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  1. Someone in IG said that the deleted kiss scene should have been for ep2. If this is true, no wonder it got deleted. It didn't make sense to put it there.
  2. Please don't make us hope if you'll just give us bad news! Huhu... https://fx.weico.net/share/48133560.html?weibo_id=4316073739745143
  3. No news yet. We are still waiting for hints about s3. Rumors are everywhere but still hoping they will get everyone. Apparently there is a bit of conflict going on with the actor's agency and EL's production team, which is actually scary. Hopefully they will resolve it soon.
  4. LOL... This drama lacks logic anyway. Anything works, might as well bring closure for 1st prince. He's such a pitiful character. Died, then went insane. I hope S3 is better for him.
  5. True. I was like OMG don't do it! during the Beauty episode. LOL... Such hardcore fans... Just wondering how they are going to give him closure because for him to have closure, they need 2 Tan Ers. But one cannot survive with the other around. Unless they invent twins?
  6. Truth be told, I was suspicious as to why CYW has been appearing promotions lately, like the fan meeting, variety shows, etc. I thought that maybe they are trying to attract some interest in him. I didn't know that it is for S3. I like him as LS. But as Cheng Cheng? Noooo.... XZL is appropriately for the role because he looks manly at his age. CYW looks scrawny, no offense. He's obviously too young for a worldly male lead role like MLC.
  7. Sigh. Might as well assume that S2 is the last season, because frankly, the only reason I continued watching EL is because they got the original cast on board. If they change the lead, then why call it EL? Using a mask as an excuse to change the lead isn't going to cut it. I'd rather they make an alternative ending like than thinking us stupid enough to believe that Cheng Cheng's face changed because of.... (insert excuse). So sad.
  8. I saw the Beauty episode, and clearly, LJ is uncomfortable with CYW. Not sure if it's because he is too young (well, 4 years is not that big a gap, but still) for her or it's because it is the first time for them to act in EL as leads. LJ and XZL are so comfortable already with each other, having done 2 seasons already. Also, I think that IF they do get CYW, they need to explain big time how on earth he got that face. I don't think I can accept that wearing a mask excuse, because frankly, that's too awkward.
  9. Agree. But, isn't EL about MLC and QXT? If they tell Yu Er's story, then it veers away from the original storyline. I was watching S1, and realized that the ending of S1 is probably more in tune with S3 than in S2. The way it ended is more appropriate if they both returned from a time that they remember each other, and unlike S2 where he went to the modern times and met a totally clueless Tan Er.
  10. Still nothing. Looks like they will be relying on Viki's translations now.
  11. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it was supposed to be an alternative ending too. Not sure who mentioned it before, but i agree with you. It could have been an alternate ending, but since the reception is good, they decided to continue on with S3. I'm curious as to how it would have ended. Did they return to Dong Yue or the modern world? Cheng is still wearing modern clothes, but Xiao Tan is wearing Dong Yue clothes. Did time go back to the beginning then?? So curious... Somebody write a fanfiction please!
  12. You actually have a point there. But JW fought those guards in ep1 repeatedly, but didn't die. So if they get killed by a real player, it will kill you by what you mentioned earlier. In the preview, he's not wounded, only when they have their lens on will they be able to see what happened to the guy. Now that's creepy.
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