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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Current Dramas : River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2)] & Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) on March 12 ✪

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Also late here but congratulations to Sohyun. Finally able to be in an independent label but also have the backing of a big and influential company. And also nice to have her own team that know her needs so well following her. Sohyun ah, we look forward toward your future with lots of expectation. Surely there will be hiccups along that way, but surely you will overcome it, together with us. Once again, congratulations. 

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One and only, she's Kim So Hyun       The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full support

here the translated news for today!   [News] 'Radio Romance' Kim So Hyun "First-time adult acting, compare to huge burden, I’ll acting happily” . She has chosen “Radio Romance” as her fi

Sohyun ig , twitter uptade  

36 minutes ago, faye406 said:

the doodle illustration where E & T Story Entertainment belongs

congrats Sohyunah! hope to see you more soon!



The doodle is cute and funny! :lol:


Happy KSH now finally have a label that focus on only on her activities. 


Hope E&T Story will set up SNS accounts soon and share KSH activities, schedule and BTS pics and videos soon.

Maybe we can get BTS of all the activities that happen in last 4 months when KSH be FA. Is too much hope? 


And wish KSH can get back Weibo soon and start updating there again.


As KSH said excited and nervous for new start.

Hope for the best and look forward to KSH activities as official adult!


Now wait to meet Song Geu Rim! Will we get a teaser during the KBS Drama Awards?

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Yes, also hoping that they will have a vlive account for KSH. And cross my finger that they will have nice and good quality photos of our girl. One thing great about sidushq is that they always took nice photos of their star, and here praying that E&T will continue this trend. 


As for weibo, probably they will but not so soon as they need to get back that account from sidushq. The faster way is to create a new account under her ownself. But lets wait and see, as time will tell.

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Here I picked one of my favorite questions and answer from her interview for Maire Claire. 

I love to think that she knows that there are no points to feed everyone desires how to change her child actress image but tends to do the transition naturally by working harder and show it through her crafts. That's my girl. Let's the action speak louder than words. 


Q. In the future, the public will not look at Kim So Hyun as a child actress but as an independent actress at 20th generations. The public may not tolerate the acting of Kim So-Hyun like before, who has stepped into the professional world, with tolerance. ..
So Hyun: The first thing I came to think of is to play a good show, but what if I show a good performance? My point of view is that the general public may change their opinion towards me when I am an adult.


What exactly will be is still not clear, although there is a dazed fear, but at least I do not want (myself) to have the impression when talking about Kim So Hyun emerges as a sense of urgency, for those who are thinking I am immature in the short term will also hold such a view, some people think " I have grown up a bit ", those parts can't be changed according to my wishes.


I just hope I can get the transition naturally. I do not want to over-anxious to create turning point or bother to change the image, but as an actor, I will work hard to do whatever I can do.

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We all know LOEN/KAKAO M core business is music, but it seems that LOEN/KAKAO M is trying to solidify their influence in Korean Drama Industry as they established an alliance with Studio Dragon (CJ E&M's subsidiary).  Here i do some research regarding this alliance, thinking that it may gives some influence to Sohyun's career in the future.


May 10th 2017

Loen Entertainment will be creating a new drama production company through a joint investment with Studio Dragon. Among the plans under the alliance is producing dramas based on web novels and webtoons on Kakao page and Daum Webtoons.


August 25th 2017

LOEN announced that its joint venture with Studio Dragon will be called as "Mega Monster". (Joint venture is a business entity created by two or more parties, characterized by shared ownership)


About Studio Dragon

Studio Dragon Corporation is a Korean Drama production company. Through their subsidiaries, they manage artists such as Jo Jung Suk & Jun Ji Hyun, writers such as Kim Eun Sook (DOTS, Goblin) & Park Ji Eun (Legend of Blue Sea, My Love from Another Star), and also Director such as Kim Won Seok (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Signal).

  • Their projects as Production Company: Another Miss Oh, Legend of Blue Sea, My Golden Life, Mr. Sunshine, and so on.
  • Their projects as planner, creator, or developer: Let's fight ghost, Goblin, Because this is my first live, and so on.


This is indeed one of the reasons why it's great to join a Top Agency, their connection to some good production crews and companies! And so far, i have a good impression of this company (LOEN/KAKAO M). Really look forward and hope the best for our girl's future career :)

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35 minutes ago, loveiskim said:

I still can see a quiet big age gap TBH, but well, when the camera isn't rolling, she always looks like a baby tho :lol:


awwwwwwwwwwwee cant waitttt... pleaseee the videooo


note: is it only me who didn't see Yoon Park?


true :lol: even though she had her hair permed, she still looks like a baby :lol:

I didn't see him either, and they didn't even mention his name on the articles :huh:

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True, she certainly still look like a baby there :D. Well she will always be a little baby in my eyes. Love her look there though. Radio Romance fighting!!


well, the trend now for most tv station is to create an instagram account for a drama as a way to promote and reach out to the audience and i can see that it will be the way in the future. 


I wonder if she will have an ost to sing here but i keeping my hope low. Looking forward to 29/1/2018.

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On 12/25/2017 at 3:28 AM, aineofcebu said:


Let me paste the links here again,

Desktop: http://knda.tv/kntvspecial/2017senkyo/

Mobile: https://knda.tv/kntvspecial/2017senkyo/phone.php


Sohyunie, fighting~!


off topic: everyone~ don't forget to keep on voting for Sohyunie. even we are behind with the votes, but we are consistently keeping up with our own numbers. :blush: that says a lot that we are not giving up yet~!


as mentioned by our opponents (i've visited their forum/read their posts sometimes) we are giving them the real battle on this category, we are living up to their expectations of a "dedicated fandom". we can do this~! :heart: let's spread the word again :wub::wub:



on topic: RR fighting~! sohyunie fighting~!:blush:


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Finally the script read pics for RR!

Was suspecting we would get them today since they open the IG page yesterday. :lol:


KSH is so cute with the perm and V! Was not expecting that hairstyle!

Looks like KJW hair in beginning of FMY?



KSH and YDJ look surprisingly sweet together even though KSH looks young but somehow they match. 

Look forward to their sweet and healing romance and chemistry!

Wonder if KSH will have this hair for Drama Awards appearance as well?


5 hours ago, loveiskim said:

Btw, does KBS usually makes an official IG account for their drama? If not, then they start to promote this drama in a more creative way :heart: and i love it :wub:


Almost all dramas have SNS account for promotions these days. Its good to reach international fans that way. 

And yes what happened to YP? Was he busy to attend script read?

2 hours ago, godhunters said:

Sohyun is vigorously promoting RR.  Update her sns on the script reading photos 


Promotion goddess is back! hahaha

Seeing KSH promoting so happily is good thing. Hope the drama is full of smiles and laughter till the end like YDJ said.


Read somehwere that KSH had started the script read. Am happy about that and also glad to hear that the script read was full of laughter and good energy.

Keeping expectations low and hoping for the best.

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3 hours ago, aineofcebu said:

as mentioned by our opponents (i've visited their forum/read their posts sometimes) we are giving them the real battle on this category, we are living up to their expectations of a "dedicated fandom". we can do this~! :heart: let's spread the word again :wub::wub:


I'm still trying too, don't really have a high expectation but let's fight till the end :)

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1 hour ago, godhunters said:

sorry for reposing this photos of Sohyun but i really love it, a simple photos that show her elegant aura and natural beauty.this one a keeper.




I love the earrings! Looks so simple and sweet on her!

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