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[Drama 2011] Queen Insoo 인수대비


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Guest JaeMi88

thanks i only understood now what happened in that episode

uhm do you also know what her mother-in-law told EJ in episode 3 that made her feel so sour? It's the part when she's telling her to sit properly.

The mother-in-law said EJ didn't learn to sit properly because her mother passed away when she was young. EJ said she her five sisters is about the same. Ej said "mother (I assume she is pointing to her mother-in-law) is not always home so my sister told me to get along and not make mother upset." The mother-in-law then said she doesn't have a normal family she can go to (?) and she only goes into the palace to greet the in-laws once or twice a year. She said EJ was right that the mother-in-law, herself, was a very relaxed daughter-in-law. EJ said she was only just saying. The mother-in-law said she is relieved that EJ's five sisters is teaching her.

The mother-in-law then said she just remembered she needs to learn how to be a mother-in-law and not let EJ get any sickness.

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Guest getawayfrom

I have seen the subtitle for ep2 bt l dunno if am allowed to post it here since it's from a member required site, also l don't know if the subber will continue subbing the drama.

Are you referring to DSS? I know they are doing subbing for this drama, up to episode 2 but it's been stalled for awhile now. Maybe that person is busy right now or maybe they have stopped subbing altogether....who knows because we can't say or ask anything at DSS without being ban. If that's what you're referring to then yes...DSS is subbing Queen Insoo. I don't know if anyone else is doing this project besides DSS. Let me know and I want to check it out too...thanks

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Guest cococrust

ep 16 c-sub

pt 1


pt 2


pt 3


Use HJSPLIT to combine files!!!

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