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  1. I hope he can also be popular in Japan too, like some more senior actors..but I think no one beats bae young joon yet in Japan I haven't seen him make a visit to Japan or has he? These pictures of him with Chanel make me want to buy Chanel N5..aarggh..this ads is really effective!
  2. Ah i see..maybe they did the whole crew photo there but they just didn't share it due to policy i love his go dongman looks best He still has those of boyish features blended with his mature ones. Now he's all matured..lol! If that even makes sense..
  3. @Gisell Gisell Aside from the cover photoshoot? Or with the entire crew of IC? Maybe because by the time they finished IC it was already in pandemic era? So the social distancing is already in place
  4. Elle/Chanel as an international brand should have put subtitle on their videos right? It irks me that they don't consider international customers whilst i think they know really well, once they get a star as big as Seo Joon, the coverage sales market will be on asian level not just korea.. Anyway, i wonder if the situation is normal, maybe Seo Joon and IC team would have a get together in Itaewon on Halloween to celebrate the success of IC..next time, i will go to Korea on Halloween just to experience this crowd of 'supernatural thingy' lol! I think IC and Hospital Pla
  5. Aha!..couple shirts with Simba..lol! Waiting for him to post on instagram..i hope he's bold enough to share it He's exceptionally beautiful and breathtakingly handsome in this elle cover..i dunno what more adjectives should i use to describe how i feel about him..lol!
  6. @Anjalifairy thank you so much for the translation Again this confirms his strong characters and acting skills. The Director is really smitten by him lol! Director Kim also as he made 2 films in a row with Seo Joon. I'm sooo proud of him.. I hope he stays humble and keeps growing as an actor and becomes one of the prominent actors in korea. @willenette thank you for the info, will do that asap..
  7. Ah i see, that's right, in a way he's an influencer. Everything he wears and do will probably be followed by others
  8. @Gisell Gisell thank you i see, that is why the girl said that to him when he looks jealous after finding out that the girl is looking at PHS lol! I think he's sponsored by Nike for the event (i dunno what that is) because the shoes will be released on 30th october tomorrow. Well, normally celebrities like him has a whole room full of clothing and stuff @willenette about the nomination, do we have to vote? I have already liked his photo on instagram. He has quite a lot likes i hope he can be one of the 100. I see the other nominees are great people too T
  9. @Anjalifairy I think i'm similar with you in terms of expressing my fondness I need a place to discuss and explore things about the person i stan..But I knew soompi forum from way back, and i joined several other forums before..lol! But stanning an actor is actually tiring yet super exciting, at least for me Anyway guys, what does 'k lang yan' mean? I googled but nothing came up, they showed other words. In his latest instagram post, he wears nike sneakers right? They turn out to be the item that will be released on 30th oct..lol! Does it mean he'll be the endoser too
  10. October is really Seo Joon's month..so many surprises for his fans just how many endorsements he has so far for 2020 the more you give the more you get, right.. @serenilmauve thank you for the quick update..he looks so handsome in the ads video, as always..lol! The girl is pretty too
  11. I came across the clip on youtube and was quite surprised that Na PD attended the event. So my thought that they are that close . I know some of his long time favorites, and i never saw him attending their fan meeting or perhaps there just hasn't been any chance or i didn't notice..anyway, can't wait to see this new format of YK, and obviously the sexy and handsome waiter Seo Joon..lol! Kudos to the one who made the poster It looks real..lol! No wonder go dongman was there..
  12. Ah i see..i didn't see it @AnjalifairyYou're right, they're all at the top of popularity list at that time, and i agree with you and @serenilmauve he also chooses based on the character..so the combination of the two criteria..Na PD is genius i say Agree with you @Anjalifairy Seo Joon has the aura of a leader, someone you can count on and lead you the way when problems arise. Wooga squad centers around him and that shows just how people trust and rely on him. But he's not that serious boring type kind of a person, on the contrary he's quick witted and easy going. These qualities ar
  13. @willenette waa..sooo happy to hear that the best news today for me...indeed Seo Joon is already in Na PD's inner circle. Na PD even came as a guest in one of his fan meetings right? Btw i wonder how Na PD got to know Woo Shik? Has he been in other variety shows? I think Seo Joon's frequent guesting in Running Man and also once in 2D1N somehow allows other PDs to see his potential in variety show being quick witted and all.. Is that Dream official poster? I see a bit of Go Dongman there..lol! At least the physical state..
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