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10 K-Drama Lines To Lift Your Spirits




K-dramas provide a great escape from the harsh reality of life’s problems and stressors. Often times, we come across a K-drama that presents us with a situation or line that really speaks to us and is comforting and healing. There is almost a quote in every K-drama out there that can offer some sort of healing or introspective thinking, but here a few that might offer you some positive vibes. Here are 10 K-drama lines to lift your spirits.



5. “Itaewon Class”


“You don’t need to be on anyone’s side, but your own.”
-Park Sae Roy (Park Seo Joon)




The personal connection that you feel when watching “Itaewon Class” is emotional and uplifting at the same time. Seeing Park Sae Roy go through the trials of death, mourning, loss, and betrayal are all too painful. But when he is able to work his way out of these problems and triumph over them, it gives viewers the same hope and longing in their own lives. Although there is a romance aspect to the series, the storyline of Sae Roy overcoming so much to become successful is an underdog story that many can root for and gain inspiration from.




(skipped unrelated.....)




credit : soompi news

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Seo Jun and his closet escapades :joy:



13 minutes ago, ivanovie25 said:

Talking about eyes and stare..this video guarantees stop your breath for a second when he lifts his eyes to the camera and meet your eyes..lol

Big Brother Season 20 Bb20 GIF by Big Brother

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@Jeomju1216 i really love these series of photo from Ziozia. Seo Jun looks so clean & fresh and so handsome.  This the probably the best section of ZioZia.   


Look at all his CF styles, see how many different hair styles that Ms. EOM had to create...  

Ms. EOM really is the best in the industry :approves:

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ROFL @sueeila, he never be any less perfect… LYJ is the definition of perfection and self confidence… Oxford might as well remove the dictionary definitions and replace with Young Joonie’s photo :joy:


Who’s got the most handsome face - of course it’s Lee Youn Joon :transforms:



Lee Young Joon is so handsome that even the mirror thinks it’s doing him injustice :joy:

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