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Korean Celebrities Who Transformed As Successful Athletes in Dramas and Films


Character transformations in K-dramas or K-movies are often remarkable, proving how versatile the actor or actress undergoing such changes is. As celebrities immerse themselves in a new character in any project, they also undergo tremendous training to achieve the desired character.


The actor's character needs to be more realistic in such a way that they exert more hard work and practice. And after some time spent to training and being absorbed by the role they're supposed to play, the outcome is always convincing, and the actor in return gains recognition and is highly praised for his or her once in a lifetime character performance.


Here are the actors and actresses who transformed into successful athletes in dramas and films.



Park Seo Joon in "Fight My Way" (2017)

Korean Celebrities Transformation As Successful Athletes in Dramas And Films
(Photo : KBS )
Korean Celebrities Transformation As Successful Athletes in Dramas And Films
(Photo : The Divine Fury )


Park Seo Joon is known for his inspiring dramas and film. He portrays as Go Dong Man, a taekwondo athlete with a painful past and inspiring story. 



The actor needs to practice several hours in a gym to learn the kicks and ways of taekwondo.


Back in 2019, the actor also played as an MMA fighter in the film "The Divine Fury". He admitted that he spent more than 8 hours each day prior to filming to immerse himself in MMA.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : dramastars


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1 hour ago, willenette said:

@serenilmauve, thanks for sharing this NICE & COOL gif. PSJ said that Peakboy is a good friend  who he can't live without. Peakboy said that on his first day-off from the military, PSJ made him some noodles. Such an ideal friendship!  :blush:


They are so sweet.:sweet: I really hope one day we can see Wooga Squad in one program. One hour is enough as I know they are very busy. :smiley:

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On 9/20/2020 at 2:37 AM, serenilmauve said:



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@serenilmauve, thanks for sharing more on them.............. They played an interesting game on the show where Peakboy, ended up losing, and was asked to sing a pop song. I admire them because even though they aren't related by blood, they share a bond like real-life brothers. :blush:

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3 hours ago, Amirr said:

I watched Itaewon Class and loved it so much! Park Seo Joon's character was really captivating and inspirational. Will rewatch it again when I have time

Welcome, have a nice stay with us if you interested in PSJ;) 


As for IC, it’s very inspirational work for people, who want some changes in life and definitely one of the kind k-drama :approves:

I think I re-watched in four times now xD And honestly each time you understand characters better.

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Actress Kim Jung Nan mentioned Seo Jun as an actor that she likes, because of her love for Itaewon Class. 
lmfao, someone knew that she will answer is Park Seo Jun even before she said his name lmfao 

Also it’s amazing how IC has such a vast demographic of people who liked it and how many celebrities enjoyed drama;)

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