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[Variety] Our Neighborhood Variety Sports (우리동네 예체능)

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Quick Results

Tae Guk Team vs Cool Kiz

Kim Byung Chul vs Kang Ho Dong
Jin Min Gwon vs Feeldog
Son Bum Shik vs Im Hyun Jae
Sung Jung Hwa vs Park Ji Hye
Kim Dong Rak vs Julian
Shin Sung Hwan vs Chansung


Kim Byung Chul 8 (Win Sudden Death)  vs Kang Ho Dong 8

Jin Min Gwon 12 vs Feeldog 20 (W)
Son Bum Shik 25vs Im Hyun Jae 51 (W)
Sung Jung Hwa 17 (W) vs Park Ji Hye 5
Kim Dong Rak 18 (W) vs Julian 5
Shin Sung Hwan 14 (W) vs Chansung 13

Next week breaking. And it looks like the kick breaking is going to be the distance jump kick break like what SJS did at the academy in the previous episode.

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ahhh~~~ the fight between the kids were CUUUTE~~  :x
and they are surprisingly not bad~ the one against julien was so goooood!!! and i am surprised that the chicken restaurant owner is quite good~XD funny that he said that his nose hav gone thru plastic surgery so please be careful of my nose~LOL~ 
i wonder if they are going just for records for the tile breaking competition? like are they going to compete against themselves? or do we hav ppl to compete with em~ i didnt see any in the teasers

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I liked Feeldog's match. His opponent throwing those spinning roundhouse to the head was awesome and seemed to catch Feeldog off guard. Chansung's match was exciting but all his mistakes cost him so much. That tall dude who Julian fought was kind of irritating with his Bruce Lee-esque noises but he totally kicked Julian's butt.

In the teaser it looks like they brought in a different team to do the breaking. Breaking competitions usually are won by the person who breaks the most. As for the kicking I would think that it would be who can go the farthest distance.

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i wanted to see them train together like they always done before~ but i guess thats not happening for taekwando?? 
yeah feeldog's opponent is that chicken restaurant owner! he was good and like john park,i totally thought he is just a gag character but he was surprisingly good~ i do hope we will get to see park ji hye in action nxt time~ i liked her~

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So the breaking competition is total breaks between each team. For the tile break it was measured in tiles broken and the kick break is scored by the amount of pads jumped. Each pad was 10cm each and a base of 150cm and 60cm high. They did 2 rounds for the kick break.


Tile Breaking

Goryeo Team:
Ji Bok Yeon (82 y/o): Palm strike 7 tiles
Heo Eun Ji: Chop strike 5 tiles
Kim Tae Won: 7 tiles

Total: 19 tiles
Cool Kiz Team:
Hoya: 4 tiles
John Park: 7 tiles
Kim Jung Kyup: 9 tiles
Total: 20 tiles

Kick Break
Cool Kiz:
KYW: 4 pads, 7 pads
Kim Na Hyun: 2 pads, 3 pads
SJS: 10 pads, 18 pads

Total: R1: 16 pads    R2:  28 pads

Kim Gwang Seop: 0 pads, 5 pads
Ji Hye Won: 3 pads, 6 pads
Kim Seon Chang: 13 pads, 0 pads (attempted 19 pads)

Total R1: 16 pads  R2: 11 pads

No teaser shown for next week.

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ahahah that guy who came bcoz he wants to stop his wife frm beating him came back~ wife said that he always do things that calls for a beating  XD fortunately for him his father made his wife promised on national TV not to beat him again keke~ 
the 82year old grandma is just awesome!!! ^:)her old record on tile breaking was 10 "after my old man died,i went to do taekwando alone to release my stress and my loneliness~ i can live without my old man but cant live without taekwando" :)) her nickname before was the devil bcoz of kihap scream is that loud ♥ in the interview hoya mentioned that she is twice his age and the screen text says "not twice but three times more than yours" but i think hoya is what,23-24? its almost 4times! 
two of the cool kiz team were injured that day~ hoya injured his wrist on another prog, kim na hyun had ankle injury~
love the improvement frm kim jung kyup! i remembered during the test day that he broke only 1-2 tiles right??? he is totally the team ace now! and of course the highlight of this epi is Seo Jordan and his record! ♥  
and so the last one is apparently an addition bcoz their tile breaking perf wasnt that good~if they cant break 50tiles in 2 rounds,they hav to go thru extra training,which means an average of 8 tiles per person per round is needed~they challenged the staff to do it~ Won Seung Yeon PD came up as the staff representative,he used to serve in the marines XD haha he managed to break 8 tiles =D>,hence the others cant complain~ 

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i wish to see lee jihoon (actor in badminton episode) inthe reunion episode..because i still remember how he work hard to it.. plus he really2 love the cast, and feeling sad to leave the show after badmintons episodes ended. 
but.. i didnt see him in the pic, so i guess he was not invited to join the reunion.? 

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Nice a real sport that a lot of these idols and celebrities are good at. Maybe the competition will be as good as how it was during the basketball series. Hyung Don tho...lol I hope they bring on girl idols on for this series.

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In the reunion pic posted, who's the 4th guy (from left) in top row?From watching John Park in the show, I think he's pretty tall but looking at everyone there, his height seems average compared to most of the guys standing.Oh and is that Feeldog at the bottom left? The one wearing a blue cardigan (?).Too bad Changmin & Lee Sugen isn't part of the reunion celeb. Nice to see Dalhwan :)

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With this being KBS they can also bring on guys from the Gag Con team. I wouldn't mind them picking up the twins or those guys who were on the Dream Team Futsal special.

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Ill skip talking about this episode cause it was just them talking and singing for prizes. The teaser however was pretty telling. They continue with TKD next week with a celebrity team challenging. From who I could recognize it consisted of, Yoon Hyung Bin, Tae Mi, the angry bulldogish coach from the basketball series (forgot his name), and Bomi from A Pink. The gray haired guy, the foreigner, and the girl next to Tae Mi also look familiar but I don't know their names. We also get to see SJS do some point fighting as well. It also looks like he gets busted open as they show him bleeding around the nose.

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Are they allowed to wear black collar uniform with color belt?  I thought it's only for 1st dan black belt and up.
Feels like the KBSW videos on youtube were uploaded very slow lately. 

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