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Guest sunshine4ever

I posted this at Bridal Mask forum, but wanted to post here as well.

The message and pictures below are shared with Jessi, but it really is a sharing/dedication for those who shipped Kangto and Mokdan. Even though our ships wrecked because they didn't end up happily, but I just wanted to say thanks for journeying with me and others in this thread. Thanks for still hanging around and still ship Kangto and Mokdan also. I hope you like my simply captures. How I wish they can still hold hands and walk through life together. hic hic.

@Jessi15, good job! Yay, you know how to post pics now so from now on I can enjoy your awesomeness through pictures too. :) I like all the pictures of your Kangto. Thank you for sharing awesome captions of how diverse Kangto is as a person in general. It's a good thing when he met Mokdan he is always so flexible, soft, and tender around her. I can't imagine the Kangto at the beginning of this show. :) Mokdan and him will have a fight every day, haha, if they are to get married to each other if he wasn't always so flexible. He is a revolutionary character for me. He's changing from really bad into a person who is very good although I know that there is always a little of grey in him all the time. Whenever he is around Mokdan he seems to radiant and his true color shines. That's why I just feel like Kangto and Mokdan's love is so innocent, pure, and sweet.  I don't think Kangto will be like this if he continues his life with other girls. Gosh, don't know why I wrote one long paragraph and it's really supposed to be about Kangto, but it turned out to be Mokdan and Kangto. *sighs* Talking about obsession. You know looking at Mokdan's personality now I understand why Joo Won would love her. I totally see a little resemblance of Kangto in Joo Won. Although i have to say that Joo Won and Kangto are different in that JW does not know the world of love yet the way Kangto did. I think it has to do with the background that you're in and since Kangto lost his family so he has a different life. I wonder if our Joo Won learns from Kangto to live his life with flexibility and overcoming all hurts. I was in tears reading the recent interview of him saying that if someone loves him left him he'd be very hurt. I'd be, too, but I hope that he'll always be ready to overcome that kind of hurt since I know he is a sensitive person like me. (Here are the words that he said translated by mrdimples:
23. If someone you love, leaves for no reason? I will cry to death, then I will search everywhere.)

Here are some captures of Kangto and Mokdan that I promised. I didn't want to resize because I remember last time you told me you like this size better. I hope you like them. Pay attention to his holding of her hand. I like this moment the most. He is the happiest person here with her. I don't know why whenever I see him and her together I just feel like their love sparkles so much. And why not, right? Who on earth would be willing to love, accept, and love again and again and even sacrificed her life for a man who hurt himself by accidentally killing his brother and hurting/causing his mom's suffering, right?  Only Mokdan and well, limited amount of people on earth, can do it.

Since these pictures are huge, please reupload these pictures if you use them elsewhere. So sorry. I'm afraid my Photobucket will run out of bandwidth. Thanks.


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Guest sunshine4ever

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOO WON! Blessings to you always and may you always have the health and energy to do what you most want to do. :) Here is a bigger version of Se Yeon on the piano. Oh my. It would be awesome if she is playing a happy birthday song for him for his birthday. I wonder if they still keep in touch now. There are massive of posts on his wall on Twitter, so I'm not sure if we can even catch her message for him. *sighs* Maybe she'll do it privately? We never know. A relationship requires a lot from a person which is why I think we should just love JW & SY as onscreen couple. But I'm hoping they will remain good friends. Once they are good friends and if it happens with time then that's great. My blessings to them whichever path they want to take. Only time will tell like Joo Won said. :)

^picture taken from TV Report news

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a big thanks to @sunshine4ever for keeping this thread going. :-* you are the bear to my Joo Wonnie! and yes, i did make my avatar and banner. i'll try to whip something up for my JooSY shippers, but don't look forward to them too much because my photoshop skills are very rusty.
@amlogos_10 and everyone in here, i love JooSY and i really wish them the best. i think everyone in here thinks the same like you and i do. all the recent interviews show that there is perhaps a spark between them. whether that spark will fade or ignite, only time will tell. meanwhile, let's keep talking about them because we all adore JW and SY individually. :)

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more BTS videos! this time, it's KangDan's first kiss! bathe in JooSY's cuteness, my shippers! :x
PART 1, credits to lyra yoo

PART 2, credits to lyra yoo

PART 3 kiss interview, credits to JooWonTHFC

and PART 4... SERIOUSLY THE BEST ONE IN MY OPINION! credits to dduk8926
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Guest sunshine4ever

@Micheru, dearie, i am so tired can't watch anymore, but thanks for episode 18 BTS. Yay. I like all parts. Part 3 I was looking for like crazy. Was there supposed to be a translation, no?

I found this article on page 154 of Bridal Mask's thread...will be back to edit, but I'm going to highly again what he said about Se Yeon...very similar to the recent interview also...

The Dual Life of Joowon
Translation by: mrdimples @ soompi

 From fighting scenes, emotional scenes to romantic scenes, Joowon has totally mesmerized the audience.

Adapted from Huh Young-Man’s manhwa “Bridal Mask”, as the Imperial Japan loyalist Lee Kangto and as the one who follows the footsteps of his elder brother to become the nameless hero Bridal Mask, Joowon plays a dual role. In the drama, his acting ability has increased over time, rising to be a top actor, gaining a foothold as the king of viewership.

In reality, the casting of Bridal Mask has been difficult; it was not smooth from the beginning. Due to the theme of Imperial Japan’s occupation, many Hallyu stars have rejected the role. Under these circumstances, Joowon a new actor took on the role and it became a topic of discussion.  Many people felt he could not carry the drama and were unconvinced and had many concerns. But the result was the opposite and instantly all the concerns were swept away. Joowon’s acting was even more solid and won a lot of accolades. The drama also brought in the highest viewership on Wed & Thurs. On the net, many left comments such as “This role belongs to Joowon”, “It will not do without Joowon”, “Cannot imagine another actor besides Joowon to play this role” and many praises. This interviewer caught up with Joowon on the set of Bridal Mask.

Q: How do you feel about Bridal Mask capturing the hearts of the family viewers?

JW: Gathering the highest viewership amongst the 3 dramas, I am very happy. However, the burden was very heavy from the beginning. Especially after Kangsan died and Shin Hyun Joon left the set, I and the other younger actors felt the burden increased. I also worried about the audience’s reaction to the way my character was in the beginning, towards his country, his friend and love.

Q: Leading the drama to be the top must have weighed heavily on your shoulders?

To be the lead actor and make the drama the top, there is a lot of pressure. Also the role of the  bridal mask is a very different, I was very worried. In the beginning, I thought “ The script is good, the director is good, everything is good, if the viewership is not good, then it’s because of me” and I got more burdened, thinking that way.

As a result, I prepared a lot for this role. Horse riding and martial arts are fundamental to the role. Also, to understand the character Lee Kangto, I made a lot of effort. Lee Kangto loved his family more than anyone else, yet he did a lot of things that upset his family. He could do anything for his family, yet he also brought harm to them. This complexity of his inner being, in order to express the right feelings, I discussed a lot with the director

Q: Was it convenient to wear the mask?

To prevent the mask from slipping, I have to tie the rope very tightly, making my nose hurt. My eyes are also how I expressed my feelings, but because of the mask, my gaze cannot be seen, it was regretful. The mask also blocks my line of vision, hence it was also dangerous. There were a lot of inconveniences (laughs). There was a good thing; I didn’t have to put on make-up so it was convenient.

The unexpected thing was the mask goes well with the Korean traditional wear. There was a lot of discussion, whether to use the best looking clothes or the Korean wear. My thought was to follow the original work and wear the Korean costume. When it comes to fighting, it actually looked good and when you run, it makes a “pucha pucha” sound which was very cool.

Q: Did the first Gaksital(Kangsan) Shin Hyun Joon give you any advice or suggestion?

When I was with Hyun Joon Hyung, we praised each other. Whatever he did, I said it was good. Whatever I did, hyung will say I did well. When hyung finished his filming, he will watch the show and said I did very well; it gave me a lot of strength.

Q: How about with Jin Se Yeon?

Every time I got to the martial arts training room, JSY will be there. In the beginning, she couldn’t even do a somersault. But she got better and better with time and now she could even hang from the wire. Due to her cheerful personality, whenever we are filming together, she always makes people feel good. That’s why all the elders and staff love her very much. Every time JSY appears, the mood of on the set becomes very good.

Q:  I am very curious what happened behind the kiss scene with Han Chae Ah?

We were filming at XX(can’t translate the name of the place) , there were a lot of poultry farms and factories nearby. Hence, there were a lot of insects. When we were filming the kiss scene, there was a fly that flew around HCA. So what was originally a simple shoot, turned out to have many takes, my luck was very good (laughs)

In the show, he is a hero. Out of the show, he is an aegyo man.

By nature, Joowon has lots of aegyo, he is very good to his hyungs. We can see in 2N1D, with Kim Seung Woo, Uhm Tae Woong, when he displays his aegyo side, he’s just like a child. HTW said: “If there is a mini-Joowon, will be very adorable” He behaves likewise during the filming of Bridal Mask. He does it all the time with his onscreen friend & foe, Kimura Shunji played by Park Ki Woong. Whenever there is a NG, he will immediately go and hug PKW. He’s turn to being adorable and cute has shocked other co-stars. Han Chae Ah said: “He is usually like a little child, loves to joke and also does a lot of aegyo” But once the director says Cue, he will immediately become Lee Kangto, his immersion into the role amazes people, acting skills are good. Co-stars who act with him says that he is able to focus very well and they feel that Joowon is an excellent actor. On the show and out there, many praised his acting skills.

Q: This role involves a lot of emotion and martial arts; you must have expended a lot of strength.

JW: Kicking Hyun Joon Hyung, seeing mother had died, at the grave of hyung and mother, the emotions while filming those scenes were very intense. Many times, I strained the veins in my neck, felt my blood pressure going up. After that whenever an emotionally intense scene came up, I will have a headache, the director was worried about me.

Q:  The crying scene at the discovery of his mother’s death, gave viewers a very deep impression. The way Joowon immersed himself in the scene was admirable.

JW: The sequence of the filming and the actual broadcast was entirely different. In reality, when we were filming that scene, it was my 2nd time meeting Song Ok Sook, who played my mother. Although it was acting, no matter what, it was necessary to have built some relationship then it’d have been easier to get into the role. However, there was no choice so I had to create my own feelings, it wasn’t easy. Especially during the beginning when Kangto had so much pain, it also agonized me.

Q: Your acting has won good critics. Have you thought of the reason?

I learnt a lot from filming Special Investigation Unit. The film set was like my learning centre. Uhm Tae Woong hyung, Seong Dong-il, Jeong Jin-yeong ,the seniors were all my role models for learning and they each had a different way of acting. Gradually, I found my own method. At first, I thought I should just act my role very well, now I realize that the atmosphere on the set is even more important. Previously, I only prepared myself; I never really grasp the dynamics on the set. From then on, I started to pay attention to the situation at the filming set.

Q: Recently, on 1N2D, the way you slept on your member’s tummy created a lot of talk. How tired were you that it led to that?

JW: There are 2 teams doing the filming. If team A films from 6am in the morning to 8pm. Then team B will film from 8.30 to the next morning. (this was left out but he said elsewhere that they continue to work throughout even as team A&B changed shifts), under that condition, I filmed 1N2D, without knowing, I opened my mouth (laughs).

All the cast worked in this manner, we couldn’t even see our beds. Usually in filming outdoors, we’ll sleep at the hotel. But we couldn’t even do that. We’d just go to a nearby washroom to wash up and then we’d return to the film site. When we see our co-stars, we’ll be very happy as we are in the same boat. Since everyone worked in this manner, there was no unhappiness. Being tired physically does not matter. However, unfamiliarity with the script resulting in errors makes one worried. When there is a lot of dialogue with PKW in important scenes, I’d worried and think that I must not make mistakes.

Q: In 1N2D, we saw a lot of facial products; you seem to pay a lot of attention on your skincare.

JW: Originally, I only used moisturizer. I don’t know when it started but things began to pop up on my face, it must be that I have the make-up on for too long a period. During the entire day, I’d be without makeup for only 30 minutes. Thus I have been more careful recently.

Q: You seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

JW: In order to have more sleep, I gave up meal times. That’s why I lost weight. Frequently, I will be having my make-up done and eating snacks at the same time. I ate a lot of things in place of rice, like yoghurt and milk cereals. I even have a nickname ‘Yoghurt Youth’ (laughs)

Q: This show has been extended from the original 24 episodes by another 4. You don’t seem to be unhappy about it.

JW: When I first heard it, I felt the director’s and producer’s thoughts were the most important. If it is due to viewership and got extended, then it’d be a problem. However, if it is to bring forth a better production then it is necessary to get the extension. This is good news to the actors. Anyway, we’ll just need to film another 2 weeks only.

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Guest sunshine4ever

Here is the translations for bts kissing scence #3 (I found this on page 154 of Bridal Mask, originally posted by Cloe)

translations by: Softy

Through 1n2d we learned he loves lemons and sour drinks and now we learn when his first kiss was. I sort of feel bad for him and wish it was more special.

I am going to translate word for word what he said, but there is one word I am not sure of that he repeated twice– not certain if he meant romantic or unique/unusual based on what he said. It could go either way, but I just don’t know that Korean word he used. Also I have no idea what the questions were except for one cuz it was obvious.

JW: it made me tremble and it seemed (romantic/unique) cuz I am in the forest kissing a girl – it doesn’t happen – it doesn’t happen often that is why it was (-) and made me tremble. Emotionally it was a moment (my character) looked forward to a lot (meaning cuz K and D had been through so much to meet) so there were a lot of other emotions involved. So it seemed like it was a really difficult scene. Filled with emotions – I had to emote that I liked her. stuff like that is what made it different.

The guy off camera asks: in every project/drama you’ve been in, they all had kiss scenes. Didn’t they?

JW: yes.

*Guy: by any chance when you choose a project, do you check/confirm if there is a kiss scene or not?

JW laughs and says: I don’t need to confirm those cuz in every project, there is always melo(drama) so there are love scenes. Cuz of that – kiss scenes come out so I don’t look at that and choose.

Guy: are you sure?

JW: yes I am sure.

Question was – when was your first kiss.

JW: I think my first kiss I had during my performance (on stage) at that time my heart raced (thumped). I remember feeling something that you cant express in words so I trembled a lot. I am always the same –whenever I do a project, I am always good to my partner.

Guy says: it doesn’t matter who she is?

JW: yes. He quickly ends it by saying “Thank you.”

The girl JSY says: I trembled (during the kiss)– it’s embarrassing (cuz she is talking about the kiss now).

Guy: you didn’t have any other emotions?

 JSY: other emotion? To be honest, if you look at it another way it could be seen as a sad scene. So I wanted to cry with tears flowing down during it, but that feeling of sadness would not surface. I wonder why (meaning it was too enjoyable) so that was too bad (that she couldn’t cry during it). the scene seemed to have more meaning. Cuz the mood/atmosphere was good. She is asked the same question about first kiss so she says: I only did it during projects.

Guy asks:
is this your second time?

JSY: yes.

I think she was asked to choose between her first kiss scene and this one – as in which was better so she stays neutral and says: who would it be. I have to think about it. I am sorry. I’m not sure.
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sunshine4ever said: @amlogos_10, you know I read SY's late interview that mrdimples translated and it turned out that she said he's like a kid. She's so right when she said that and I just love how she said she wanted to protect him. I personally think that JW was right when he said that MD is his ideal type of girl. I wonder if SY is like Mokdan to JW at all. I don't really know her because a lot of news of her were never really translated. *sad* But most of the interviews have him saying that he likes girls who are cheerful and lively. SY fits so well with his image and his ideal. I definitely agree with you when you said that only time will tell because like you said he needed to observe first. JW is very smart because he knows he is very sensitive inside he doesn't want to be dramatized by going into a relationship. I think it's also too early for him especially if he's so focused on work and desire to live with his mom and dad. He seems very homeboy type. Just like Kangto is. *sighs* If only there is really a Mokdan in his life, keke.

I feel embarrassed because a lot of people from Bridal Mask thread remember a lot of things about me. I feel so vulnerable yet so safe since you guys remember who I am in general as a person. I do pray, but my prayers will be very simple: ^^ That both Joo Won and Se Yeon meet their other half and even if it means they're not meant for each other I'd still support them. :) I don't think God will be very happy if I tell Him that I want both of them to be together. I think God would prefer JW and SY to be happy choosing each other if that is really meant that they're for each other. :) I support them being friends first like you said and if they're meant to be then only time will tell. Besides, she's still so young. It's worth it if he's still looking for the right one and she's the one. He can wait until she's a little older then they can be officially be together. But I agree with you that the feelings can fade away. That's why I was thinking the news was like that because he really missed her laughter after filming. If this continues for a while and they never keep in touch I think their relationship would end by then.

He's moving on to a project now. Did you hear about his drama? I posted link to BM thread so I'm sure you saw it right? Thanks for sharing your perspectives. I love your analysis. ^^ My blessings to both.

@Micheru, will you make banners with the names JooSeYeon? I like that name now. I know it's crazy and I don't even care if they ever end up in life as lovers in life, but I like them together! :)

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Guest sunshine4ever

@Micheru, would it be possible if you can please add his and her websites (like twitters and stuffs) and add that they are in Bridal Mask together as their film?

Film: Bridal Mask

CF: Edwin

and maybe we can add in their CF BTS on 1st post?

do you know if they're going to do the winter together? I know at Se Yeon's thread I saw either your post or Pavlichenko, but i'm not too sure if that's really confirmed?

by the way I just realized I have second post after you so I'll compose my news linkage there. Whatever I reposted I will link to it in my post. I don't know if we will make that far since we're on page 5 which is very slow. but keep it going! :)

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Guest mehhrong

Micheru said: more BTS videos! this time, it's KangDan's first kiss! bathe in JooSY's cuteness, my shippers! :x
and PART 4... SERIOUSLY THE BEST ONE IN MY OPINION! credits to dduk8926

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i became so occupied with Se Yeon's thread that i neglected my JooSY thread. sorry shippers!
i will add more links and stuffs to my first post. i will also add links to comments containing videos to my 3rd post. @sunshine4ever do you want to add links to comments containing articles and wonderful analyses to your 2nd post? i will update everyone here if i hear anything regarding Edwin winter campaign. praying that JooSY is doing it TOGETHER! :x deary, don't worry about the pages. i think we are doing fine. more people will come and post comments here because they will discover "BM" over time.
A PLEAD TO EVERYONE, please share ALL your thoughts on JooSY here. i know that some of you gals are worried that you might offend someone with your thoughts, but sincerely you're sharing amazing insights into this couple. i want you to be comfortable in here. if you are not, then i am doing a bad job as thread opener. please, there is no need to be shy and private-messaging fellow shippers to avoid confrontation. don't worry too much about it. i am very sure no one here will take offense. you gals have been nothing but very gracious and kind to everyone. :)

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sophiechoice said: @autumndew - i guess we just have to enjoy this fangirling+shipper experiences but dont get attched too much to it, as we know that these actors/actressess have their own life and choices :D and mostly its different from what we, the fans, are hoping :D
but being a fangirl and shipper is bring so much fun for me, i even learn how to use Photoshop, something i never do before LOL

@sunshine4ever - i'll try to think something abt JW blue hanbok pics ...... ehmmm idea idea idea, where r thou ??

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who here wants Se Yeon to be in Joo Won's new drama? *raises hand* ME! :D wouldn't it be awesome? i can totally picture SY as a spy. it could happen if filming for his drama begins in November. what do you girls think?

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