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  1. @Ephoenix Yess..FInally the photo is out. They look stunning. All the best for Conpia. Stay safe and healthy to all team and please make it huge success ever.
  2. Woahhh.. Is it so hard to register? Alien? Lol. Who else can try then? @serenilmauve ? Seo Jun has to be skinny as Minsung, is it? Then he has to bring back the muscles for Hongdae. Please bring back the muscles soonest after Conpia, Seo Jun. I need to see your ABS.
  3. @Anjalifairy I think Ziozia ever worked with HJH also, right? I just hope it is new deal for Seo Jun. The place is so beautiful and I believe the shoot will be awesome. Btw I am still curious about the Park's Office? Can you try again to be member as you are good in Korean? Lol. U are the best candidate for us. For the fan meeting, I hope they will show it on Youtube. Well, whatever it is we will stay tune. He is indeed so cute and sweet. We know he will be very busy till August, so can we get good news about drama around June, Seo Jun? Lol. All the best for Conpia. Stay safe
  4. @willenette Thks for your info. And all beautiful Jeomju @willenette @Anjalifairy @serenilmauve @ivanovie25 @Bluepiano @aulialanniputri @Jeomju1216 please mark the date of 15.05.2021. I think we will need more information later on as I dont know how to watch from Kakao TV is all are in Korean language?
  5. Can we know the message? I think we have to try to be members. He is my happy pill too. My sunshine. My mood booster. Lol. Our Seo Jun is really busy. Btw should we send something to Awesome for His Debut Anniv later? Flowers? Lol.
  6. Youtube version. I can repeat this CF many times as Seo Jun is so handsome. Lol. His smiles take my heart away. And Seo Jun will do online fans meeting on 15.05.21. He will sing for us also? Happy Jeomju. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/108/0002947517 Seojun Park, Untact Fan Meeting'Park Seojun, Comma' held on May 15th [Official]
  7. Oh yeahhh.. our Chanel Beauty. Just wonder how the sales of Chanel Beauty. I dont know they will count overseas sales or not. Lol. Hope we will get more and more.
  8. Is it 14 active CFs? My list is only 11 CFs as I dont include Smart Philippines as it seems like campaign only like Blibli. There is new updates from both. Ziozia, K2, KB Kookmin Card, Bibigo, Condition Drink, Chamdahan, SK Magic Malaysia, Market Kurly, BYS Philippines, Essasofa, CK. What else that I missed?
  9. I wish it is new CF then. The place is really beautiful. I hope Seo Jun can post it later. My wish. Conpia will start in mid April right? And he never post about Conpia yet.
  10. Thks for the info. Will they change their bottles with his current face then? @ivanovie25 Mrs. Youn really wins so many awards and maybe Oscar too. Same wishes for our beloved Seo Jun. . Btw I am thinking Na PD sure will do YS2 or YK3 right as he can make DVD for fans sure he knows how famous they are.
  11. Why they dont give us Record Parks again this week? And I cannot wait the full version CF of Condition Drink. He looks so cool and handsome. @serenilmauveActually how long Seo Jun is with Condition Drink already? Sometimes I forget he is still their model as not many updates right? Btw, WS really is a cheater even to his hyung. "Dont hang out with him anymore". Lol. Mrs. Youn is really on Seo Jun's side.
  12. @Anjalifairy Ohhh.. I thought he will appear. That's why I am wonder whether it is true or not. Sigh. Btw it seems Ziozia is happy with Seo Jun's update. I believe they will sell well with the T-shirt. If only they can sell worldwide. Lol.
  13. Dont forget to inform me if the DVD is out. I still wonder why there is no Seo Jun's Bday celebration. Ah.. I think I will DM Na PD. Lol. I also wish Seo Jun can master the English. Please. He has sexy accent actually. It is nice listening to his convo with English.
  14. Awww.. I can watch tonite then. He is really such a sweetheart right? It is same here. I love him more and deeper each day. His personality is beyond awesome. At the end he got the beautiful gift than WS. I think the cool person is the best. Lol. I am so happy that Mrs. Youn really cares Seo Jun much. Wish one day Seo Jun can have movie with Mrs. Youn. So we have to spend our money again right? Btw I read from IG, Seo Jun will appear in Kang Hanna's KBS Cool FM this coming Sunday? What it is all about actually? Chit chatting?
  15. Finally Seo Jun updates his IG and he looks so boyish and fresh. Thanks @partyon & @Sleepy Owl for the poll. Now it makes me missing him so much in drama. When we can get the good news so we can know which role he will choose.
  16. @ivanovie25 @serenilmauve @Anjalifairy Can we have the English subtitles later? If not then we need @Anjalifairy's help for the translation. Well, we can prepare the lawsuit now. Lol. I really laughed so hard especially when Yumi opened the box and the reaction of our Seo Jun was hilarious. He seemed really enjoy to tease Yumi. Seo Jun really cannot compete with them right? How to win the game then, Seo Jun? Even Na PD kept calling his name to answer? Lol. And his reaction when getting the blanket is so cute. I think it represents Market Kurly's CF. The box and Seo Jun. It is really
  17. Youtube version. His smiles make my heart melts right away. @ivanovie25 @Jeomju1216 If we stay at Korea, I believe we will be a member of Market Kurly immediately and do shopping everyday. Lol. Wish they will do well with Seo Jun. Cant wait for the Director's Cut today. Na PD, please be good. @willenette Ouch his ABS. Dont forget WWWSK as well.
  18. @ivanovie25 Yes, wish Market Kurly the best and of course our Seo Jun. As for the real estate, I think all of us know that Seo Jun bought the building for helping many peoples right? @serenilmauve I love the words from that article: Seo Jun showed a lot of Sexy Man who can cook side >> Indeed. So tmrw we can have his new CF video & 5 minutes of YS.
  19. Guys, so this is the new CF which we thought for Bibigo. Happy for our Seo Jun. Park Seo-joon, Market Curly new model https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003106544 I have to read what is Market Curly now. For sure goin to follow their IG first. Lol. Btw @Anjalifairy @ivanovie25 Now I know the IG of Na PD. At least we can DM him now. Lol. Just found out this article too: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/ranking/article/117/0003482214 Actress Park Seo-joon, who ranked third, purchased a luxury villa in C
  20. Agree. Lol. I did mention to Mrs. Yang how can Na PD didnt give us Director's Cut like YK2 but the most important thing is how can they didnt show the small celebration of Seo Jun's birthday. Well, pretty long DM and crying emoticon. Lol. I really hope Na PD will show it to us.
  21. I am waiting next week for Record Park's. If there is nothing for his Jeomju, then I will go for DM again. Lol. No idea Mrs. Yang will notice it but at least she knows how much we love our Seo Jun.
  22. Thanks a lot for your info. Then I will postpone the DM to Na PD. Actually I did DM Mrs. Yang even though I know it is not related to her. Lol. @ivanovie25 Ahh.. I also forget the Actor is Present. So we still have something to look forward. I am starting to watch YK2 now. Gosh.. I think I need Seo Jun everyday. Lol.
  23. @ivanovie25 Yes, I am goin to DM him. I dunno can we do it for Utube Channel? Lol. Can we have a glimpse of script reading of Conpia? @willenetteBtw hardcopy of #VogueManHK are really sold out for overseas. I am still waiting whether they will offer new batch.
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