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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Current Variety Show “Youth MT” TVing] || [Filming Upcoming Drama: “Gyeongseong Creature” 2023] || [Upcoming Movies: “Dream” 2022 | “Concrete Utopia”, “The Marvels” 2023]


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His monologue. I don’t need even translation know every and each dialogue :bashful:


If anyone with us here, please, feel free in real time write you thoughts, feelings and fangirl/fanboy :heartxoxo:


So he talked about his various TV/Movie works and characters 


Dong Man won most favorite character;) 


Park Sae Roy syndrome (it was real, yes, I agree xD) 


Talks about Simbaaa :blush:


He is so handsome :love: But that’s not a news;) He is always handsome :yum:






My favorite purple/lavender colors;)




gal, we will need your help with this 20/30 segment;)) Something interesting happening and we international fans without even an ounce of korean knowledge seriously suffering xD








singing Seo Jun 








Video massages from friends and colleagues 












His face with he saw LSJ and LBH xD 






I know what Seo Jun thinking during this whole segment, where they making him play games xD 


“I will kill my staff xD” :joy:


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Dude, how you don’t know your own head xD 


Everyone who said 4 should go lol 






Panic on his face though xD 






I think staff enjoying too much his suffering xD 



Opening video 











PSJ being the happy, panicking and silly dummy during the game xD 








Seo Jun refusing the right answer xD 






Enjoying his fancy calculator xD









The game segment should’ve been called “100 confused faces of Seo Jun” lool







He is very serious about his selfie xD




When whole family your fans :blush:

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Moments from his FM and translated of KJW’s message to Seo Jun :blush:


UPDATE: The End! 
Thank you so much Seo Jun for free and exciting virtual fan meeting! 
I missed him so much! 

Hopefully in the future we will be able to go on one of his many fan meetings;))


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Thank you so much dear Seo Jun. :heart:

Even though I dont understand but I keep smiling and laughing just looking at him. This fan meeting is extremely fun. He has 1001 expressions especially during the games. He is really cute. Lol.

He has so many beautiful photos actually. :heart3:I love the couple shirts photo with Simba. Why you dont post it, Seo Jun ah? It is so cute.

And his voices really melt my heart. :heart2beat:Love him more and miss him so much! :heart4:


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Wow..2.5 hours of him talking non stop :wub: and he had to to sing at the end..he must be really tired now..:sweat_smile:


Happy Anniversary Seo Jun..thank you for the fun virtual fan meeting :blush: wishing you more success in the future, be it in career and in life..


Anyway, i really enjoyed the quiz section.. @serenilmauve you're right..the staff seems really happy to torture him with difficult questions and challenges..lol! 


Gosh! He looks sooo handsome! :wub:And in purple...how can a person looks really good in any color..


oh! Those couple sweatshirts he wears with Simba are from Chanel right? Finally we see the picture..Seo Jun ah you could've just posted on your IG right? 

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It was such a sweet fan meeting, full of heart. It felt like therapy, just listening to him was so calming - didn’t need to understand every word he said, but, I feel like I got his intent. PSJ sang so beautifully, you could feel his soul :love:


His wooga squad never fails to be there for each other. The other actors - LSJ, KJW, Yumi, LBH and ABH that was so sweet of them to send in their video congratulatory messages.

Here’s wishing PSJ more success, happiness and good health in the years to come. He sure made our day.Thank you PSJ :heart:


Here’s some raw translations from a freshly published recap right after his fan meeting ended. This kinda helps in understanding what PSJ was trying to convey through his sincere conversations a little more.


Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/108/0002955469



Actor Park Seo-joon looked back on his 10 years of acting life. 


On the afternoon of the 15th, Park Seo-jun's untouch fan meeting'Park Seo-jun, Comma' was broadcast on Kakao TV. 'Park Seo-joon, Comma' means that Park Seo-joon, who has been running for 10 years after his debut, has a break with fans for the next 10 years and a new leap forward. 


On this day, Park Seo-joon said, "Four years have passed by the number of times the fan meetings have passed. I will talk to myself without anyone who proceeds to spend a special time. This fan meeting is a break time, talking about what I think of then, and listening to your stories I will proceed very freely. Please enjoy it comfortably with me." 


Park Seo-joon also celebrated the 10th anniversary of his debut this year. He confessed, "After I started acting, 10 years have passed since I looked back on time. I have been happy, enjoyable, and sometimes difficult times." He added, "I think it was because of the love and support of the fans that I was able to spend so far without much difficulty. I would like to express my sincere gratitude." 


Park Seo-joon looked at her filmography that has appeared so far. He explained, "'Dream High 2'can be seen as a formal debut. I remember watching the first broadcast by squatting in my room because I was ashamed. I think that moment was always a series of tension. Meanwhile,'Music Bank' MC, movie'Beauty Inside', drama'She was pretty','Hwarang','SamMyWay’.


Next, Park Seo-jun said about the work of the 2017 KBS 2TV drama'Sam, My Way', "I think I worked out for about 8 hours a day to express a martial artist and to work hard. I remember," he recalled at the time. 


Regarding the movie'Youth Police', he said, "There was a glorious moment to receive the Grand Bell Award for Newcomer. It became a valuable work among many works." "After that, I chose a romantic comedy called'Why is Secretary Kim so?' I chose because I wanted to end the romantic comedy of'Why is Secretary Kim?'." 


Park Seo-joon said, "I think it will be difficult to go back to that time. I always did my best, so if I go back, I did my best to think,'Can I act?'," he said. Regarding life characters, he expressed his affection for all the works and characters he appeared, saying, "It seems to be uncountable because all characters and works are valuable." As for the result of the fan voting that took place in advance, only Go Dong of'Sam, My Way' took first place.


This is Park Seo-joon who sparked a craze with Park Sae-Roy with the drama'Itaewon Class'. He said about Park Sae-Roy's styling, "Hair styles and clothes were a lot of issues. In fact, before I started, I thought,'Shall you follow this hairstyle? 


"I was able to try this hairstyle, so I chose it. Many people loved this new style, so I was very impressed. (In the work) External styling is also important, but I hope you will continue to look forward to how you style your chosen work. It would be great," he added, raising expectations.


Not only that,'Itaewon Class' is a work that made me think a lot. Park Seo-joon said, "Every work is important, but after the end of'Itaewon Class', I came to think a lot. After meeting a character named Park Sae-ro, there have been many changes." There was an impact. Many people understood the life of Sae-Roy Park, and they loved it a lot not only in Korea but also overseas fans.” 


Park Seo-joon is also known as'Roco Craftsman'. He said about this modifier, "I say it with my leaves, but he added a lot of modifiers such as'Romance Craftsman' and'Loco Bulldozer.' "I think it seems," he said. 


In addition, "I don't know the secret of the mellow eyes. I always think that breathing with the other person is very important when working on a work. If you keep your breathing together, if you focus on the situation, you try to make eye contact a little more to express your emotions There are such efforts. Because of that, it seems to me that you are telling me that it is melodic, melodic. I will continue to work hard to show you the melodic eyes,” he said. 


Many stars have sent videos to celebrate Park Seo-jun's fan meeting and the 10th anniversary of his debut. The gun was opened by BTS V. V said, "I heard that you prepared a lot. I hope you don't get nervous and send precious memories with a trembling heart.


In addition to BTS V, Uga Pam Park Hyung Sik, Choi Woo Sik, and Pick Boy also sent messages of support. Park Hyung Sik said, "I hope you have a good time together," Choi Woo-sik said, "I have spent my 20s with my brother and are now in their 30s and are growing together. Because he is next to me, it really gives me great strength." 


Kim Ji-won, who took a breath in'Sam, My Way', said, "It's great to be able to congratulate you in video at such a meaningful time. Like this fan meeting title comma, this time will be a break for Seojun and fans. I think it would be nice if I could. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary fan meeting. Jung Yoo-mi, who took a breath in the entertainment program'Yoon Stay', said, "I really congratulate you for 10 years so far, and I will always support you for the next 10 years. I hope we can meet with good works next time." Also, Seojin Lee congratulated. 


Lee Byung-hun, who shares his breath in the movie'Concrete Utopia', said, "I heard that we are having a fan meeting on the 10th anniversary of our debut. I hope that we will continue to develop a strong friendship as a good friend who lives together in the future. I hope everyone makes good memories today." Park Seo-joon expressed his gratitude again and again, saying, "Everyone is really busy, so thank you for the congratulatory video. I will give you a separate thank you greeting. Thank you so much."


Park Seo-jun also sang'Girl' and'Don't Leave Me'. In addition to this, he communicated directly with fans through chat while conducting the Park Seo-joon area test. Lastly, Park Seo-jun said, "It was difficult because the filming was intertwined, but I was so happy during the preparation time. It was thrilling and thankful moments. I hope that my heart will be well conveyed to you." 


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@Jeomju1216 Thks for the articles. At least we can understand a bit. :foryou:

At first, I am surprised there is no MC for Seo Jun. He really does everything by himself for us, right? So sweet of him. I know he always work hard for everything. Even V said he prepared a lot. Happy seeing all Wooga Squad support him endlessly. I really hope we can see the glimpse of all of them one fine day.

Seo Jun, thanks for today. It is really sweet and fun. :heart: 
I clap my hands when he can turn the bottle straight. Hahahahah... 

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@ivanovie25 Whoah it's 2.5 hours in total?? So i missed the last 45 minutes of the show.. so long of him talking alone. It must be tiring :joy:


@serenilmauve Gurl it's a long segment. I went to toilet for about 5 minutes and when i was back the segment still on going :joy: One thing i can remember for now is the 30s Seojun talked about the fact that he could work with Lee Byunghun and see their solid teamwork makes him goosebumps and excited. He filming happily every day. 

Sameeeee hereeee about the chestnut hair, i could guess it right away it's number 2!!! So when he picked number 4, i was like WHATTT?? NOOO!!! WHY YOU CAN'T RECOGNIZE YOUR OWN HEAD AND BELIEVE THEM?! lolol 


I need 1thek to upload the full show. I want to watch what i missed. 

Seeing instagram now makes me dizzy. Too much posts from the 2.5 hours show. Idk which one i should higlight to translate first xD

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@Anjalifairy He replayed 4 based on what fans said (looooool, how could they), but I think commented on the fact, that he don’t think the hand is his. And he was right lol The guy don’t know his own head, but at least knows he hands xD 

@Anjalifairy @ivanovie25 
But it’s so entertaining to watch him getting pressed lmfao Probably that’s shy staff always make him do things under time restrictions xD Because they know he is more of slow, relaxed thinker and spends most of his precious time panicking :Megalol:

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@Anjalifairy well, minus the monologue and the interview :) The total time of the FM is around 2.5 hours because it started on time at 15.00 and ended around 17.20 or 25


Lol! That park sae royi's hair..well actually i kinda hesitated between 2 and 4 lol! *run and hide


I think Lee Young Joon's suit game is also difficult..so many pictures lol! I love seeing his panic eyes lol! Surprised he could spot 4 out of 5 :)


I was surprised too @Gisell Gisell that he run the show by himself..he said it's a special time right? So he wanted to be more personal i guess..


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@serenilmauve @ivanovie25 Yeayea.. he did say that about his hands. I guessed it right bcs no matter how many people follow the hairstyle, his chestnut hair has like the distinctive shape if you know what i mean that others don't. Like others are more flat while his is sharper (?) Idk how to explain it :lol:


That Park Seojun monologue was good too. Happy i could see his acting after a while even just for a short moment.  Too many good moments to discuss.. :winkx:

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@Anjalifairy Yes, I think I know what you mean!;))



Park Seo Joon Reflects On His Filmography + Celebrity Friends Congratulate Him On 10th Debut Anniversary

Park Seo Joon Reflects On His Filmography + Celebrity Friends Congratulate Him On 10th Debut Anniversary

On May 15, Park Seo Joon held an online fan meeting “Park Seo Joon, Comma” through KakaoTV to celebrate his 10th debut anniversary.

The actor said, “When I looked back on the time between now and when I first started acting, somehow it had already been 10 years. There were happy times, fun times, and difficult times. I think that I was able to come this far without any major struggles because of the love and support sent from my fans. I want to share my sincere gratitude with them.”

Reflecting on his filmography, Park Seo Joon said, “‘Dream High 2‘ could be said to be my official debut. I remember that I was so embarrassed that I watched the first episode curled up alone in my room. I think that at that time in my life, I was always nervous.” The actor also talked about his work as a “Music Bank” MC, as well as his film “The Beauty Inside” and hit dramas like “She Was Pretty,” “Hwarang,” and “Fight for My Way.”

He said, “I had the honor of winning the newcomer award at the Grand Bell Awards [through ‘Midnight Runners‘]. That’s why it’s precious to me among my many projects. After that, I chose the romantic comedy ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.’ I chose it with the mindset of wanting to do the ideal rom-com.”

He went on, “I think that it would be difficult for me to return to those times. I’ve always given it my all, to the point where I’ve thought that if I went back, I’m not sure if I could show that same kind of acting.” Asked to pick his “life-changing character,” he said, “All the characters and projects are dear to me, so I can’t pick just one.” His fans, however, chose Go Dong Man from “Fight for My Way” through votes in advance of the fan meeting.

About “Itaewon Class,” Park Seo Joon said, “Park Sae Roy’s hair and clothes became a hot topic. Even before it started, I wondered, ‘Would people copy this chestnut hair style?’ Hairstyle is very important for men. I chose the style because I thought I could pull it off. It felt strange because so many people loved it. External styling is important for acting projects, so please look forward to my transformations in upcoming projects as well.”

He continued, “All my projects are dear to me, but I remember I had a lot of thoughts after the end of ‘Itaewon Class.’ I changed a lot after meeting the character called ‘Park Sae Roy.’ It’s been a year but I still remember it vividly. He was a very impactful character. A lot of people could understand his life, and he received a lot of love not only from Korean fans but all over the world.”




About his “rom-com master” label, he said, “It’s embarrassing for me to say myself, but a lot of people label me ‘rom-com master’ or ‘rom-com bulldozer.’ I think that it’s because people enjoyed my projects more than because I was really good at it. Of course, I did work hard. I’m not sure what the secret is to the ‘romantic gaze.’ I think that it’s always important to have a good working relationship with one’s co-stars. If you work well together, then you can focus on the situation at hand and look into each other’s eyes to express emotions. I work hard on those aspects. I think that’s why people say that I have a ‘romantic gaze’ or ‘romantic eyes.'”

Several celebrity friends sent in their congratulatory messages for Park Seo Joon on his 10th debut anniversary. This included BTS’s V, who said, “I heard that he had prepared a lot [for this fan meeting]. Don’t get nervous and instead make precious memories with a fluttering heart. Work hard, hwaiting!” Other members of the Wooga family also sent in messages: Park Hyung Sik said, “I hope you will have a good time together,” Choi Woo Shik said, “I spent my 20s with hyung and now that we’re both in our 30s, it feels like we’re maturing together. It’s a great source of strength for me to have hyung by my side.”

Kim Ji Won, Park Seo Joon’s co-star in “Fight for My Way,” said, “I’m glad that I could at least send my congratulations through a video for this meaningful occasion. Just like the title of this fan meeting, ‘Comma,’ I hope that this becomes a place of rest for Park Seo Joon and his fans.” Jung Yu Mi, who worked with Park Seo Joon on “Youn’s Kitchen,” said, “Congratulations on the past 10 years. I’ll be cheering you on for the next 10 years as well. I hope we can meet through a good project someday.”




Credit: https://www.soompi.com/article/1469394wpp/park-seo-joon-reflects-on-his-filmography-thus-far-celebrity-friends-send-congratulations-for-his-10th-debut-anniversary


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