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[Movie 2013] Catch Me 캐치미

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Only You BTS Pics Today


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fr Joo Won DC

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class="entry-title"Joo Won, Kim A-joong’s Romcom to Hit Theaters in December Posted on 2013/08/23 by Lee Eun Ah in FILM with 0 Comments

Joo Won

A still image of Korean actor Joo Won in his KBS medical drama “Good Doctor.” [KBS]

Kim A-joong

Korean actress Kim A-joong [TenAsia/Chae Ki-won]


Korean actors Joo Won and Kim A-joong’s film is set to open at the end of this year.

The film, tentatively titled “Only You,” recently cranked up and is set to hit Korean theaters in December, Kim’s agency Namoo Actors said through a press release on Friday.

Actress Kim showed her gratitude toward her scene partner Joo Won by saying, “He must have been tired and busy but he never showed it and always made the shooting delightful so I thank him for that.”

Joo Won and Kim are a police officer and a burglar, respectively, who fall in love during their cat-and-mouse chase in the romantic comedy film.

The film will be Joo Won’s third big screen feature following his previous films “S.I.U” (2011) and “Don’t Click” (2012). His new KBS medical drama “Good Doctor” has been on the top of Monday and Tuesday primetime drama charts since its premiere on August 5.

Kim, who shot to stardom through her romcom “200 Pounds Beauty” (2006), last starred in romantic film “Whatcha Wearin” (2012) opposite actor Ji Sung.

Reporter. Eun Ah Lee domino@tenasia.co.kr
Photographer. Chae Ki Won
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of KBS

<ⓒ Korea Entertainment Media Co., LTD. (www.tenasia.com) All rights reserved.>

from tenasia

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Kim Ah-joong and Joo Won in "Catch Me"
Source | 2013/10/14 | photo360341.jpg
Actress Kim Ah-joong and actor Joo Won are starring in the movie "Catch Me" which will be released in December."Catch Me" is about an elite profiler Lee Ho-tae (Joo Won) who meets his first love turned thief, Yoon Jin-sook (Kim Ah-joong).This movie is suitable for all ages from teens to the middle-aged and it is highly expected what will be created out of Kim Ah-joong and Joo Won."Catch Me" is being released this December.

Source : news.sportsseoul.com/... ( English )

posted by @jjsweeter0211 at Joo Won thread

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Joo-won and Kim Ah-joong’s new rom-com Catch Meby girlfriday | November 4, 2013CatchMe1.jpg

Sometimes I wonder if Joo-won cloned himself, because he’s in so many things that I often don’t know when he could’ve possibly filmed half of his projects. I had nearly forgotten about this one, a cops-and-robbers romantic comedy movie called Catch Me(previously called Only You), co-starring Kim Ah-joong (My P.S. Partner). The production released the first batch of stills, and it looks like light and fun romance with cop hijinks… which okay, is sort of like that one drama that shall not be named, but you know, better!

Joo-won stars as a detective, which is pretty familiar territory for him. His character specializes in profiling, and he takes on a case involving an infamous cat burglar. Kim Ah-joong plays his ex-girlfriend, and their sweet first love romance runs the whole gamut of embarrassing couple t-shirts and promises of forever made at Namsan Tower. Only… when they reunite much later, she’s the cat burglar he’s trying to catch. How much he knows about her and vice versa when they meet again, I don’t know. But that, I’d wager, is the fun.

Joo-won said in an interview about working with his co-star: “I learned a lot working with rom-com queen Ah-joong noona, and we had fun filming. Noona gave me lots of help, and we looked out for one another during the shoot.” Kim Ah-joong: “Joo-won-sshi has mature sides too, and he’s so tall that when I’m standing next to him, he feels like an oppa. We relied on each other without having to say the words, and I think we fit well together.”

Catch Me is gearing up for a December premiere.
















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Hello everyone  :-h I'm so excited to watch this movie. the storyline is interesting and I also love the leads.  :) Hope they can sub this in English fastly once it's release..

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Teaser and posters for chase rom-com Catch MeCatchMe20.jpg

Hee, I like the poster concept for Joo-won and Kim Ah-joong’s new romantic comedy movie Catch Me. There’s just inherent comedy in Joo-won grabbing Kim Ah-joong’s ankle to catch her; sure he’s the cop chasing the cat burglar, but it also has the double meaning of him being the clingy one in the relationship who holds her back. She looks adorably miffed in her poster after being caught, but I suspect she’ll be the one holding the cards in this relationship.

Kim Ah-joong and Joo-won star in the cops-and-robbers rom-com as a couple that splits up and reunites ten years after their relationship. But in that time Joo-won has become a detective and an expert profiler with a perfect record, and Kim Ah-joong has become a legendary thief of cultural artifacts who never misses her target and never leaves behind any trace that she was ever there. As first loves reunite, she’ll end up the prime suspect in a robbery case he’s trying to solve. He’ll chase, be chased, and get so turned around he doesn’t know what’s what.

The teaser opens with Joo-won’s introduction of the legendary calculating thief he’s trying to catch, and cuts to him asking his girlfriend sweetly if she’s eaten dinner. Her answer: “I’ll eat lots of rice with beans when I get there anyway.” [Rice with beans = prison food.] Hur. Then it’s Kim Ah-joong’s turn to introduce Joo-won as the ice-cold profiler who graduated the police academy at the top of his class, and has model good looks to boot. Cue string of slapstick gags for the not-so-perfect cop on the case. Kim Ah-joong: “Can you catch me?” Joo-won: “Can you run from me?” Maybe, but who’d wanna?

Catch Me hits theaters December 12.












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"Catch Me" the most wanted movie for Christmas

Source | 2013/12/22 | 1201 views | Permalink | 3 CommentsShare on reddit


The movie "Catch Me" is the most wanted movie for 3 weeks in a row and the most wanted movie on Christmas Day.

Perfect profiler Lee Ho-tae (Joo Won) goes after his first love and legendary thief Yoon Jin-sook (Kim Ah-joong). This movie has been chosen as the most wanted movie for couples on Christmas Day.

"Catch Me" beat "The Attorney""Way Back Home""The Suspect" and other Korean movies. It ranked first place in almost all surveys conducted by Max Movies.

Meanwhile, "Catch Me" has been a great hit with the audience and favorable remarks are flowing all around SNS about it.

Source : star.mbn.co.kr/view.p...

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Kim Ah-joong Steals Audiences' Hearts in New Romantic Comedy

Source | 2014/01/18 | 738 views | Permalink | 0 CommentsShare on reddit


The romantic comedy "Catch Me" hit local theaters last month at around the same time as two highly anticipated films, "Way Back Home" starring Jeon Do-yeon and "The Attorney" starring Song Kang-ho

Although it has a different target audience, many critics assumed it would be overshadowed by the two higher-profile flicks. But leading actress Kim Ah-joong has helped raise its stature and drum up box-office receipts with her strong performance and good looks.

When asked to reveal her secret to keeping in shape, she said, "I work out hard and often go on a diet for one or two months before shooting a film. During production, I always try to eat well to maintain my strength and keep fit".

The film deals with the story of an elite cop, played by Joo Won, and the wily thief he is pursuing. Kim, who has already starred in several romantic comedies, said her thoughts about love and relationships have matured along with her acting career.

"It's a shame that I only experience the feeling of love through the characters I play", she said. "These days, it's hard to meet someone special, and there's no man in my life right now".

"As I have worked with many male actors, my thoughts about love have changed quite a bit. I want to meet a man who I have a lot in common with. I want someone who is like a friend, who I can watch a movie with and enjoy talking about it for hours afterwards", said Kim. 

Asked if she is interested in working in different genres, she said, "Each movie has its own characters and story. There's no reason to reject a romantic comedy just because I have already worked on similar projects before. But I would like to try my hand at a human drama, melodrama, or even a thriller. After playing a mysterious thief in this movie, I think I could try the role of a villain or something more suspenseful".

Kim said she hopes to increase her filmography by her mid-30s while also stepping across genres.

Source : english.chosun.com/si...

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Lotte Sells Steal My Heart

South Korea’s Lotte Entertainment has announced a raft of sales on Steal My Heart and Hot Young Bloods ahead of the European Film Market.

Directed by Lee Hyun-jong, romance Steal My Heartstars Kim A-joong from 200 Pounds Beauty and Joo Won from TV series such as Good Doctor and 7th Grade Servant as well as film including Don’t Click and S.I.U.

Joo plays a top profiler while Kim plays a famed thief he is trying to catch.

The film has sold to Japan (Klockworx), Taiwan (AV-Jet), Mongolia (Taewang Sangsa XXK), and Vietnam (Lotte Cinema Vietnam).


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Just watched the movie yesterday and I am so much caught in the Atmosphere !! 
I like how it is so simple not complicated and transparent !!  
because It is showing how can a sincere and pure love story be existing in between 2 of the smartest people who would calculate every single move and think in details about everything ,, but their love is so pure , innocent and sincere ..  Love makes them so childish and be soft hearted people  ..
The movie is a good choice to watch when you seek something to enjoy watching with your friends , family , or alone .. you would like it because it has a romantic and comedy love story , funny scenes ,, many reflection from the real life in a sweet way .. 

Thanks for the one who makes this FMV ! I like it so much .. and I am so much absorbed in this Song !! 

my comment on YT , when I saw the video and just finished watching the movie ..
Kim Nana ; Simple love story .. but the movie has a strong impact , will keep you attached to their sweet love story and reunion after 10 years !! many things are possible in our life and someone may find him/herself in their shoes .. you would be wondering the same question ! should I say that I love her/ him again ?? 

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