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[Drama 2011] Queen Insoo 인수대비


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I surely hope that Viki is going to finish subbing this series.  I am at episode 30 and fear I am going to catch up to no subs soon.  It has been a terrific series, wanted to watch it for some time.  Very grateful to all who sub.

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On 7/28/2016 at 0:26 PM, Lunkera said:

@Kathy  I read that the translator is doing it slowly. The translator was in a car accident and is slowly recovering.


Really sorry to hear that!    May they be well soon and not just to finish the translation!

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On 28/05/2012 at 0:09 PM, aelini said:



hi dramalover!

I agree, she seems to be bipolar, the way she's always laughing maniacally... I thought royals don't run, but look how she races like a crazed woman to threaten or burst in unannounced into people's rooms! I think she's the architect of her destruction...If only she waited 5 mins before attacking people, she wouldn't be in this situation... The King truly loved her, as they kind of grew up together, so if she had just remembered that, and not given into senseless jealousy, she would be fine... She must be very insecure, and her wicked actions, not the other concubines, will eventually drive the King away from her...

She rejoices when the King's young wife is seriously ill, poisons a concubine, and kills her baby, kills her one true supporter, fights with and wounds the King, threatens the Great Dowager Queen when she doesn't get her way, and it seems as if Dowager Queen Insoo hasn't always disliked her... When they were younger, they seemed to get along just fine... I'm sure she did something to drive Insoo crazy!!

In a word, the Queen is insane!!!!!

I would say that Queen Yoon is a reasonably good portrait of borderline personality disorder. Although I don't the writer read the DSMV before they wrote, but perhaps knew someone on the spectrum, and thus unconsciously wrote the character that way.



(except for the laughter, though the women with BPD I know do have a very vulgar sense of humour).

The two bipolar disorder people I know don't behave like that.

I also think the reasons for it are set up early: I am only on episode 4 but the portrait of how court maids are trained (the extremely vicious techniques) means that even though Queen Yun is doing very well so far, she is still in less than ideal circumstances for psycholoical health.

Also Queen Yun's mother is a borderline waif http://www.psychforums.com/borderline-personality/topic118864.html

which is why i think Queen Yun is so quick to form an attachment to lady Choi, because her attachments* and sense of self aren't very stable.

Then the trauma of her father's death as well as being bullied.



*Admittedly Deposed Queen Yun is about 4 when she enters the palace, not 3 which is the critical period for attachment disorders.


but perhaps the mother was always so caught up in herself that she was neglected before.


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I am at episode 25. I feel like there is a lot of attraction between Prince Suyang/King Sejo and Queen Insoo. It almost comes across as: he married a woman who wasn't educated and not particularly intelligent, and he somehow selected a daughter in law whose character was more compatible with his own.




I don't get it: did the writers do this on purpose?



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