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  1. Hi guys.. Wow..It has been 2 years since the last time I have been here in soompi ..time flies so fast i feel like it was only yesterday when I posted here ..It's good to be back home .. And I don't know something really good about this drama made me want to say it out loud here with you guys.. I mean YSY Is doing a great job in playing two characters and you can tell the difference between KH and SH just by looking into their eyes.. the story is really good..I cried so many times and while seeing how KH's character is developing with the help of our pretty SE..she is making him a human ..and I love seeing him getting all shy around her ..oh my goodness ! ..in that scene when she told him that she has never seen a judge standing up and moving away from his chair ..he was like " was it bad ?! " then she said " No it's cool " god that smile on his face is just adorable I ship them so hard..the chemistry is REAL also I have been going through their clips on the youtube and it made me angry to see some people saying bad things about the actress who plays SE..they were like " No we don't want her with him ..we want Nara ..this girl looks older than him .." Or " she's not pretty " Sorry ..WHAT ?! they look so good together and Lee yoo young who plays SE is so pretty and small and she has this beautiful voice that makes you want to listen to her talking all the time.. okay about the story ..we all know SE's big sister accident and that SH ( KH's big brother ) was the witness in that time ..So I'm really excited to see what will SE do when she finds out that it was SH from that time ..I don't know I feel like she's gonna hate him and then KH will be like " surprise! I'm not my brother " anyway, I'm so excited it's a good drama with a perfect acting ..it's good to be here again ..have a good day everyone ^^
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