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[Movie 2013] Catch Me 캐치미

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Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong begin testing out their chemistry in upcoming movie 'Only You'


Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong showed their chemistry as the perfect couple while filming their upcoming movie, 'Only You'!


Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong began filming last month, and a new still cut released shows the pair looking at something or someone with curiosity, making fans also curious as to what will happen. JooWon will take on the role of Lee Ho Tae who meets his first love, Yoon Jin Sook (Kim Ah Joong), who he continues to dream about, after a decade and the love story that unfolds.


Kim Ah Joong shared, "In the film, Kim Ah Joong plays the role of Yoon Jin Sook who is a mysterious character who behaves unexpectedly. I am waiting in anticipation for this film which will be sweet and lovely."


Joo Won shared, "We started our first filming in the morning. The weather and atmosphere were both good, and the story is fun, so I think we will continue to have an enjoyable time filming. Please look forward to it."

 'Only You' will hit theaters later this year.

cr: @allkpop

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Kim Ah Joong and Joo Won Mix for ′Only You′

2013-06-18 18:35  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld An So Hyoun
Translation Credit :
 Erika Kim  

Kim Ah Joong and Joo Won have been capturing the hearts of fans with their awesome chemistry.

On June 26, the film Only You, starring the two actors, began shooting.

Only You is a romcom about the love story between Lee Ho Tae (Joo Won) and Yoon Jin Suk (Kim Ah Joong), who meet as detective and suspect.


In a recent still, the two have been showing that anyone out to watch the movie is in for some great chemistry. The still shows a scene in which Lee Ho Tae takes Jin Suk to a pharmacy to get medicine for her cold while taking her to the police station as a hit-and-run suspect.

Kim Ah Joong commented at her first shoot, "I′m looking forward to showing Yoon Jin Suk′s off-the-wall character. I′m expecting the film to be a lovely and fun one."

Joo Won also said, "We started shooting early in the morning, and the weather and mood was all great. I think we′ll continue to have fun because the story is good too. You can look forward to this. Go go, Only You!"

Only You will premiere sometime in the latter half of the year.

Photo credit: Lotte Entertainment

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google translated:

Samora Fans Club Member Gift 'movie chwalyoungjang, rather than catering bapcha shot'

Samora Thanks to the fan's gift was catering.

Samora learn the June 26 afternoon on his Twitter, "This movie fans 'Only You' on the set told me. Catering. Had fed well You can do this will be taken. Everyone the best!'s Pressure," the amiable bapcha with mixed Posts Certificate shots posted.

Samora published in the photos of the car in front of the fans who sent Gonzo and jjikeumyeo Catering is smiling brightly. Samora's Back 'be prepared only Assorted Bob jeokin fan of the posts placard is outstanding.


n addition, numerous gift bags to enjoy delicious food and catering staff with the public and the fans of the figure revealed a deeper appreciation.

Samora shots faced Catering Certification Netizens "Really full of fans Samora Love", "So bright and beautiful authentication forced to let your fans happy", "Samora fans. Rice instead of cars catering real Vat big Thank God," " foursome are filming the drama, I'll be looking forward to it, "was a variety of responses.

Meanwhile, the last on May 26 Joo Kim Ah spent with a romantic comedy movie 'Only You' rush to shoot and drive in early August Hoisting broadcast KBS 2TV 'Good Doctor' starring smiled confirmed. (Photo: Samora Twitter)

[News yen yinarae Reporter]

fr Newsen

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Joo Won was taking a break during Only You shoot yesterday ^^
why i dont feel comfort with fans surrounding his vehicle v_v.. but if i were there, i might be like them as well kkkkkk :P



credit pics: DC JooWon Gallery

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I thought this is from the drama filming but when I google translate the DC post, it says its from Only You movie filming. Hope google translate is not mistaken,

fr Joo Won DC

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fr Namooactors 2004

With tweet: 

[#김아중] 영화 '온리유' 촬영장에 반가운 손님들이 오셨어요! 연합 팬덤 코코앙(코코아+앙갤)여러분 덕분에 시원한 팥빙수와 맛있는 커피 그리고 과일도시락 등등 배불리 먹었어요~감사드려요! 힘이 납니다아아아~

Google translate:

 [# Kim Ah] movie 'Only You' welcome guests Been on the set! Coconut en fandom Union (Cocoa + anggael) patbingsu you cool thanks to the delicious coffee and fruit and ate lunch so baebulri ~ Thanks! This will force ahh ~

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