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  1. They're all good looking there's something similar about their eyes and smile that people can tell they're siblings.. Seo Jun says they're all a bit taller than him..wow..what a family
  2. @serenilmauve yeah, me too. Actually the british guy mentioned about how bad he felt knowing that the staff can speak english well, while they don't know korean at all.. I can imagine how satisfied the SLS fans of KMHM were at that time when they announced the casting for SWP..lol! My SLS ship never happens to this day it's autumn in my heart, won bin and hye gyo.. Maybe i'm biased, but i didn't get SLS when watching SWP. Mainly because the girl character has set the line of friend-zone pretty clear from the beginning. While in some dramas, the line is pretty vague, so
  3. Just wanna share you guys this. They say aside from the ones he sings, the rest are his fave, at least he has mentioned it. I know he mentioned jason mraz in the interview and he sang She, I wonder about the story of the other songs
  4. Done watching the subbed one Well, not complaining or anything, it seems that the PDs are putting more focus on WS, probably because the intern's work has more moments to tell, quite understandable..even next week preview is about the intern.. Anyway, now i'm interested in making the braised chicken Seo Jun makes. It seems pretty simple as long as you have that master sauce. The british couple like beef better, but they say the chicken is also good. Oh, the Brazilian girl is so pretty..i think the camera likes her too..lol! This batch of guests
  5. Ah the rating drops again..i think it will probably be stable around that number. It's hard to compete with a popular drama. Actually that number is already pretty high for a tv cable, some dramas on cable are way lower than that Anyway..our Seo Jun is definitely sponsored by Nike for this YS..this item is another Nike. This is not his typical color to wear..lol!
  6. Next week the pink chef couple i wonder did they match the outfit themselves or their codi's or coincidence? But cute @serenilmauve they didn't blur the brand anymore..did Kloud join the sponsorship wagon after he deliciously drank their beer in previous episode? i forgot which episode.. effective ads i say, even i'm interested in drinking one and i don't drink beer..lol! Poor Seo Jun had to bend so low to make that pancake..the kitchen table is too short for him..lol! Now we learn one thing, handicraft is not his thing and so are Seo Jin and Ms. Youn..Wo
  7. Wow..this update is a surprise! I thought we would wait for a month to get a new post from him Mmm..my guess is a new cf If it's a music video, it would be awesome He looks gorgeous as always even if it's dark
  8. @serenilmauve I saw their interactions, Seo Jun and noonas, in bts clips and interviews. Except for pmy, the way he interacts with them are noona and dongsaeng. Pmy is different maybe because their age gap is not that big that it feels like they're friends (the same age) Yeah me too! i love it..Yumi is quite a clumsy and shy girl lol! It's fun to tease her Because of her clumsiness, Seo Jun often takes care of her instead..
  9. @serenilmauve Yeah I think it's in his nature because he's the oldest child and like you said the age gaps is quite big between the siblings. He tends to be the one who leads and takes care of those who are younger than him. When he's with noonas, he tends to be a bit spoiled..from the way he speaks or addresses them..adorable I think because he doesn't have an older sibling I don't have brothers, it must have been nice to have a big brother like him
  10. Adorable..who wouldn't brag if you know someone that internationally famous I hope one day he can be as that level of internationally famous as Song Hollywood is really tough... My office colleague here is a Tottenham freak..he adores Song so much. To think that i adore his friend so much Lol! Oh, last night I watched the Ziozia ads on their youtube channel in HD on my tv, the effect is wow..lol! Couldn't control my smile the whole through
  11. AURA! he should've made that lee young jun's hand gestures..lol! gosh! he's soo handsome.. I wonder what he looks like with moustache and beard..lol! did he try that before? i don't think i ever saw it. The one with the most moustache i saw was when he was in the kitchen cooking that sour pancake
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