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  1. @monika_leeminho I'm amused by how deep a temp tattoo discussion taking us ) Btw, welcome the thread happy you finally decide to join
  2. It's been a while since the last time I post, but I think this tattoo topic become too much lol ... I believe its only temporary tattoo ... maybe its for his pictorial or else but whatever it is I dont wanna know, cos you know ... its private. If he do it, he must have his own reason for whatever it may be. To prove my theory about its temporary or not This is his neck a day before he leave Paris.(btw the redness could be because he try to removed it by scratching/rubbing it too hard) This one is the next day, the day he leave for London.The marks are gone. So, can we move on from this topic please.
  3. #Gangnam1970 was held over for several weeks. 3/8's tickets sold out & today it also extended 2days more. credit : @hopeintree Lee Min Ho Live in Hong Kong 2015 (Free Magazine for Headlines no.531 March issue) credit @hetpi1025
  4. @alesia44 Right? Him fanboying over KRW is the right terms. Their convo really fun and cute. I'm laughing when I saw the part when they gave message to director Yooha ) LMAO thanks for making our life easy *in gritted teeth ROFL . Btw I just realized that at first I wrote "cross interview between LMH and KIM Jong Dae" ) ) when I'm supposed to write KIM RAE WON. Lol I guess my life only goes around him ) This fan account shared by http://hishotnessminho.tumblr.com/ 150118 - Gangnam 1970 ICN showcase fan-account
  5. Cross Interview between Lee Min Ho & Kim Rae Won It's seems very funny and interesting and these two seems really funny http://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/mi/mediaView.nhn?code=103760&mid=25930&pcweb&spi_ref=m_movie_twitter#tab And for MBC Section TV Lee Min Ho cut http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2f029y_150118-mbc-%EC%84%B9%EC%85%98-tv-%EC%97%B0%EC%98%88%ED%86%B5%EC%8B%A0-%EC%8A%A4%ED%83%80ting-%EC%9D%B4%EB%AF%BC%ED%98%B8-720p_tv
  6. More for Samsonite Red https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.191702457692337.1073741828.170805753115341&type=3
  7. @adamfever the 1/20 schedule not in there cos it's announced in Minoz Official Fanclub. Or yet, Starhaus might plan to change the schedule.I saw many blank schedule from the calendar you share, when the one that I saw the activity for January already quite packed. So maybe the one that not yet list there is still tentative.It's going to be busy early year for him #:-S
  8. adamfever said: Hi everyone, thanks for the updates. What to we expect at the red carpet today? Is it the event when celebs show up for G'70, like Minho coming to KWB's Technicians? 2 weeks before the official premiere of G'70, is it too early? I thought this event is usually a week before the release? Anyway, the set up for the event looks so fine. And what is the showcase? Why do I feel so nervous ???
  9. Ups, @bains i didn't realize we post the same things lol ... lemme edit some pics All ready for Gangnam 1970 Red Carpet (5pm) + Showcase (7pm) @Times Square
  10. #이민호 #LeeMinHo < 時報周刊 > no.1924 magazine in TW https://www.facebook.com/want.ctw credit 악동이 ‏@Minojennalee
  11. Scorpion Line me these awesome pics, hope It haven't post here yet. Anyway, let me know if these already post and I will edit it
  12. minomi11.1987_dd12 said: @giselle_tw, I read your FA yesterday, and it's wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us your experience meeting Minho [RE:MINHO] 2014 world tour China has opened their official website. LINK
  13. adamfever said: reading one fa makes me want to read more. @meridian did you get to see him, tell us about it, please. Thanks. need to sign off now. Can't believe we have survived a year without him on the screen. LMH, please make up for us in 2015. To you all, have agreat new year celebration.
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