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[Drama 2013] Medical Top Team 메디컬탑팀

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Amazing medical series.  Watch this series after New Heart.  There need to be a sequel to MTT.  The ending is a cliff hanger.  Please producer, writer and cast members of this MTT... get together for MTT 2.  Give viewers a closure and not cliff hanger.
Kwon Sang-Woo / Park Tae-Shin is so gentle in his action and speech.  noticed he has small dainty mouth and when he speaks, one cannot see this teeth.  Wooooo...was distracted by his mouth each time he speaks.  

Kim Ki-Bang / Jung Hoon-Min with his beard all round is a distraction as well. He looks macho but with a gentle heart.
Alex / Bae Sang-Kyu looks scared...scared to commit or get too attached to MTT probably because of his uncle. But I so like how he stood up for MTT to his uncle (Ahn Nae-Sang / Jang Yong-Seob).  Also he is so caring over KKB / JHM.  I would say JHM and BSK are my OTP in MTT.  They care for each other in their ways.  They encourage each other and stood beside each other. No showy showy style but very gentle.
Ju Ji-Hoon / Han Seung-Jae...took me a long while to like him in the series.  Find him too cold, too strict to the rule, cannot bend over for survival of patients, everything has to be his way and not the survival of patients.  Towards the end, he was able to change probably due to the loss of his mother and also due to the pairing of Park and Choi thus leaving him with assurance that Park is not interested in Seo.  Every time Han goes looking for Seo, she is with Park and they seem so cosy in discussion and laughing away.  Hardly see Seo laughing away with Han.
All in all...this is a drama where the pairing are WOW... A gentle series with full impact.  If only the final episode brings a closure...this would have been an ultimatum series.

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