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  1. I think it's the writer faults for not focusing more on HJ ..If only we knew more about her we would know why she chose not to come back to her family and not to talk about HH..maybe she's scared to come back to her family when he's still alive that's why before she was trying to kill him but she couldn't ..she is traumatized ..she is an adult yes but she is not like any other adult out there, she is carrying a trauma inside of her ..all of them actually MC,BY and even HJ I don't know how they managed to grow up as normal people..so yeah I blame the writer for not focusing a little on HJ's sid
  2. I’m sorry my dear but I don’t think that I talked about HJ or BY’s innocence in my post I talked about BY’s attitude towards HJ And regards HJ I don’t see why anyone thinks that she isn’t innocent!! She is innocent and on the top of that Just like BY she’s a victim..she was kidnapped by HH who made her help him in his crimes ..she was used by him, her childhood was destroyed by that monster and she felt guilty at her young age that she decided not to go back to her family ..I don’t know why people are blaming her for this ..she’s the one who’s suffering the most but she has her own reaso
  3. In next episode's preview we see HJ crying in her car and saying :" My poor YH what should I do ?" So it seems that things will be revealed and it will be confirmed that YH is innocent..I'm so happy for HJ and her poor kid they can now at least live in peace..I want HJ to slap BY in her face when she comes to apologize after knowing the truth..her attitude with HJ was so lame and unacceptable at all sorry but I have zero sympathy with BY's character I keep remembering that scene when YH hugged HJ in front of her house and said " I'm sacred" is it the same night that Daniel was supp
  4. Totally agree with you,as I said before the writer is too busy forcing BY in the story to the point that they forgot about HJ ..So many questions about her character and yet she only has three scenes in the episode ? her story is more interesting than BY's story.. too bad they didn't give her what she deserves..It's not like I want to compare between the 2 characters ..but seriously BY is starting to get on my nerves and the writer is making her do things that doesn't make any sense ..suddenly she is like Sherlock finding out that YH is the kid who saved her in the past then god only knows ho
  5. Hello everyone .. Okay so this is my first time posting on this thread, but I had to rant about this drama so i thought this was the right place to do so .. Warning: that this post might contain an unpopular opinion so pardon me guys I came with peace Love you all Okaaaay so Mouse started up so good..the story line was great and everything was on point..LSG is a legend I swear that my cousins and I have a group called " Mouse theories " and we keep analyzing every little detail ( some of us are married with kids I don't even know when they have a time to discuss this drama )..bu
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