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[Variety] Our Neighborhood Variety Sports (우리동네 예체능)

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Man that soccer team is pretty much FC Men team. Lee Jung better not be the goalie cause he was ehh on DT. KHD is a sneaky player from the times they used to play on 1N2D. Roh Ji Hoon in goal would have been nice. Dong Joon would have been good too.

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i am waaaay too happy when i read the news this morning~ ♥ super stoked,almost to tears~ LOL~  <:-P i half expected doojoon or goo ja myung to participate since doojoon is the honorary ambassador of the k-league now PLUS the seo ji suk and his FCmen connection~ but the news of gikwang is a total BONUS   :x  
haha my prediction is,noh ji hoon will be added later if no one on the team can be a good GK keke~ looking at how theres no KBS gagmen at all in the line up,i am guessing that at some point,they will hav a match against the gagmen team~ 

back to this epi,i am happy to see kim hyuk back~ its sad that none of the girls nor changmin could b there~ sadder is that LSG-eun is mosaiced on the highlights vids T_T the karaoke battle is so FUNNY =)) the unexpected result bcoz everything is done by the karaoke maschine is just hilarious! they cant even protest the result! :))
and yaaaaaaaaaaaay BOOOMI!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ i wonder if any of the basketball guys will get their revenge on that coach that bullied them on coach before~ haha~ now i am wishing changmin is there,to at least get an opportunity to give the guy some pain~ 

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^ I think you would faint if Leo from VIXX came aboard. ;)) but yeah, I hope Roh Ji Hoon joins cuz Lee Jung looked less than inspiring as GK from what I've seen of him the past couple weeks on DT. heck, even Han Min Gwan looked decent as goalie & wouldn't mind him on the team either. But like you said, HMG will prolly be on the opposing gag con team. I'm looking forward to the 1-2 scoring duo of strikers Kikwang and Ja Myung. \:D/

haha, yeah I bet quite a few peeps want to get their hands on coach Suk Joo Il. :)) Like you said too bad Changmin isn't gonna be around to exact his revenge lol...hey, guess this Suk Joo Il must have some TKD background in addition to basketball to be invited right? :-?  He's the same height as Julian, so I figured they might square off against each other but predictably, in the teaser Julian was going against the other hapa weigook in Fabian.

Who was the one who busted up Seo Ji Suk? :-/ It looked like Yoon Hyung Bin right? dayum, maybe homie really was a hyakko jjang after all. :P The preview made it seem all dramatic & traumatic but I bet SJS just got a bloody nose in the end -- I didn't see any news reports saying SJS was badly hurt or anything. I gotta give credit to SJS tho' cuz he goes all out in basketball, soccer and now TKD & doesn't shirk away from contact even tho' he makes his living with his face. :)>- Altho' his manager must cringe every time hehe.

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Yeah it was Yoon Hyung Bin vs SJS in the teaser. I think he just took a swift kick to the nose that turned it all red. It's just a 10 man roster so far right that they've announced? So that means they are going to be playing 7 on 7 or 8 on 8 matches with 2-3 subs.

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xman150 said: Ill skip talking about this episode cause it was just them talking and singing for prizes. The teaser however was pretty telling. They continue with TKD next week with a celebrity team challenging. From who I could recognize it consisted of, Yoon Hyung Bin, Tae Mi, the angry bulldogish coach from the basketball series (forgot his name), and Bomi from A Pink. The gray haired guy, the foreigner, and the girl next to Tae Mi also look familiar but I don't know their names. We also get to see SJS do some point fighting as well. It also looks like he gets busted open as they show him bleeding around the nose.

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ok, I remember that chick now that was in the screencap holding Jong Jung Chul's son -- her & Taemi were on the Lunar New Year Chicken fight special! *doh*  Her name is Song Ga yeon and she's a Road FC ring girl who trained to become an MMA fighter. She's pretty damn fine too. :x I wouldn't mind rolling with her on the mat that's for sure. :D She's also supposed to be on that new SBS Roommates show with Bommie, Nana, etc.



poor Han Min Gwan here at 0:54 mark getting his leg butchered by a low kick on Cultwo's Veranda show :))

The old dude with the gray hair is former TKD champion turned actor, Lee Dong Joon...so yeah, I'll say CKOTB have their work cut out for 'em in tomorrow's ep. SJS might not be the only one who gets roughed up. b-(  This dude is no spring chicken but he still looks in hella good shape for being 57 yrs old! :-O

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it was a pretty fun ep overall & some competitive fights between Cool Kiz and the celeb squad. There were 6 rounds with the following match ups. 1) Tae Mi vs Feeldog 2) Bomi vs Kim Yeon Woo 3) Song Ga Yeon vs Park Ji Hae 4) Jung Ji Soo vs Kim Hyun Jae 5) Yoon Hyung Bin vs Seo Ji Suk 6) Fabian vs Julian Kang with TKD point scoring rules in effect...1 point for contact with chest protector, 2 points for spinning kick to chest, & 3 points for head kicks & the points are cumulative for both teams.


First match: Tae Mi vs Feeldog

This one was lop sided from the get go with Taemi doing whatever she wanted but late in the 2nd round, Feeldog caught Taemi flush on the jaw with a kick and she was really doozy and even received a standing 8 count. :-O  She recovered to win on points pretty handily 32-17 but she was lucky to have recovered there.

Second match: Yoon Bomi vs Kim Yeon Woo

Bomi took this one 13-7. Bomi's so cute with her kiyap. Kim Yeon Woo lost this cuz he just couldn't raise his leg high enuff to score points to the head lol...he did manage to score one head kick towards the end but Bomi said that was a gift haha...she was my MVP this ep. :D


Third match: Song Ga Yeon vs Park Ji Hae

Song Ga Yeon had difficulty adapting her MMA kickboxing technique with the point scoring TKD style. She couldn't close the gap to Park Ji Hae who was scoring at will to the head of Song Ga Yeon. Song Ga Yeon grew visibly frustrated and was even warned for an illegal use of her arm to hold an opponent. Park Ji Hae took this 20-9. Song Ga Yeon struggled but I enjoyed her judo toss & transition to an arm bar on Kim Yeon Woo during her intro...altho' I'm sure that Kim Yeon Woo enjoyed it more. :P


Fourth match: Jung Ji Soo vs Kim Hyun Jae

This one started off on the wrong foot - literally...with Jung Ji Soo receiving a kick to the face and eye area in the opening seconds. He started crying and the match was postponed while everyone tried to console Jung Ji Soo & give him time to recover. Altho' I suspect he was overdoing it to receive some TLC from Bomi...hey, wouldn't you if you were in his shoes? ;) The match finally continued with Kim Hyun Jae victorious 28-17. Kim Hyun Jae really said the right things after their match and he impressed me with his maturity. His parents obviously have raised him well. =D> Jung Ji Soo's mom got emotional addressing her son with her love and support after his match and had everyone teary eyed including Bomi. :(( His sister seemed more interested in wrestling the mic away tho' :))


Fifth match: Yoon Hyung Bin vs Seo Ji Suk

This one was a defensive battle with both struggling to score points. SJS finally took his coach's advice to use his jumping ability to land a flying kick but Yoon Hyung Bin was too much the aggressor in the end to win 12-7. Seo Ji Suk took a kick right to the bridge of the nose and he admitted he teared up (a mix of tears, runny nose and bloody nose lol) & was momentarily stunned from the blow.


Sixth match: Fabian vs Julian Kang

Just a size mismatch as Julian was able to impose his superior length to his advantage. Fabian could never close the gap or overcome the distance. Julian wins 16-5. Julian was the boss during the match but he was lost trying to follow the referee's instructions to face his opponent after the break. :))

so the final tally had CKOTB winning by an overall score of 95-88.


Next week is CKOTB soccer team taking on some high schoolers. It looks KHD was the goalie and was getting wrecked by that high school team. #-o


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@bulgogi88 thanks for doing that, saves me the time of recapping all the scores and such.

Kinda sad for Feeldog that this was the last TKD episode. He was actually doing good here compared to when he was doing Badminton. Same with Julian. Too bad he doesn't play soccer, he would have been a good defender or goalie with his height and power.

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^ well, it's only for this week...I'll hand back the "spoiler" duties to you for the soccer eps. :)>-

yep, gonna especially miss Julian. He's such a competitor & yeah, I'm surprised too that he's not returning for the soccer ones. Just from the looks of the teaser for next week, Julian would already be an upgrade over KHD as GK even if Julian never played soccer in his life. :P Gonna miss Feeldog too...dayum, kid almost came thru with an upset for the ages on today's ep. Tbh, he couldn't have done any worse in TKD than he did in badminton. ;))

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Idk if they ever mentioned it on DT, but I was surprised that TaeMi is only 23. I thought she was much older than than..lol. Too bad we didn't get to see the basketball coach didn't get a go. I would think KHD would fight in the spirit of Changmin.

I just realized that if LSG was still on the show, TKD and Soccer would have been perfect for him.

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xman150 said: Idk if they ever mentioned it on DT, but I was surprised that TaeMi is only 23. I thought she was much older than than..lol. Too bad we didn't get to see the basketball coach didn't get a go. I would think KHD would fight in the spirit of Changmin.

I just realized that if LSG was still on the show, TKD and Soccer would have been perfect for him.

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wait is this really the end of TKD? no goodbyes or anything? no last interview nothing? 
and @bulgogi88 nope that is not the housewife that wants to beat her hubby XD haha that housewife doesnt know TKD at all~ park ji hye hav been doing TKD for years but stopped bcoz she got married+kids~
i totally agree with @xman150 that TKD and soccer would be so perfect with LSGn~ soccer especially!! he is good! the line up would def b different with LSGn in the team~ i thought lee young pyo came as their coach but he is playing?? haha 
and they added lee deok hwa as well as their manager? director? 

theres heres some BTS clips~ http://tvcast.naver.com/v/129385/list/12231
http://tvcast.naver.com/v/141211/list/13347 <--almost full version of john park's karaoke song LOL~ they fastfwd his rapping,still the clip is 3mins LOL

the channel is relatively new so i guess this just started on TKD T_T i want something frm the basketball team! 

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ah ok, yeah I kinda thought that Park Ji Hye was too good for just being a beginner lol...maybe I thought she was just a quick learner. :)) I think she would've been a better match up for Taemi. They can still have Lee Soo Geun but all you would see is a mosaic on your screen kicking the ball. =))

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