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  1. Hope we will see them together one day. If there any praying circles I’m joining xD These two most talented korean actors... Just look at their rookie deep faces xD
  2. @Gisell Gisell tell me about that. They have Seo Jun and Suzy together, just imagine the power of pretty and awesomeness in on CF, but still, they film them like they’re practicing social distancing between their models lmfao
  3. I’m so glad, that we can now again embed posts from IG, so I can freely share fanarts lol IC have so many fanarts, I don’t follow all dramas, but I think it was up there with most inspiring in that regard.
  4. At this point I don’t think so. But who knows. I’m not gonna close that doors completely, even if I’m skeptical lol Seo Jun’s popularity right now at point when people mention him without him needing being here anyway. His name alone is an equivalent of attention
  5. I laughed so hard, when I saw his wife putting his Kloud Draft Beer poster on refrigerator lol At this point it’s her teasing him, because she enjoys his reaction xD Also when boys came we don’t see poster anymore on refrigerator lol Husband accepting his defeat from men called “Park Seo Jun” I wonder if boy’s parents gave him bamtori hairstyle consciously
  6. @Anjalifairy I will say this... it’s just easy to see in what kind of shows he could be a guest. In Na PD shows, yes. Because has connection to the PD, guests and etc., but he will not appear in flesh for majority of shows, he is too big and too busy for them
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