues to inspire you. 
Event Page

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Guest adikkeluangman

Gilgu Bonggu 1st Mini Album '달아(DalAh)' Support from Idol Video Collection

There are C-CLOWN, Ladies Code, SECRET and SISTAR. 
This was from last month, the girls give support message to duo Gilgu Bonggu for their comeback.

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YG Artists sent their deepest condolences toKwon Rise's family and friends. Kwon Rise isKwon Jiyong's (GDRAGON) cousin.cr. twitter
what they are counsins G-Dragon O.O

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Through the years, Ladies’ Code has completed interviews with various media outlets. In the interviews, the girls share their thoughts on winning the rookie award, plans for the future as well as their honest thoughts on each other.

In the interview, RiSe revealed about EunB, “She is the brightest amongst the members and I think that the team would be so dark without EunB.”

Meanwhile, member Sojung had this to say on RiSe, “She’s really like a mom. She would always say “my sojungiee~” and take care of all of us.”

Check out the full interview below.

Q1: Congrats in winning the rookie award! Any thoughts or comments?

EunB: "I’ve always wanted to tell my mother something. My mom has been through hardships but now that her daughter won the rookie award, she has a daughter who is 5% of all citizens in Korea1 Not many people win this award you know? Now that I have won this, I want my mother to be proud of me. And I hope that she lives strong and with confidence from now on. And I also want to tell my grandmother I love her."

Sojung: "I want to thank the parents of all five of our members. All five of us want to succeed and we want to do our duties as their children by being good daughters."

Q2: You appeared in an audition before, was your dream always to become an idol?

 "Becoming a singer wasn’t my dream and I never thought of becoming a celebrity. Because of my respect of graduating as a practical music major, I thought in this weird way that ‘singers need to only sing!" But I no longer think this way. After taking the job as an idol, I thought to myself that it wasn’t an easy career! Not anyone can do it. And I’m really happy now. Its the best decision that I could have made."
Q3: RiSe, you appeared in MBC’s “Great Birth,” how was that?RiSe: "I was living in Japan so I wasn’t even aware of auditions in Korea. During my university enrollment test, my vocal teacher recommended a tournament that I might be interested in. At the time, I didn’t expect that I would be a singer today."

Q4: The 5 of you are all from different places, New York, Japan and even all parts of Korea. Did it take a long time for you to all get along?

RiSe: "It’s actually really fun. When we’re together we even imitate Ashely’s American-style of overreacting to things."

Sojung: “We learn so much from each other because we are so different. Also, people really get along fast with people that they share meals happily with. We even secretly ordered chicken and beer back at our home and had  bonding sessions. It was always interesting hearing stories that were so different. Stories about U.S., Japan, and other parts of the world, everyones’ stories were so different and interesting.”

Q5: Ashely, I heard you came from New York just over 2 years ago. Wasn’t it hard to get used to Korea?

Ashely: "It was difficult mostly because of food. I immigrated to the U.S. when I was young so there is a huge cultural difference between here and the U.S. Also, I had to spend a year in a different company as a trainee but I was so lonely because I was the oldest. But now with my Ladies’ Code members, everything is so much easier now."

Q6: We heard Ashely has the best body?

EunB: "She is naturally born like that."

RiSe: "Her hips are made in U.S!"

Zuny: "I know she has the best body but she keeps denying it."

Sojung: "I know her body really well haha. She also takes care of her body even when watching TV."

Q7: Lets have an opportunity to complement each other going around in a  circle. Lets start with RiSe!

Zuny: ”RiSe unnie always takes care of our health. Even the littlest things like taking vitamins. And she also doesn’t let us eat junk food for our health.”

RiSe: "We have to take care of our health. We don’t live with our parents so we have to take care of ourselves."

Sojung: "She’s really like a mom. She would always say "my sojungiee~" and take care of all of us."

EunB: "She is so nice. Too nice."

Asheley: "She is also so cool too. When we apologize to her for something, she would always say "it’s okay, who cares" and forgave us right away."

Q8: What about Zuny?

RiSe: "She is so precise. She always organizes things well, and put away things all over the house. She even does the dishes at night."

Ashely: "She’s the oldest unnie. I think it’s because she has 3 younger siblings, she knows how to share and even take care of us."

EunB: "I’m so jealous that she is so simple. I like that she doesn’t overthink things. When I stress about things and think excessively over something, I want to be like Zuny who can just let it go."

Sojung: "She likes to clean as well as to share things. I was an only child so 2 out of the 3 rooms at my home was mine. But through Zuny, I learned so much from her. If I didn’t share my room with her, I think our room would have been a mess. But one thing that I am expecting from her is that she is capable of deep thinking and singing to her potential. If she practices enough, she will be an amazing singer who can only send off her colors. In which I mean voices that are inspired by true emotions."

Q9: What about Eunb?
EunB: "Ah, I’m so nervous that it’s my turn!"

Ashely: "EunB’s the one that always encourages us. She says them just like compliments but she really means them. If you make a mistake or even sit down because your tired, EunB always comes to encourage you and even massage your shoulders. I get strength from her. When she comes by to say hi when I’m over stressing over something, it always gives me strength."

Sojung: "She’s like a real big sister. She even disciplines us when we do something wrong but always does it for the best reasons. I think she is right though. Although feelings do get hurt, it feels sincere coming from a real sister."

RiSe: "She knows how to sacrifice herself for others. Even if she doesn’t want to go eat or go somewhere, she would still go because you wanted to do it. She is the brightest amongst the members and I think that the team would be so dark without EunB."

Ashley: "When Eunb’s depressed, everyone gets depressed that day."

Zuny: "Her way of talking is so bright and friendly. That’s one of her good traits. She makes the listeners want to concentrate and have a good conversation."

Q10: What about Ashley?

Zuny: "She always disciplines us but also gives us warm advice at the end. After being yelled at, when she gives those warm comments and advice, I get really pumped up and encouraged."

Sojung: "I think she’s the best leader looking out for others. She always thinks of other people before her and even reads minds. She always seems to know when someone is going through a hard time without them telling her anything and takes care of them."

RiSe: “When we were away from each other during holidays, she would still worry about our well being.”

EunB: "She is the best leader ever. I think her traits fit perfectly for the job. Some people might think that she is cold at times but when you get to know her, she is really warm. She always takes care of other people and she wants to know you fully before making an advice. I admire her traits."

Q11: Lastly, Sojung.

Ashley: "I had to share a room with her but her first impression was so much stronger than now. But getting to know her, she is so young and like a baby. She always comes to me to talk about her problems and she is so honest. She is so reliable and even has a strong side. I think that’s why she is someone I can tell anything to. She tries to always understand me and treats me fairly."

RiSe: "Sojung and I have been together the longest. My first impressions was questioning myself "why is she working so hard?" She has overflowing passion then and even now. Now I love it when I see her trying hard. I know she is under a lot of pressure but seeing her fighting through it is really awesome."

Q12: As a singer, what are the goals and dreams you want to accomplish most?

Sojung: "I want to sing for long as I live. I think that’ll be the best part about life."

RiSe: "I want us to have an individual concert in Japan in stadiums big as the Yokohama Stadium. I want to perform in a environment where it is just for our fans."

Zuny: "I know he is not a singer, I want to be like senior Yoo Jaesuk. I want to be someone who people can learn from and  who gives of positive energy."

EunB: "As a singer, I want to accomplish various things. As an entertainer, I want to act, host a program, and prosper in any way to help Ladies’ Code. I don’t want to be a daughter that parents are ashamed of but a daughter that they are proud of.

Q13: Now that you have won the Rookie Award, what are your goals?

Ashely: “We want to win first place in a music program. We have a list of things we want to accomplish. Such as increasing our fan base, shooting commercials, having a studio of our own, performing international and many other things. I think that we could accomplish all of those things in that order after we win first place in a music program.”
Source: Koreaboo and TenAsia (03/040/214)
Link Here 

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Guest kryxtalehyromi16

coolruncat said: OMG there's a Malaysian artist who recorded duet song with EunB on July 2014 & will filming their mv right after Kiss Kiss promo.But sadly..
cr.twitter @Kahi_Husband
the interview link:  http://buletin-kpop.blogspot.kr/2014/09/ibu-eunb-menyampaikan-kata-terakhir.html#.VAxKsNJw0nd
writter by Malaysia  ,who can translate ?

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Polaris Entertainment has released a new statement regarding Ladies’ Code RiSe and her funeral proceedings, following her tragic death on September 7th. 

In a statement to fans and media, Polaris Entertainment revealed that Sojung will be attending RiSe funeral, after also being in critical condition and receiving facial surgery. 

RiSe funeral will be held at Korea University Anam Hospital. From there, RiSe’s remains will be taken back to Japan with her family, where she will have a funeral with her family and close ones. RiSe will then be laid to rest in Japan, where RiSe grew up as a fourth generation Korean Japanese.

Polaris Entertainment ended their statement saying, “We hope that you will remember the bright and beautiful RiSe and EunB for a long time. Please continue to pray and send your support to their family, Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny.”

Source: Sports Chosun

via KoreaBoo

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pink pandas make this
thank you my fellow pink pandas making  a tribute for Rise And EunB 
we lavelys will appriciate this

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Hyundai Starex has revealed they will be launching an internal investigation into the tragic car accident that has now claimed the lives of two Ladies’ Code members, EunB and RiSe. 

Since the tragic crash that claimed EunB and RiSe’s life, investigations have begun launching into the case to determine the accurate reason for the crash. 

The van crashed into the expressway’s wall after a rear tire fell out from the car on September 3rd at 1:20AM. Ladies’ Code was returning from a schedule in Daegu ( KBS 1TV “Open Concert”), taking the Yongdong Expressway heading towards Incheon at the 43km point. 

In a statement, Hyundai Starex said, “We do not have an accurate explanation regarding the circumstances behind the condition of [Ladies’ Code van’s] wheel. We will reveal more once we confirm whether or not external forces lead to the dismantled wheel once the investigation results come in.”

Polaris Entertainment added to the statement saying, “Because an accurate investigation has yet to be conducted, we would appreciate if the public remain from spreading rumors.”

Source: TV Daily

Via KoreaBoo


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Ladies’ Code‘s management agency, Polaris Entertainment, has released the final details of RiSe’s funeral.

RiSe’s wake is currently ongoing at the Korea University Anam Hospital. As previously announced, her funeral procession will take place on September 9 at 9:30 a.m., after which she will be cremated. Polaris Entertainment revealed that fellow Ladies’ Code members Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny will be attending the funeral. RiSe’s remains will then be taken back to Japanwith her family, and there, with the rest of her family and friends, a funeral will be held. RiSe will then be laid to rest. Japan is where RiSe grew up as a fourth generation Korean Japanese.

The agency also stated it will reveal Ashley’s, Sojung’s, and Zuny’s progress and discharge possibility from the hospital after RiSe’s funeral.

Polaris Entertainment concluded, “We hope that you will remember the bright and beautiful RiSe and EunB for a long time. Please continue to pray and send your support to their family members and Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny.”


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Pics of RiSe's wake are coming in, but I'd rather not post them. You can find them all over Twitter. 

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my heart is torn all over again  =(( =(( =(( :(( :(( :((

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Fresh From Koreaboo.

Ladies’ Code RiSe funeral is now underway, after tragically passing away from injuries receiving from a fatal car accident. RiSe received numerous critical surgeries and being unconscious in the ICU for over 80+ hours before succuming to her injuries.

RiSe funeral is now being held at Korea University Anam Hospital. From there, RiSe’s remains will be taken back to Japan with her family, where she will have a funeral with her family and close ones. RiSe will then be laid to rest in Japan, where RiSe grew up as a fourth generation Korean Japanese.

Polaris officials revealed, “RiSe’s mother said RiSe looked best in a Korean traditional hanbok and wanted use that as the portrait picture.”

Idols attending the funeral included Donghae, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Changmin, Minho, K.Will, Yoo Jaesuk, Kangnam, KARA’s Gyuri, Bestie, B1A4, Youngji, Boys Republic, ZE:A’s Hwang Kwanghee, Moon Junyoung, and others attended the funeral.

Not only have senior celebrities such as Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Jaedong, Defconn, Jung Hyungdon, K.Will, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, and Rose Motel shown their sorrow of the victim’s death, but other celebrities like Ivy, Jung Joon, Oh Yoona, Sunwoo, Lee Kyun, Rumblefish, and fellow celebrities of the same agency attended the wake to express their deep sorrows.

Following the loss of EunB and now RiSe, the three remaining Ladies’ Code members are feeling an incredible amount of sadness. They are comforting each other and being with each other at this time.”

The three members will all be attending RiSe funeral. The funeral rite was held by Rise’s mother, grandmother, sister, brother, and other family members on the 8th.


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