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[Drama 2011] Bachelor's Vegetable Store 총각네 야채가게


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BACHELOR'S VEGETABLE STORE                           cb55dc78.jpg


Chonggakne Yachaegage / 총각네 야채가게
Channel:   DongA Ilbo Channel A (cable)
Producer:   Lee Joon Hyeong - Touch the Sky Productions ("God's Quiz")
Scriptwriter:  Yoon Seong Hee ("Shoot for the Stars," "Beautiful Days")
Broadcast Period:   21 December 2011 to 8 March 2012
Episodes:   24
Air Time:   Wednesdays & Thursdays 8:50 PM KST (NOTE: New Time!!)
                   Episode Repeats: Wednesday's Show -- Thursdays at 9:50 AM KST
                                                 Thursday's Show -- Fridays at 9:50 AM KST
                                                 Both Concurrently -- Fridays at 10:50 PM KST
Press Conference:   14 December 2011 at 1:00 PM KST; Seoul Garden Hotel Ballroom
Filming Begins:   11 November 2011
Official Website: Channel A - Chonggakne Yachaegage

The "Bachelor" and His Family
Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) as Han Tae-yang                                                    Oh Jae Moo (오재무) as Young Han Tae-yang                                                                                                                                               5f722c79.jpg                                                                     %7Boption%7Dhttp://i1210.photobu...re/ab88008b.jpg Lee Sae Young (이세영) as Han Tae-in (Tae-yang's sister)                             Kim Yoo Jung (김유정) as Young Han Tae-in                                                                                                                                          The Boys     76cdee31.jpg Kim Yeong Kwang (김영광) as Lee Seul-woo              e5744312.jpg Lee Kwang Soo (이광수) as Nam Yoo-bong              c8b17eec.jpg Noh Sung Ha (성하) as Jung Ki-young            71cecdb6.jpg Song Ji Hyuk (지혁) as Yoon Ho-jae              be1b4a76.jpg Shin Won Ho (신원호) as Lee Chan-sol                                 Jang Jae Ho (장재호) at Secretary Yang                                        The Girls                                  cf20b63c.jpg                                                                                     Wang Ji Hye (왕지혜) as Jin Jin-shim/Mok Ga-on                                          Kim Chae Bin (김채빈) as Young Jin Jin-shim
                                                                                       Park So Yeong (박소영) as young Mok Ga-on      0d811943.jpg Park Soo Jin (박수진) as Jung Dan-bi                         Lee Eun (이은) as Hong Jung-ah (Chan-sol's "sister") Kang Ye Sol (강예솔) as Seo-Yeong (love interest for Woo-bong)        
                 The Parents              08847f34.jpg   Hwang Shin Hae (황신혜) as Choi Kang Sun (Mok Ga-on's mother)           e4ca72db.jpg         Jeon No Min (전노민) as Mok In Beom (Mok Ga-on's father)             cbec9e5c.jpg       Park Won Sook (박원숙) as Hwang Su Ja (Lee Seul-woo's mother)           c2385cd2.jpg         Jang Hang Sung (장항선) as Jung Ku Kwang (Jung Dan-bi's father)           cd2e927d.jpg         Kim Do Yeon (김도연) as Yeon Bun Hong (Jung Dan-bi's stepmother)                                 Relationship Chart             c796cee4.jpg        Director and Crew 0f5b7535.jpg                        Synopsis            "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" is based on the true story of Lee Young-Suk, who started selling vegetables at a small store in 1998, and now owns over 40 Chonggakne Vegetable Stores nationwide.  Han Tae-yang (Ji Chang Wook) is a talented, but unemployed young man with big dreams and a huge chip on his shoulder, who falls in love with a young woman named Mok Ga-on (Wang Ji Hye), but Ga-on grew up with a family secret that threatens her family's stability.  Lee Seul-woo (Kim Young Kwang) is Tae-yang's best friend, a wealthy heir who grew up without a father and comes to work at Tae-yang's vegetable store.  Seul-woo himself is crushing on a spoiled young chaebol girl, Jung Dan-bi (Park Su Jin), and complications ensue, especially when she's got her eye on Tae-yang instead of Seul-woo.  Also assisting Tae-yang in his quest for Vegetable Dominance are his hyungs Nam Yoo-bong (Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo), Jung Ki-young (model Sung Ha), Yoon Ho-jae (Supernova's Ji Hyuk) and Lee Chan-sol (musical theatre actor Shin Won Ho).  Our story is set during the turbulent early 1990s, when unemployment was rampant in South Korea and young adults were desperate for any way to make a living -- so why not open a vegetable stand in the midst of a crushing depression?  With these young, gorgeous guys ready to show off their 'assets,' how can they not succeed?!?  (credit cherkell)

Please make sure to read the Soompi Forum Rules and Regulations here:  Soompi Code of Conduct  Also please DO NOT upload/attach any media content from the 10Asia website (10.asia.co.kr), because Soompi will be cited for copyright violations and this Forum will be shut down.  Also also please be sure to 'give credit where credit is due.'  I understand that certain submissions here have been re-posted on other websites and passed off as their own works.  Korean is not my first language; hell, it’s not even my second, but I am taking great pains and working very, very hard to translate the overseas articles so non-Hangul readers can enjoy the information I put up as well.   About 95% of my writings paraphrase several news reports into one consolidated post with my own personal spin on things, and I can certainly tell who’s cutting-and-pasting my efforts.  Forgive me for my harsh words, but when huge chunks of my writings are lifted or my watermarks are removed without crediting the original source, you have blatantly crossed the line into plagiarism.  If I catch you in the act, I will not hesitate to call you out on your own site (and elsewhere) for your transgressions.  So there.

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[2012.01.13]   Spoiler: Ji Chang Wook Finds Out More About Wang Ji Hye (hancinema.net)
[2012.01.11]    Spoiler: Seong Ha - The Next Hyun Bin? (hancinema.net)
[2012.01.05]    Spoiler: Kwang Soo Is The Best At Playing Alone (hancinema.net)
[2012.01.04]    Spoiler: Ji Chang Wook Wins Over Jang Hang Seon (hancinema.net)
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BVS OST Part 1 (MP3):  "Be My Girl" from Ji-hyuk and Sung-jae (from Supernova)


BVS OST Part 2 (MP3):  "Because You're My Everything" by Na Yoon Kwon

BVS OST Part 3 (MP3):  "Living Like A Fool" by Min (Miss A)

BVS OST Part 4 (MP3):  "Looking at You" by Putsagwa / "Confession" by Barbara


BVS OST Part 1:   "Be My Girl" feat. Ji Hyuk and Sung Gi of Supernova

BVS OST Part 2:  "Because You're My Everything" -- Na Yoon Kwon

BVS OST Part 3:  "Living Like A Fool" by Min (of Miss A)

BVS OST Part 4:   TBD




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FINALLY some news leaks out from overseas!!  The traditional Prayer Ceremony before a new drama starts filming was held the morning of 11 November 2011 out in Yangpyeong (Gyeonnggi Province), where the "Bachelor" began his vegetable empire and the first round of shooting will take place.  In addition to the main actors and the crew, the President of Channel A (Kim Jae Ho) plus the Mayor of Yangpyeong (Kim Seon Gyo) were also in attendance.  What's most interesting is that several other broadcasting officials from Japan, Hong Kong and China were also present in Yangpyeong, as there is high interest in this drama being live-time syndicated to other Asian channels.  The news reports mentioned that in the absence of several characters not yet cast, baskets of the local produce were offered in their absence.  LOL!!
Oh dear... JCW with poofy permed hair?  I keep forgetting that this show takes place in the early 2000s.  Oh well... I guess I could get used to that eventually.  Anyway, here's some stills from the event... enjoy!!



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Cherkell! I came to check out your thread! You rock it girl. Give me my daily dose of veggies! Sexy veggies....

Hello :)

This drama seems to have a really nice story. I look forward to it.

Ji Chang Wook has such a cute smile :D

Thank you CherKell for all the updates


I know, when he smiles, my tongue forgets how to move! And yes, thanks cherkell!

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Hi Raine!!  Figured you'd find me here eventually!  I promise not to Wook-roll this thread for fear of driving away any newcomers...  biggrin.gif  

And hi to all you newcomers -- I must apologize for the lack of information put out about this show, but Channel A and the Production Company are keeping everything pretty much closed-off at present.  It's like pulling teeth to get even the smallest morsel of news out of Seoul.  Argh!!!  mad.gif

Hopefully with the Press Conference tentatively set for Thursday (17 November), we should get our fill of gossip and more lovely smiles from our little Veggie Boy (BTW, that precious smile was the main reason the PD-nim cast JCW for "Smile Donghae").  But if anyone else sees good stuff to put up on here, please be my guest -- and check first to see if your info/pictures/etc. has already been posted to keep the redundancy on here to a minimum.  Kamsahamnida!

Only other news to report right now is the casting for the other five "Bachelors" should be completed in the next few days, and Hwang Shin Hye (most recently seen in MBC's "Home Sweet Home") is joining the cast as an "interesting character." I assume that would be some sort of ahjumma persona, as she has a few years up (no offense intended) on both Changwook-sshi and Jihye-ya.  I guess we'll see soon!

I'm checking with my chingus overseas to see if some sort of TVU/GomTV/wwITV/Internet TV station will be carrying this so we can watch live (as we did with WBDS), and will post that info on the Front Page as soon as we know more.  In the meantime, stay tuned!!  Annyeong!

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I looovee Ji Chang Wook especially after Warrior Baek Dong soo :D I even love him since The Son of Sol Pharmacy. I'm soo looking foward to watch his new series especially if the series inspired from true story.

But I hope he change his ramyeon hair style I don't think it fit his gorgeous face I prefer him with sraight hair like the one that Phillar02 posted above B)

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NOW I remember why I hate editing in Soompi.  Freakin' lame-a$$ interface.  ::grumble::

Anyway, here's some more BTS shots from the Channel A promo released last week.  Let's see if Photobucket doesn't crap out on me too... ::doublegrumble::  I so do love that thing JCW does with his tongue... wub.gif


709eaa20.jpg   8bbf8a6f.jpg

52b632d0.jpg     92efa2bf.jpg

6a45e58a.jpg     8129c676.jpg

410ed96b.jpg     0792c8fc.jpg


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oh god..

Cher, hi sweetie..

i missed you so much..it's nice to see you here again..you know after WBDS ending (i'm still in denial by the way hahaha)

our dear dong soo ah look so handsome and YES i can't wait to see him again so soon.. :wub:

so, i'm in..and can't wait to start this drama with you and everyone..

love you all <3

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Hiya Shajoona!!  I've missed you too!!  Glad to see you here -- how's school treating you these days?  LOL everyone knowns I'm still in massive denial over the whole WDBS fiasco that I decided to throw all my madness, sadness and energy into Changwook-sshi's new project.  And annyeonghaseyo to marykarmalina too!  I hope to do a good job for you all -- kamsahamnida!!

It's been a hard slog, since there's hardly ANY news out on the Internet Tubes about this show!!  I get nuggets thrown at me from my chingus over in Korea, and a few tidbits from my RSS feeds and JCW's own Twitter, but other than that, it's been mostly radio silence.  Last information gathered was that script readings have commenced and a teaser has been filmed (but not available on air yet), but will that stop me in my tracks?  Hell to the NO!!  A kind friend overseas has sent on some more BTS pictures of the Chonggagne Prayer Ceremony that show more of the cast members.  A few folks I can recognize right off the bat, but I'm waiting for official confirmation on the names before posting in the Cast List above -- I'll just refer to them as "some guy" for now.  (All pictures below courtesy of Oishi Two. )

Starting off, more shots of the Prayer Altar and the ceremony:



More Changwook Goodness!


Speeches by the Main Cast Members (Ji Chang Wook, Wang Ji Hye, Park Su Jin):





More Speeches -- here's Noh Sung Ha and Lee Kwang Soo:


Shin Won Ho, Ji Hyuk (from Supernova!) and Noh Sung Ha:





And now, a word from the rest of the Female Cast (Lee Eun and Lee Sae Young):




Let's not forget the Kids (Kim Yoo Jung, Oh Jae Moo, Park So Young, and Kim Chae Bin):






PD-nim Lee Jung Hyeong looks on from the sidelines:



And here's the man that all this fuss is being made over -- Mr. Chonggange Grocer Guy himself (Lee Young Suk):



Hope to have more goodies to post this week -- hugs and kisses to everyone!! 

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Sung Ha Cast in ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store'


Sung Ha, ‘the next Hyun Bin’, has been cast in the drama Bachelor’s Vegetable Store.

Sung Ha will be taking on the role of the strong and toned Jung Ki Young in Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, which is the opening drama of Channel A, a general service channel.

Sung Ha is an exercise-lover, and is skilled in Taekwondo, military martial arts, Judo, and Kendo, and reportedly, his toned physique was a factor in his casting.

Sung Ha has been active as a model for various CFs and magazines for men. Recently, he became ‘Shin Min Ah’s man’ after partnering up with Shin Min Ah in the music film for cosmetics brand Hera, and also earned himself the title ‘the next Hyun Bin’ for his distinct features.

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store is a drama about a young, unemployed man who succeeds through his hard work. Hwang Shin Hye, Ji Chang Wook, and Wang Ji Hye will also be appearing in the drama, and its first episode will air on December 21.

Source: enewsworld

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More news is trickling in -- Changwook-sshi tweeted yesterday that the first official day of shooting was to be Saturday, 26 November, so hopefully we'll see some stills or other stuff shortly.  There have been other castings announced this past week at least -- in addition to the kids as the younger versions of the Leads and Noh Sung Ha already listed above, the following will also be joining the cast:

1.  Song Hun Yong (24)... or as most of the world knows him, Ji Hyuk from the idol group Supernova!!  (I even have a couple of their CDs in my collection ::swoon:: )  He's also going to be another one of the Bachelors... and such a cutie pie to boot!

2.  Park Soo Jin (26), most recently seen in "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox" and currently starring in KBS2's "Cupid Factory."  Her role will be as one of the Bachelor's girlfriends.

3.  Kim Yeong Kwang (24), coming off a really strong role in "White Christmas" (parts of which scared the ever-living crap out of me!).  I first remember him being under-used in that stupid "My Fair Lady" rom-com... but I forgave the PD-nim after that, because that show introduced me to The Pretty that is Jung Il Woo. wub.gif  Another Bachelor for the Show!

It looks like we have the Main Bachelor and five others Bachelors cast, so no more Bachelors are needed (if the Show is to conform with the autobiography and/or musical script).  Here's hoping that come next Thursday (1 December), Channel A will stop being so stingy with their drama news, and we'll get a flood of goodies coming our way soon!  BVS FIGHTING!!!

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I am excited for this drama. the synopsis sounds okay to me. I miss JCW since Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Glad to know he's back. I reognize some of the actors and actress. the child actor too, the one in Baker, Kim Tak Goo. and Lee Kwang soo! hahaha. I'm more excited to see him,lol. Always love him in Running Man.

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Hi :D

Just sharing a nice background picture of Veggie Store I came across with :)

Doesn't he look cute surrounded by those lovely vegetables? :lol:



cherkell: You are right. Once channel A starts its airing on December 1st, we will have for sure more and more updates for Veggie Store. Yay!

database & jun-soo: I think most of us are more excited to see Ji Chang Wook :D

Bachelor's Vegetable Store Fighting!

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