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[Variety] Our Neighborhood Variety Sports (우리동네 예체능)

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cr. team_coach

@TEAM_COACH INSTAGRAM UPDATE:'#groupphoto #coolkidsontheblock #footballspecial#hongkyungmin football king at the army.#Baro the #B1A4 member that enjoys football/soccer.#samokyere from Ghana I'm in a good mood becayse I met some celebrities with good manners.And the fun shoot was entertaining.
#joykick #joykicksports#ageneration #footballgeneration #soccer 'TRANSLATION © TO ME, @OFFICIAL_B1A4 PLEASE GIVE CREDIT IF YOU TAKE

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Kang Ho Dong And Ahn Jung Hwan Compete To See Who’s Stronger
[by Sora Ghim] An exciting match to see who has the stronger thigh strength will be shown on ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports.’

The eighth sport on the show will begin on the upcoming episode on January 27. Featuring Kang Ho Dong, Jung Hyung Don, Yang Sang Gook, and new members Ahn Jung Hwan, Hong Kyung Min, Lee Kyu Han, Sam Ochiri, and Baro, this new team will play jokgu.

The members went through a series of tests to assess their strengths. During the thigh power test, Ahn Jung Hwan and Kang Ho Dong made it to the finals, beating Jung Hyung Dong and Lee Kyu Han repectively.

Sprouting nonsense such as, “I aged a lot. My thighs are shaking,” Kang Ho Dong’s gaze changed when he got ready to face Ahn Jung Hwan. To Jung Hyung Dong, Ahn Jung Hwan joked, “You really have no strength. How did you make a baby?” Ahn Jung Hwan also removed his smile from his face as he prepared to go against Kang Ho Dong. Refereeing this match was Lee Kyu Han who commented, “It’s more nerve-wracking to put my fist in between these two’s legs,” bringing laughter.

Who will be the winner of this match? Once the strongest man in South Korea or the 2002 World Cup semi-final soccer star? As anticipation rises, the jokgu segment of the show begins.

Meanwhile, this episode will air on January 27. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)



Ahn Jung Hwan Is On Another Level Of Spirit


by Sora Ghim] The start of KBS 2TV show ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’ eighth sport, jokgu, is on another scale.

On the episode to air tonight (January 27), the Variety sports team will introduce the Korean sport and its new members. In addition to the continuing members Kang Ho Dong, Jung Hyung Dong, and Yang Sang Gook is Ahn Jung Hwan, Hong Kyung Min, Lee Kyu Han, Sam Okyere, and Baro.

Soccer player Ahn Jung Hwan gained attention during jokgu practice. Looking at the sky, Ahn Jung Hwan jumps up and kicks the ball to the other side of the net for a strong powerful kick. Using a soccer technique, he showcased his natural talent with his shooting, surprising everyone and proving his status as a national player. Afterwards, he nonchalantly states, “I used to kick a ball around when I was younger.”

What really caught attention thought what his fierce ‘fighting’ pose. Always doing a shy ‘fighting’ Ahn Jung Hwan showed the spirit during his professional days, bringing up all his energy to shouting “fighting” towards the sky. He earned applause from the members.

Meanwhile, this episode will air on January 27. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)


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2 episode featured friend


-Kim Byung-Ji ( EX -NATIONAL GOALKEEPER come as kang hodong's friend ) - sam Hammington - (ohchwiri) - Yoo Min Soo - Kim Ki Bang - Cha Tae Hyun (hong kyungmin) -JUNGHWAN(ROSES MOTEL)


episode 92 150210


same cafe cth  time invited jo insung to 1n2d ??


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Kang Ho Dong-Ahn Jung Hwan-Yoon Min Soo Trip Over The Net

[by Sora Ghim] Unable to hide their passion for jokgu (Korean foot volleyball), Kang Ho Dong, Ahn Jung Hwan, and Yoon Min Soo get caught in the net, trip and fall, and roll, showing a 3-stage embarrassment set, bringing laughter.

For the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV show ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’ Kang Ho Dong-Kim Byung Ji, Ahn Jung Hwan-Yoo Min Soo, Baro-Yook Joong Wan, Yang Sang Guk were one team while Jung Hyung Don, Cha Tae Hyun-Hong Kyung Min, Sam Okyere-Sam Hammington, Lee Kyu Han-Kim Ki Bang were the other, starting the ‘Welcome to Jokgu Training.’

Thanks to their great passion for the sport, Kang Ho Dong, Ahn Jung Hwan, and Yoon Min Soo showed body gags, bringing laughter. Showing ‘mouth jokgu’ by talking a lot, Kang Ho Dong ran towards the ball, only to end up caught in the net and falling over. Following up was Yoon Min Soo, whose heading made him trip over the net. He flapped his hands trying to break his fall, causing laughter with his visual.

Shortly after, Ahn Jung Hwan got competitive after seeing his friend Yoon Min Soo’s mistake. However, even the trustworthy Ahn Jung Hwan couldn’t prevent embarrassing himself. Missing the ball and falling over, Kim Byung Jin teased Ahn Jung Hwan’s fall saying, “It seems like it’ll hurt more than a car accident.” Caster Lee Ho Geun followed up with, “Can you not get up because it hurts? Or because you’re embarrassed,” hitting Ahn Jung Hwan where it hurts. Shouting back, Ahn Jung Hwan cutely yells, “It’s because I’m embarrassed!”

Meanwhile, to see how the jokgu training will go, ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’ airs on February 10 at night. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)

Cha Tae Hyun Becomes ‘Chanaldo’
[by Sora Ghim] Kang Ho Dong and Cha Tae Hyun came together for jokgu, creating ‘Our Neighborhood 1 Night 2 Days.’

For the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV show ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports,’ the members are separated into two teams to begin the jokgu training session. Playing in pairs, the two teams compete to see who the best jokgu player is.

Among the guests and members, past ‘1 Night 2 Days’ member Kang Ho Dong and current ‘1 Night 2 Days’ member Cha Tae Hyun caught attention. As soon as Kang Ho Dong saw Cha Tae Hyun, he shouted out ‘Our Neighborhood 1 Night 2 Days,’ before bursting out into laughter. In the previews for this episode, Cha Tae Hyun was said to be the king of jokgu, raising interest at his skills.

With his swift agility and skillful receives, he even made Ahn Jung Hwan nervous, letting known of the arrival of a new ace. Jung Hyung Don remarked, “He’s Chanaldo, Chanaldo,” taking Cristiano Ronaldo’s name and combining the two together.

Meanwhile, part one of the ‘Welcome to Jokgu Training’ will air on February 10. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)

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Park Sumin twitter  

#홍경민 #차태현 #정형돈 #이규한 형들과 비오는 북한산등반!바람쐬고 싶었는데 남자5명이서 클럽HOT마냥 똑같은 우비입고 빗소리에등산좋네^^지나가는사람들이 계속물어봄.무한도전 촬영인지 1박2일인지.. 
cr. smkku
Park Sumin (who's been a backup dancer and friends with HKM for a long time) with Hong Kyungmin, Chae Taehyun, Jung Hyungdon, Lee Kyuhan climbing the Bukhansan.  It was raining so they're wearing white raincoats.  Because there were five of them, it felt like they're H.O.T.  Passing-by people asked if they were shooting for Infinity Challenge or 1N2D.  

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this pic give spoiler for tomorrow epi on kbs2tv(epi 95)  where hyungdon want revenge match and  who lost this match need climbing   ...  from your posted  team hyungdon team lost again .... after they marathon before this time epi featured  friend

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episode 95 150303 kbs2tv

Cha Tae Hyun Insults Kang Ho Dong’s Head Size

[by Sora Ghim] Causing the jokgu fever all throughout the nation, KBS 2TV variety show ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’ held a revenge match between the ‘Jung Hyung Don Team’ and ‘Ahn Jung Hwan Team.’ In the midst of this, Cha Tae Hyun dissed Kang Ho Dong, saying Kang Ho Dong’s team should lose a point because his head is too big.

After losing in the previous ‘best friend jokgu training’ edition and having to complete a marathon, Jung Hyung Don requested a rematch. However, Ahn Jung Hwan stated, “There’s no need for another match I’ll win,” disparaging Jung Hyung Don’s team’s skills and causing Jung Hyung Don to get mad.

During the match, Jung Hyung Don’s team member Cha Tae Hyun commented on Kang Ho Dong’s over-net heading, “His head is too big! They lose a point because his head is big,” while indicating the size of his head.

Ahn Jung Hwan’s team quickly made a comeback with a point, teasing Cha Tae Hyun and partner Hong Kyung Min with, “Is this a ‘shaky friendship?’” and “You should have yelled mine!”

Meanwhile, this episode will air on March 3. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)


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Cha Tae Hyun Regrets Joining ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’
[by Sora Ghim] Actor Cha Tae Hyun joined the jokgu team for KBS 2TV show ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’ where he realized the truth about the 3-day filming.

During the upcoming episode of the show, the rematch between Jung Hyung Don’s team and Ahn Jung Hwan’s team begins. The jokgu king, Cha Tae Hyun stated that filming this was harder than filming ‘1 Night 2 Days,’ bringing attention for his statement.

Following, Cha Tae Hyun became a ‘Variety Sports Give Angel’ for giving up 3 days of his week for filming. Cha Tae Hyun commented, “I joined because they said they filmed only once a week… but in one week, 3 days is ‘Variety Sports.’ Tuesday is practice, Wednesday is filming, and Saturday is punishment filming, it’s very tiring.” He continues, “One month of ‘Variety Sports’ is harder than 3 years of ‘1 Night 2 Days.’”

However, unlike his words, Cha Tae Hyun acted differently from his words, bringing laughter. Cha Tae Hyun’s words were just words and he took seriously to practicing for the revenge match.

Meanwhile, Cha Tae Hyun’s activities during the revenge match can be seen on March 3 at 11:10 PM KST. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)

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Guest turtle_tats

Finally I found the forum on Cool Kiz  :D Im glad Ahn Jung Wan is ok now back and kicking balls again. LOL  :))I can't wait for ep90 

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I just started watching this show this week and still have a lot of catch-up to do.I really enjoy the show since this show and 1n2d season 3 PD are the same.I'm still on their October 2013 episode because I was so hesitant to watch it when I learned about the show early last year.

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BASKETBALL back for celebrate 2nd anniversary this show can see preview on episode 100 150407
basketball special will be airing 21 april on kbs2tv where  focus THIS GAMES  Yonsei TEAM VS Team Korea University

have 3 team for this match
1st team Cool kiz team -: kang hodong -Jung Hyung Don-Sam ohchwiri - Kim Hyuk -Park Jin-young, Kim Tae-woo, , Julien Kang, Jeong Jinwoon

2nd team Yonsei TEAM -woojiwon (cool kiz coach) 최희암, 우지원, 김훈, 김택훈

3th Team Korea University 이충희, 이민형, 현주엽, 신기성



FACEBOOK fanpage this show


seo jisuk recruit as new member jokgu team after appear 2 epi 99 & 100 for audition find new member replaced cha tae hyun

seo jisuk earned the nickname as the ‘new jokgu ace.’

[by Sora Ghim] Actor Seo Ji Seok attended the auditions for the ‘Variety Sports’ jokgu team and showed his impressive jokgu skills.

In the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports,’ the match between the ‘Variety Sports’ team and the challenger team will begin. Seo Ji Seok rises as a powerful player with his impregnable defense and strong attack.

He showed a three-set offense, making the ‘Variety Sports’ team nervous. In particular, his kick chilled the set and he proved he was once a track and field star with his fast movements. With his skills, he quickly earned the nickname as the ‘new jokgu ace.’

Meanwhile, to see the match and Seo Ji Seok’s jokgu ability, this episode airs on April 7 at 11:10 PM KST. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)

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hey man, who's excited for the special basketball game next week?! \m/  Korea U vs Yonsei U 20th anniversary game or whateva...I'm just stoked to be able to see Kim Hyuk, Julian & the rest of the gang. Think I even saw KH thrown down in the previews too. :-bd

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here preview https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=609494489186583&set=vb.298645650271470&type=2&theater

2nd anniversary this show + 20th year match between 2 rival Korea university + yonsei unversity

member cool kiz from basketball team with Yonsei university becoz this old team coach Woo Jiwon
 in video can see Seo Jisuk -Kim Hyuk - Park Jin-young Kang Hodong-julien kang

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‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’ Goes Back To 1995


[by Sora Ghim] To celebrate its second year anniversary, ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’ held a special event, ‘Again 1995,’ replaying the annual sports competition between Korea University and Yonsei University.

For the upcoming episode of the KBS 2TV show, the basketball team is reunited for the special. Getting the biggest attention and love out of all the sports, this team invited the basketball legends for the ‘Again 1995’ basketball match.

In particular, the past feelings of nostalgia during the 1995 basketball rage that swept the nation comes back. Under the direction of Choi Hee Am, Yonsei University had Yonsei’s prince, Woo Ji Won, smile shooter Kim Hoon, and tough guy Kim Taek Hoon while Korea University was led by Lee Choong Hee with star players, Shin Ki Sung, all-around athlete Lee Min Hyung, and power forward Hyun Joo Yeob. Currently off the court, these legends are not coaches, supervisors, and commentators. On the ‘Variety Sports’ team is Kang Ho Dong, Jung Hyung Don, Sam Okyere and old basketball members Park Jin Young, Kim Hyuk, Seo Ji Seok, Julian Kang, and Jung Jin Woon.

Meeting on the court after a long time, Woo Ji Won and Hyun Joo Yeob brought laughter with their rivalry. Hyun Joo Yeon remarked about Woo Ji Won, “Aside from his looks, he doesn’t have any presence,” dissing Woo Ji Won’s skills. Woo Ji Won wasn’t fazed and retorted right back, causing laughter.

Meanwhile, the basketball legends special will air on April 14 and 21 for a 2-week special. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)


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beyaruth said:

bulgogi88 said: hey man, who's excited for the special basketball game next week?! \m/  Korea U vs Yonsei U 20th anniversary game or whateva...I'm just stoked to be able to see Kim Hyuk, Julian & the rest of the gang. Think I even saw KH thrown down in the previews too. :-bd
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Park Jin Young Performs The Yonsei University Cheer


by Sora Ghim] The best ever cheerleading squad yet brought Park Jin Young and Jung Hyung Don to their feet.

For the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV show ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports,’ it will continue its ‘Again 1995’ special for its 2-year anniversary. Park Jin Young cheered on his alma mater, Yonsei University with its school cheer while Jung Hyung Don went back and forth between Yonsei University and Korea University. In particular, Park Jin Young stole attention as the nation’s best producer and top dance singer, as he performed the moves to the school’s cheer.

As soon as Yonsei’s song came out, Park Jin Young returned to his twenties, becoming a college student again and performing the choreography and cheer perfectly.

Already familiar to the Yonsei-Korea school cheers, Jung Hyung Don did not sit still. He easily performed both school’s cheers, surprising everyone. Although he is part of Korea University’s team, he participated in the Yonsei University cheer as well, and continued to go back and forth cheering for each team, bringing laughter.

Meanwhile, this episode will air on Tuesday, April 21. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)



Jung Hyung Don Begs For The Coach’s Permission


[by Woorim Ahn] Jung Hyung Don begged Coach Lee Chung Hee.

On the upcoming episode of KBS ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’, ‘Again 1995, Yonsei-Korea Returns’ will air to commemorate the program’s second anniversary.

Since Jung Hyung Don wanted to participate in the game, he showed his charms to the coach. He said, “Can I play for three minutes? No, actually 2 minutes and 30 seconds!” and begged him to play. Then the coach pointed at the empty court and said, “In the court for now.”

Once Jung Hyung Don got a permission to play, he said, “You are the best coach ever” and made the coach smile. What did Genius Jung do in the actual game?

The staff of the program said, “Jung Hyung Don finally could join the game. Whether Genius Jung made great activities in the game, you can check on the program. Please send lots of love and support for ‘Again 1995, Yonsei-Korea Returns’ special.”

Meanwhile, basketball legend special ‘Again 1995’ will air on April 21. (photo by KBS ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’)


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man, so glad that Kim Hyuk brought his A game and got to show his wares this ep. Dude was straight ballin' :-bd  It was pleasure watching this game cuz there was a flow and it was a relatively clean game too ( not a lot of whistles to stop the action) compared to the games that Cool Kiz played earlier. Even KHD & Hyung-don made their shots?! @-)

I was super impressed with Hyun Joo Yeob's interior passing skills; how many times did he hit is man going down the lane with a perfectly timed pass? His baseline spin move on Julian was sweet too. Shin Ki Sung was breaking his defender down off the dribble constantly and his eye contact lob to KH for the alley-oop was a thing of beauty plus he couldn't miss either in the first half. Someone finally woke up Jinwoon & he became a scoring machine in the 2nd half. But yeah, the MVP was definitely KH. He hit the big shots all game & played with his usual flair too. He makes it look easy out there. =D>


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Don't want to just harp on the Yonsei team cuz Korea U team played well too. Woo Ji Won single handedly kept his team in the game in the 2nd half. Julian was beasting as usual in the low post with his offensive rebounding and put backs. I didn't see Seo Jordan do his patented double clutch reverse layup but he did show off his other 'go to' move with the swooping finger roll. That was sweet! :-bd


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