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  1. They are indeed Shyshy Shipper LOL! Out of so many background music, WHY THEY USE SCHOOL 2015’s??! Kkkk btw, Seungho’s Drama is in SBS it makes it even more random and alsooo... the analysis is back!! https://shyshycoupleparadise.blogspot.com/my-strange-hero-poster-making-bts-ANALYSIS I don’t know why i couldn’t publish my comment there chingu @MsSubakso let me tell my comment here~ Oh, and let’s follow our King’s new IG~ https://instagram.com/dandyoo93?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1u7afuh79xzod
  2. Ahh i really would love to, however it’s kinda impossible for me to do that now sorry.. Yess I’m so shock yet so happy by this!! It’s a REAL HINT goshh Let me celebrate with you
  3. 2. Andd the post by Shyshy_cupid IG got like from “that” person againn And she even used her private account to like these shyshy posts! What an effort kkkk Is she a diehard shyshy shipper like us?? orr she just simply knows something?
  4. Ok so we got quite a lot of hints today :)) 1. Love Alarm and Revenge is Back filming on the same location trans by @MsSubak A : it’s crazy! There was a filming in front of school, it’s the filming of “Love Alarm”, it was a bicycle riding scene. There were Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun, i want to see them but i couldn’t B: Did Yoo Seung Ho come? (by Naver translator) A: My friends said they saw Yoo Seung Ho Anddd apparently, one of Revenge is Back staff posted this in her IG. Too bad, her IG is private thuus i can’t see the original post. I’d like to know when she upload this! >.< and did she tag Sohyun for real?! Isn’t it a definite hint that they’re on the same place at the same time?? In conclusion.... our shyshy surely had filming in the same location, but the hints also showed that they’re there on the same time as well?! So exciteddd
  5. His honesty and helplessness here simply hurt my heart Gosh..people! Our Mooyoungie deserves to be happy! this one is too cute anyone tryin to separate them? fight me!!
  6. One definite reason why i love J-version and also this K-version is i know for sure that Yuko is perfect for Ryo, just as Jinkang is perfect for Mooyoung. Both couples are really compatible
  7. I can’t resist myself to join this forum thanks to SIG & JSM chemistry, so.. Hi everyone! In my case, the order is like this: Totally hooked by 1st & 2nd eps, desperately wanting to disclosed all the mistery -> began to know that it had original Japan version -> desperately searching for J-version -> finally found it and finished all 11 eps within a day -> being desperate because of the story -> desperately waiting and looking forward for the K-version. in summary, this drama gives me all the desperation. strangely, i like this feeling
  8. That's exactly what i think! i mean, if she also liking post about other ship of sohyun (which is so many), then i won't really mind it. but as far as i know, she only liking shyshy's post moreover, it's been a looong time after Ruler ended time will tell! :3
  9. True, our thread may not going as fast as other’s, it’s moving slowly, but indeed surely kkkk Btw, i want to share something. Maybe kinda random but as long as related to shyshy i believe we can enjoy it together kkk So, i copy+paste this comment from one of Shipper Thread in Soompi (i’ll let the source be unknown, so just know that this statement wasn’t mine ) What do you guys think about this statement? well, i know we’re imagining the same things. *cough* Ruler Presscon *cough* and ofc the legendary Vlive
  10. Great~! In this bts, i love the 0:25 part the most. It’s just a second, but YSH’s smile was soo sweet
  11. Haven’t read up the discussion here about Love Alarm, but here’s my two cents If we talk about drama which is webtoon’s adaptation, i think the expectation will be different than the common one. Basically, the main Story itself has been known and liked by public, so the challenge is to make viewer keep their interest even when they already know the ending. About viewer’s comment on Webtoon Drama, as far as i read, they usually expect the actors to fully portray the character (who they loved already) from the Webtoon. The more you sync with it, the more viewer love it. And about the plot, in most cases, story which in line with the original Webtoon is gaining praises too. Though in some cases, when the plot goes to different way, it still can satisfy the viewer if the story is interesting. So, when it comes to Webtoon Drama, personally i don’t really concern abt the plot, because i believe that it’s good (if not, who will make adaptation from it? ) Now i’m more anticipating the acting and directing~ And ofc i trust our Sohyunie kkk she’s perfect as Hyun Ji btw, when i look at the news about Love Alarm, i got the sense that this project is special and big! Crossing my finger so hard that if Sohyun really accept the offer, things will go well! and moreover, let us enjoy her superb acting without worry too much about the other thing~ she’s still soooo yoooung and i’m happy that she’s gaining experience in various project
  12. Clearer photos And this is the place where they ate together: And i remember when Bae Yoo Ram asked YSH-KSH to eat together in Ruler Vlive Shyshy ate together with Park Chul Min on June 23rd, it’s before the Vlive which took on June 25th well, i guess they went to eat together several times kkk
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