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Yoo Yeon Seok 유연석 (Upcoming Drama 2021 : Hospital Playlist S2)


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The more I learn about YYS the more I like him.

What a wonderful person he is.Caring, thoughtful,sensitive.

I am not going to say anything about his acting abilities because we all know his versatility as an actor.

It's the first time I am so close to replace my no 1 bias and its not an easy decision.




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16 hours ago, kmsl said:

I feel you @kiklaminHo! He's been on my radar since r94 but never gotten around to stan him since I tried to stay loyal to my bias list. But he totally ruined that list for me now. :wub:


hahaha you can feel in what kind of state I am now.

I have my first love that I feel like I have to be loyal and on the other hand it's the new mature love that you know it  fits you better.

Did I describe it correctly?

I know YYS since 2013 but when the movie or drama he was in  was ending I never bothered to search for him.

Then Hospital Playlist with Jeongwon came and I rediscover a diamond that was in front of me all the time.

Coffee friends, YOF, variety shows, you tube clips all I watched it and I like what I see.

I always hoping to find more eng  subs for his interviews and ytclips in the future.

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..hmm I try to see why I can not read the no 564 pg.I am stuck on 563.

chingus can you see my posts and in what page?

Btw I am sad in my area movie theaters are closed and I dont even ask if they will bring SteelRain2 here.

If anyone watch it please share your views.

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6 hours ago, kmsl said:

@kiklaminHo I think you need an acct for the live videos? I'm not sure. Somebody help us here please! I only watched his two video uploads there via browser. 

@kmsl  I downloaded the tiktok app on my phone when YYS opened his acc.(lol now we know why he opened the tiktok acc)

.Do I need to do anything else?

You 're right it will be very helpful if someone who is familiar with tiktok give us some details.




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Hi all.

I looked on twitter trying to find details for YYS events but most are in korean.I am not very familiar with twitter but i read some YYS  accs and I found these:

1.tomorrow 8/11 at 9 am korean time he has a vlive( I think)

2.on Friday 8/14 he has something to  t=kt=k,but I learned all these from here and there.I wish I could give you more information like where we international fans can leave our questions but could not find any eng subs.:mellow:

.If anyone knows  a link with eng. please share.



ADD: the vlive was not live?

and thats why I say it would be  nice to find eng subs for articles

related to yys otherwise we guessing.sorry for the confusion.

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Before I go back to work

I watched Men and Mission in t*kt*k.

I am so proud of Yoo Yeon Seok.

He showed that he is the man for everything.

He can do everything.

From variety,musicals,dramas,movies.....and everything else that is out there.

God bless this sweet humble man.

He sang wonderful Confession is not flashy and sent my wintergarden heart to paradise but he had the best for later.

His duo with LKS made me laugh so loud!

I stan the right person!

I feel like a proud mom

Also, a big thank you to his agency KKbyyss for bringing all these actors together.

As international fans probably we ll never have the chance to attend a fan meeting so having them in our phone screen for 2 and a half hours means a lot.

Yoo Yeon Seok thank you for making me forget my everyday's problems.

You are an actor, an entertainer, a performer but mostly a wonderful person.


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I am hoping all stay safe .Seeing YYS running all over doing all these things,from film shooting to CFs, musical,radioappearance etc I am wishing for him to be safe and healthy.

That goes to all but this post is for YooYeonseok and people involved in entertaining industry so I want to wish them the best.


lol seems that i am alone here.

Its ok.I will have YYS all by myself


btw he has cf out and he was great in the MenandMission but I am not good in posting photos and videos here.

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