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  1. Lee bo young Cameo! As expected from Park Hye Ryun writernim, it makes me kinda miss I Hear Your Voice~~ anyway..finally the truth’s been unfold. At least all these painful scenes will free our beloved DM, DS, JP, and Grandma from the burden they’re carrying up to now. look at how JP’s dealing with this issue and his feeling to DM in this episode, i guess we can assure that he won’t get too heartbroken at the end? And i’ll trust PHR writernim that she will give everyone the best ending they deserved. oh look at me keep talking abt “ending” while i’m not even re
  2. Btw the preview for next week, the scene where DM and DS are crying, “why did you lie?” ”i don’t want you to cry. I didn’t want you crying like you are now” when we think it’s about the letter, could this actually abt something else? Like in the preview, we see DS had some problem with his parents
  3. Oh whyyy... this is so torturing my heart breaks so much for Jipyeong as well as Dosan.. i can’t bear watching them crying like that in the preview..Dalmi too —— my fav scenes in ep8 1. The ice is melting~ love this character development! Keke 2. yes i see your smile, Injae-yaa 3. HJP becomes more active supporting DM in this eps! (Still in his Tsundere way~) i laugh so much in this scene! So cute and funny lol 4. i really really thankful to Dosan for him telling DM the truth abt Grandma conditi
  4. Choosing between 2 difficult options, i think this drama’s trying to highlight this point. From the beginning of eps, both Dalmi & Injae were forced to choose: Mom or Dad. Dalmi chose Dad, and think it’s her best decision which she won’t ever regret. What motivates Dalmi the most now is that she wants to prove to others her decision was right. Look at she didn’t even bother being humiliated for what she’s done (kneeling, begging, and else) but she just can’t handle it when someone tell her it’s a bad thing to choose her Dad. She lost it when people looking at her with pity
  5. Finally Saturday!! Excited to watch the new episodes~~ and oh i just knew that the Writer for this Drama is Park Hye Ryun?!! Omg i’m totally a fan!! I can watch this in peace then, knowing that this drama will definitely worth the time In Park Hye Ryun i trust!! She always know how to make a scene on point, and it’s already shown in the first 2 eps
  6. Hi i’m new here~ Wanna share my opinion abt this if we talk abt Korean Drama, then love triangle of two men fighting over one woman is really common, like a Must Have item. but this love triangle kinda interesting for me I see some people start to have a second lead syndrome toward HJP bcs who wouldn’t? his character is really nice and attractive. Moreover, HJP was the one who had a real back story with SDM, but we all know the main Couple is SDM-NDS And judging from this eps only, i think we can see most of decisions and actions that HJ
  7. I just finished ep 13, and from what i read here, ep 14 is all about our otp being hella miserable? Break up what?? No preview??? that’s it, i’ll cancel ep.14 and watch 3 eps next week instead. need to protect my mood for this week
  8. The number of toxic people in this drama are crazy So frustratingggfff SA was too gloomy and dispirited in these latest 2 eps.. and JY is facing more and more problems.. so sad our OTP is surrounded by all those awful circumstances, so please at least don’t give any room for misunderstanding between each other.. or else i can’t even imagine how more frustrating the story will go..
  9. Finally.....Comeback News Apparently Son Ye Jin - Kang Ha Neul were offered to be the leads but seems like both of them have to refuse due to their busy schedule. KHN will still take part in this Drama as Supporting role tho (Pyonggang’s father if im not wrong) One thing that makes me curious is, they choose Sohyunie as the Female lead replacing Son Ye Jin. of course it’s an honor! Son Ye Jin is one of the best actress in S.K. But the age gap is kinda large? Makes me curious on how the stories originally planned and does it has some change in the plot to adjust to Sohyun?
  10. Thankss for the warm welcome @Jillia @vangsweetie637 thankfully i came here before the drama ended so i get to experienced spazzing and discussing and fangirling and badmouthing (oops! sorry for choosing this word) here while waiting for the next eps and to know that this drama aired on Monday-Tuesday...FINALLY MY MONDAY IS WORTH WAITING FOR
  11. Finally a drama which makes me want to visit soompi forum again ~~~ the heart flutters is reall while watching our main OTP i really love JY character. He doesn’t make me confused about his feeling at all, it’s even so clear for me since the earlier eps that he did care and interested of SA, so i feel kinda bad that SA keep on getting anxious. But i won’t blamed her for that, she has her reason, and it’s nice to see her always trying to tell JY when she feels uncomfortable about something. But i hope the writer will stop make her so pitiable....i want to see more of the strong and pass
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