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  1. @bedifferent you're welcome sweetie ..i haven't been active in soompi for 3 years and I'm back now for Nam Do San ^^
  2. Hi guys.. So I have been reading here and there comments about how Nam Do San is violent and selfish ..and I've been asking myself are we seriously watching the same drama ? DS has never been a man who use his fist ..not even once in his life,the reason why he starts using it is all to Defend Dal mi ..Back in Won chairman's office and in front of Alex and then fighting with JP..it was all for Dal mi's sake.. it's not like he's a violent person..he just can't stand seeing Dal Mi getting hurt and do nothing about it..put yourself in his place and see if you can stand still when
  3. Hi everyone,It’s been awhile and by that I mean more than 3 years or something since the last time I posted in soompi but here I am back again with an appreciation post for Nam Do san .. First, I've watched almost every Korean drama that came out in 2020 and I can proudly say that start-up was THE BEST..the idea itself is amazing and god the cast is so perfect I can swear that the writer thought about them while writing their roles.. Second,I'm so fond of the Samsan Trio..They're seriously everything for me..I LOVE THEM.. The Dynamic between DS and JP was t
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