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  1. May be a snapshot of our first project when it’s ready for delivery, you know since we would have earned the bragging rights by then ? Thoughts, everyone ?
  2. @Gisell Gisell He is so cool to say that right? For him to say he only likes to act while filming and not in real life situations shows how honestly he’s trying to live his life and stay grounded, so proud of him
  3. Thank you so much @Anjalifairy, this 2018 esquire interview is such a refreshing read. The interviewer did a good job reading up on him and almost stalking him on social media before asking him those questions. You could tell they went in well prepared. Seo Jun is so truthful with his answers, he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not He’s so humble and sometimes self deprecating in a humorous way. To be clear not everyone looks good in suits despite being custom made, he needs to know that he looks the best, like a masterpieceI wish all his future dreams also come true and he leads a tru
  4. @ivanovie25the article is so personal , doesn’t feel like a media outlet one, almost like a fan letter..I agree with everything said there and more yeah we should get that info pretty soon, usually magazine pictorials have credits about clothes the model is wearing , can’t wait to see…I’m sure it will be crazy expensive
  5. Me too, I am eyeing that one too, the raspberry color is so pretty They thought overlaying Seo Jun over a beach background is as good as doing a photoshoot at an actual outdoor location
  6. Agreed felt like a novice executed it rather than a pro organization… had to put up with the broken site for 9 weeks before Seo Jun was finally revealed …they probably saved the best towards the end
  7. Wow..Just like Edelkochen which won the best kitchenware brand in 2021, the best man endorses the best products Another Blibli show? The poster says special performance, I wonder what they’ll do this time, anyways more we get to see Seo Jun the better Lol, I don’t even have to access to most of the products he endorses but I still find ways to try and ship them over. Shipping a sofa over will be a little too much ..imagine if we were living in SK… would be totally broke Mr. Stunner the sofas are very pretty but it’s hard to take my eyes off S
  8. Lol, that tight hug lucky fanboy @Gisell GisellI’m thankful to our amazing fan group as well, everyone who participated in our first project for Seo Jun, sending you Extra love to @serenilmauve for working so hard on the images & logo and @ivanovie25for handling payments & collections Super excited, our final order should be placed in the next few hours. Can’t wait to see the store tag our official ig account that @Anjalifairy created when the gifts are ready to be delivered
  9. Wow 5? that’s almost one each month of the year so far. Seo Jun is awesome Ikr, @serenilmauve does such a good job up keeping our starter page
  10. What a fun interview, it’s such a great find @serenilmauve. Thank you for sharing.He is so cute The playback to where he confidently said sure I’m good at making decisions and then subsequently struggles to pick one answer
  11. Enverworld Dokdo's first NFT work, 'BTS Park Seo-joon' ranked TOP 10 in fan votes Nvirworld, 'Star to be engraved on Dokdo NFT' by netizens vote... "BTS, Kang Daniel, Park Seo-joon, etc." Hallyu stars such as Park Seo-joon are among the top 10 fan votes in the Dokdo NFT donation campaign 'Dokdo is our land', with the catchphrase 'Dokdo, our land, completed in my name and the heroes who brightened Korea'. source : https://n.news.naver.com/article/215/0000971621 http://www.discoverynews.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=606
  12. That’s my life these days when I want to start a non-PSJ series. Lupin season 1 is the only one I technically managed to finish…I feel ya Exactly my thoughts every time I watch that scene, so hilarious
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