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  1. @serenilmauve Ah yeah..he only mentioned Hyolyn as his close friend.. So cute when his ears turned red lol! My favorite picture of them is when they met in LA..they look really comfortable with each other One more would be Bora right? His partner in music bank. What a coincidence to work with almost all members in the same group
  2. Watching clips of Shut Up Family, i just realized that SJ has worked closely with 3 members of Sistar no wonder he is close to Hyorin..probably with the rest of Sistar too
  3. Thank you so much @Jeomju1216 for the translation. It's always fun to know what is inside his head since we know he always talks sincerely So he's traumatic to Diary? His father was quite a strict one He's such a good friend, he always think about his friends and he really values relationship not only with friends but with all he meets, basically he's s good-natured person..I love him even more I like the ending statement, he's very confident about himself in a humble way He's very dedicated towards acting and i'm sure he would have a long career ahead
  4. @Anjalifairy oh yeah i totally forgot about his career plan He could just take it whatever the role is and as you said use it as his gate opener @cindaga *high five..Hyuntae is our baby The kiss NG! Lol! So many of them. I was about to comment too. Was it intentional from the PD just to tease her?
  5. Apparently Hyuntae and his mom had a cf together lol!! Sorry for all the posts about Hyuntae, i'm crazy about him at the moment he's so charming, his sister in law even said that he wouldn't starve anywhere he goes..lol! That's just how charming and adorable he is
  6. waa..thank you @Anjalifairy I will read it in detail tomorrow, now i'm sleepy But i did a quick read a bit, i caught that he prefers to choose a role that he thinks he can do well? So i'm a bit confident now that if Marvel is just making him as a token, he will not accept it, but yeah who knows the agency says otherwise since it's hollywood. He's more to quality not quantity, no wonder his works always come out very good if not the best around the time
  7. So handsome! his long legs are sexy... @Chestnut88 @Jeomju1216 ah the fainting..i totally forgot about it..yeah it's weird that they actually didn't explain anything about it. What is it for? I thought he had a terminal desease or something.. About the love line in hwarang, yeah i agree since the story is not really focused on that, their love story gets limited exposure thus it feels lack of chemistry, but the way they stare each other with that longing look can actually make it up. I never understand the second lead syndrome here, from the get go i already feel attached to t
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