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[Variety] We Got Married Global 우리 결혼했어요 세계판 - 시즌

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so far as we can guess it would be Hwanghee ,  Jinwoo ( invited guests)  AND drum would roll if the PD get Nichkhun to make a cameo - that's would be very smart move for business - lol  !!

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Guest alysa92

babyfat61 said: so far as we can guess it would be Hwanghee ,  Jinwoo ( invited guests)  AND drum would roll if the PD get Nichkhun to make a cameo - that's would be very smart move for business - lol  !!

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Guest sshevolkth


said: Now for photo updates from episode 4~~~! ^^

Hongki + Spicy Pepper = 


Gui gui updated on her weibo that she's in korea watching WGM...


Photo updates on

WGM facebook page


Sneak preview of more wedding photos... a lot of people commented "Kiss her!" in the comments... hahaha!


Gui gui in korea...


Sweet gui gui made the WGM staff tshirt of photos taken with her! so sweet...Caption "

Guigui gave staffs a T shirt. Thank you!"



The Taec-gui couple together~~! People are commenting that they are celebrating the wrap up of the show and that they want more than 15 episodes of the 2 of them together... I agree! Can't believe if its true they finished filming the show already... :'(  But love how they have similar pose~~~


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@ena_teoThank you for making this thread.
I have been wondering why there wasn't a thread for GWGM in Soompi not knowing one was already created LOL.
The show is really good and I am addicted to it right now. LOLI love both couple Taecyeon and Gui Gui have the comedic factor going for them. I am glad Taecyeon was paired with Gui Gui, she brings out something different out of him which I for one love to see. She is so fun and carefree, she is really a ball of sunshine, I don't know how someone could not come to love her.
Bonus: I love to see Gui Gui turn Taecyeon  into mush. She does have him whipped tumblr_mkzwbtxdSJ1qjc63mo1_250.giftumblr_mkzwbtxdSJ1qjc63mo2_250.giftumblr_mkzwbtxdSJ1qjc63mo3_250.giftumblr_mkzwbtxdSJ1qjc63mo4_250.giftumblr_mkzwbtxdSJ1qjc63mo7_250.giftumblr_mkzwbtxdSJ1qjc63mo6_250.gifsource:wonderwatermelon
As for Hong Ki and Mina, they have more of a romantic vibe. Again, here the pairing works, not because they are so different, but because they bring out something different in each other. I have to admit like others I was kind of dreading Hong Ki on the show and was pleasantly surprised by him. 
Bonus: I have come to adore Mina for bringing out the sensitive side of Hong Ki.
Both couple have insane chemistry with each other, but these two Beautiful Ladies with their own unique charms are the ones making the show such a beautiful experience for me.
For that alone, I thank them :x

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Guest sailorenigma

Hey guys, I was wondering what time does the show usually airs? Is this a Sunday show? I really want to watch it live TT.TT Thanks in advance ^^

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@angelangieI think I have a pretty good grasps on the characters of the two male Idols on GWGM, since I follow both groups. Fun Fact: 2PM was my introduction to K-Pop through the Drama Dream High LOL 
source: waitforteuk
Taecyeon is usually a goofball and a dork on variety shows, so I am happy to see his serious and romantic side.Hong Ki I would describe as a lovable diva with a bad boy image, again that is why I am so glad to see his sensitive and romantic side. 
As for the TaecGui couple, they do give in a lot to each other. I think b/c of Gui Gui overt cuteness people tend to disregard the concession she makes for Taec, and how she really tries to make this experience enjoyable for the both of them.
But really I have never laugh so hard while watching these two, nothing seems forced and they are truly funny together. 
tumblr_mljg69w7du1qaavouo3_500.giftumblr_mljg69w7du1qaavouo2_500.giftumblr_mljg69w7du1qaavouo1_500.gifsource: yadongs

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Guest sailorenigma

pripri001 said: hi everyone..lurking Primadonna(FTISLAND fandom) here :-h i can't wait to watch the show tonight :x i love both couples, tho i love HongMina a little bit more :\">

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@angelangieThank you for your insight on Gui Gui it is truly welcome
I agree with you on almost everything you just said about Gui Gui on the show.I will go even further and say that the problem with this couple really isn't Gui Gui, it is Taecyeon.I think right now he still sees this as a show and doesn't let himself go. I love him for being considerate and all but sometimes he ends up being too considerate and makes Gui Gui look bad in comparison.
Another problem they have come from their unabilty to convey their true thoughts to each other b/c of Gui Gui lack of mastery of the English language, I think her handle of it is pretty good compare to some Korean celebrities. But because of this, Taecyeon tends to be even more careful when he speaks to her. That is why I enjoyed their fights, during those you see the sparks, the romantic chemistry so to speak.
source: thelightsgoonagain

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Hey guys! I haven't watched WGM for a long time, last time I watched was Seo Hyun & Yong Hwa. Accidentally stumbled upon WGM Global on Animax and I was just glued to it. I think the choices of couples are just right because in my opinion, they complement each other :) and both couple have chemistry. They are also entertaining and really funny.  :D Can't wait to watch the new eps.

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Guest dancy

@pripri001 Hi, welcome to the forum.  :-h

Today epsiode was so cutie and funny. It was funny how Mina miss spell hair twice . :P Also love how Mina did her song for Hongki. Their wedding photo shoot was so cutie and funny yet lovey at the same time. hehe  

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the cuts are out... ep 5 looks quite entertaining
the alien couple are like two elementary kids playing house and there's sort of fun, childish vibe; not really serious except for the occasional 'this is a bit embarrassing' awareness -- this probably explains why the photographer would have sheep and donkey as part of a wedding concept, as well ..

the squirrel couple are more like two teenagers play acting a drama and there's more awkwardness and self conscious  -- so no sheep or donkey for this couple!

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Guest strawberrypen


Hello new here! but I really love the Taecgui couple ^^ their ep 5 was sweet, fairytale-ish and yet so hilarious and fun. Like I'm watching a rom-com or a shojou manga. I really appreciate Gui Gui's personality. she is really a dork and she brings Taecyeon's surprisingly soft and perfectly human side (I mean taecyeon laughs, gets annoyed, gets amused, gets mental-breakdown, gets all these kind of emotions, he gets jealous and hopefully someday he will get sad as the near will wrap into the end all together with Gui gui)

Gui Gui and Kwanghee together with G.O and Seulong was a total ROFL! bwahhahaha! bwahhaa, i watched it like literally more than 20 times and yet i still get to ROFL when gui gui feeds the is that a bread to kwanghee? hehe. Seulong is such a really nice guy. he seems to be amused by gui gui, and he listens attentively well with our girl, i felt like they suit well too ^^ G.O's reaction and laughter with Gui's pranks is so adorkable.

laughed at this part:

G.O : I'm G.O from MBLAQ

Gui Gui: Oh, I know BLACK!

(all the other three dork men went into a LOL with G.O's mental break-down)

All the Aplus's there must have a laugh too.

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