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[Drama 2011] Bachelor's Vegetable Store 총각네 야채가게

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We start out in 2000, panning across the front of a local produce market, with a dragonfly flitting in and amongst some fruits and vegetables on display.  Young Tae-yang (Oh Jae Mu) and his little sister Tae-in (Kim Yoo Jung) are picking up loose cabbage leaves off the ground next to a cabbage seller’s stall. He is understandably upset and tries to shoo them away with a flyswatter.  Tae-yang grabs the swatter away and starts swatting at the flies on the cabbages instead, all the time trying to charm the cabbage vendor with some sweet talk and a huge smile on his face.  The Cabbage Guy is not impressed, and starts dragging Tae-yang away from his cabbages.  At that point, Tae-yang’s grandmother shows up and she is royally upset!! She takes her cane and starts whipping Tae-yang while Tae-in just stands there crying.  One of the ahjummas steps up and grabs Grandma’s cane to stop her from beating Tae-yang to death.  Grandma then flops onto the ground and starts crying about her dead daughter and missing son-in-law and how her family is so poor that they can’t even afford to buy a single cabbage, and that by her grandchildren begging like this, they are an embarrassment to her ancestors. Cabbage Guy is then chastised by the other shoppers for being such a hard-richard simmons… and in the next scene, we see Tae-yang and Tae-in walking out of the market, each holding a big, fat cabbage in their arms.They race home to their humble house with the cabbages, where Grandma is waiting for them. All of a sudden, there’s a BARE BUTT staring at us on screen! Grandma asked to see Tae-yang’s rear end to make sure she left no bruises from the beating she gave him earlier, and she then takes out a sewing kit and cotton batting.  Apparently this was all a ruse at the market in order to score some free cabbages.  While Tae-in sits and brushes her hair in the mirror, Grandma takes Tae-yang’s blue jeans and rips them apart to add extra padding to the rear end.  Tae-yang tells Grandma he did a good job, since he was able to score TWO cabbages this time around… and we hear the first instance of this Show’s Catch Phrase:  “I AM HAN TAE-YANG. I WILL NOT FAIL!”

Tae-in gives Tae-yang a hard time, wanting to score some meat at the butcher the next time they go to the market.   Grandma tells the kids that she’s sorry they even have to go through such a process, to which Tae-yang says that he will take care of his halmoni and his sister no matter what.

In the next scene, Tae-yang is stacking cabbages at Cabbage Guy's stall, making sure the tops are showing instead of the roots (as Cabbage Guy has already stacked them).  Cabbage Guy approaches Tae-yang with a broom hoping to scare him off, but instead witnesses Tae-yang talking to the cabbages to make sure they’re stacked properly so they don’t go bad fast.  Cabbage Guy agrees and lets him continue.

Cutto a dream sequence at a picnic in a field, in which Jin-shim (Kim Chae Bin) fantasizes she's the daughter of her best friend's mom, Kang-sun (Hwang Shin Hye), and then we fade into a scene at a local church, where Jin-shim is asleep on her table, still dreaming. She awakes to the sound of the choir singing, and looks over to see her fantasy mom fussing over her real daughter, Ga-on.  Jin-shim gets all flustered and leaves the service.

Jin-shim arrives at an abandoned theme park, where she takes the tarp off an old van that the kids use as their ‘hideout.’ Tae-yang arrives with some of his homemade radish kimchi.  Tae-yang begins to wax poetic about his special radish kimchi, and Jin-shim highly approves of his new recipe.  The kids end up studying in the front of the van, while Tae-in sleeps soundly in the back...

At school the next day, Tae-yang's homeroom teacher and the Principal are discussing who should receive the next round of scholarships as the other kids watch from outside (basically trying to decide who is the poorest – Tae-yang by living with his grandmother, or Jin-shim being an orphan).  Tae-yang tells Jin-shim they should leave for home.  They are then accosted by a couple of boys asking Tae-yang if Jin-sim is his girlfriend.  As more kids join in the melee, Tae-yang grabs Jin-shim's hand and starts dragging her away.  Then the entire schoolyard starts encircling the two, calling them the “Poor Couple.”  As Tae-yang balls up his hand into a fist, Jin-shim grabs it instead, wheels around, and kisses him full on the lips.  The kids are aghast, and Tae-yang is noticeably freaked out as Jin-shim shyly looks up at him.

On their way home from school, Tae-yang carries Jin-shim's schoolbag, keeping a respectful distance between them.  As they part, he asks her for confirmation: "Jin-shim! Did you really kiss me, Han Tae-yang?" She giggles and takes the bag from him.

The next day at school, Tae-yang is staring out the window at the girls' gym class. A noise startles him, and he sees that one of his classmates is showing off her new pager that her oppa gave her for her birthday.  That gives Tae-yang an idea...

We cut to a children's clothing store that Kang-sun owns.  She is there with Ga-on discussing the new doll that Mom bought for her.  Ga-on sees Jin-shim spying on them, and goes outside to bring her in for tea.  As she gets up to leave, Jin-shim accidentally knocks over her tea cup, and then cuts her hand as she picks up the pieces.  Mom and Ga-on take her to the hospital to get stitched up, as Jin-shim fantasizes again about having Kang-sun as her mother.  As Mom is settling the bill, Ga-on tells Jin-shim that since she goes to private school, she has no friends and decides that Jin-shim should be her best friend now.

Tae-yang has an idea on how to afford the pager he’s going to buy for Jin-shim – he heads out to the fields to dig up vegetables to sell at the market.  Tae-in gives him a hard time about it, but Tae-yang talks her into helping by singing to attract a crowd so he can extole the virtues of Tae-in eating her vegetables (what looks like mizuna) helped with her singing voice.  The ahjummas flock around and buy all his stock.

They discuss what to do with the money, and Tae-yang wants to start a chicken farm to supplement the veggies he’s selling. (Cut to a dream sequence where Tae-yang is now the King of the Chicken World, and have bought a cute cottage for all three of them to live in.)  As they walk home counting their cash, they are accosted by a bully who beats up Tae-yang and steals his money.  Grandma tries to fix his black eye with a flour-and-water paste, while Tae-in says he should have just given up the money to not get hit.

Back out in the fields again, Tae-yang is harvesting more mizuna, when the bully appears and steals his basket. Bully dumps the basket into the garbage, and when Tae-yang confronts him, Bully throws the basket at him at the same time Tae-yang throws his shovel at the bully… almost striking the Mom, Ga-on and Jin-shim as they’re walking through the alley at the same time. Tae-yang attempts an apology, but Mom and Ga-on won’t listen.  Jin-shim feebly follows them instead of staying behind with Tae-yang. Later that night, the two kids meet up at the van, where Jin-shim applies lotion to his hands in apology.

The next day, Tae-yang is back selling his mizuna at the market, when Bully Boy appears again to give him more grief. This time, a couple of the ahjummas intervene to get Bully Boy away, but Tae-yang stands up for him, saying he was just a hyung he was helping out.  We find out Bully Boy’s actual name is Bin, and then Bin drags Tae-yang and his veggies over to a local restaurant.  Bin tells the ahjumma in charge that she should be buying her vegetables from Tae-yang in the future.  Tae-yang tells him thanks and Bin wanders off.

Back at the clothing shop, Kang-sun is told by one of her friends about some gossip on a chaebol heir, Mok In Beom (Jeon No Min), who is getting a divorce because his wife cannot bear children.  Flashback to Mom and In Beom at a house in the suburbs, where they are not married but apparently have a child together. Since his family will disown him if he marries Kang-sun, she suggests she leave with the child and go live somewhere else until he can come back to them.  He reluctantly agrees.

Then back to the present, Kang-sun attempts to call In Beom to find out if he’s ready to come back to them now that he’s unattached.  Until he makes a final decision, though, Kang-sun decides to prepare Ga-on to be properly received by her father by taking her to violin and ballet and singing lessons.  Ga-on isn’t having any of that, by calling out her Mom as faking her love in order to have her father return.

The girls are then seen at the clothing store, trying on cute little hats and taking pictures.  Tae-yang is seen finally buying the pager for Jin-shim. He runs back to the van, where Jin-shim is with Ga-on.  Tae-yang decides not to give the pager to Jin-shim with Ga-on there… and then is appalled to see that the girls have redecorated the van all girly-like and stuff.

We’re now back at the market, where Tae-yang and Jin-shim are selling veggies, and Tae-in is singing with Ga-on playing her violin in support. Kang-sun comes across them and scolds her for association with the others.  Ga-on gives her some lip, and then Mom slaps her hard.  Ga-on runs off somewhere…

Tae-yang finally has enough money to buy a half-dozen chicks for his Chicken Empire.  Jin-shim is carrying Ga-on’s violin with her, and heads off to the clothing store to return it.  Only Mom is there, and she tells Jin-shim to drop it there and leave. She does not want Ga-on to hang around the orphans any longer, and is sending Ga-on off to live with her father. Jin-shim is heartbroken and runs off in tears…

Back at home, Tae-yang and Tae-in are tending to their chicks, when Grandma suddenly has an attack and reaches for some pills. The next day, the kids take Grandma’s prescription to the hospital to find out what she’s taking and what’s wrong with her.  After hearing the news, they run home to find Grandma taking a nap and Tae-in crawls under the blankets with her. Tae-yang yells at Grandma keeping her health problems a secret from them.  Grandma tries to explain herself to the kids, but Tae-yang is not having any of that.  Grandma tells them she’s not going anywhere for awhile, and that she didn’t want to burden them by saying she has a health issue.

We’re back at the abandoned van, where Jin-shim is in the front seat crying.  Tae-yang shows up and sits in the back crying as well.  They’re finally done sobbing and share tissues to clean up and discuss their sad situations. 

Back in church the next day, Jin-shim makes an effort to avoid Ga-on like Mom asked her to.  Ga-on calls Mom out on her actions and runs off.  The next scene we see Tae-yang, Tae-in and Jin-shim “interviewing” prospective adoptive parents.  The first pair just want to take in Tae-in and leave the others be.  Tae-yang orders her to get up and leave with him.  Later, Tae-yang goes back to the van to look for Jin-shim, when he sees the gate to the kiddie park unlocked and Ga-on sitting in the van herself.  She must have been waiting for Jin-shim instead, but gives a small book to Tae-yang with the instructions to give it to Jin-shim when he sees her later.  Ga-on runs off with a frustrated Tae-yang wondering what the heck is going on.

At home, Tae-in is reading what turns out to be a shared diary between the two girls.  It’s written in some sort of code that Tae-in relays to Tae-yang, where Jin-shim gushes over the virtues of Tae-yang.  Back at school, Tae-yang tells Jin-shim to not go anywhere and attempts to hand the diary up to her as she’s washing the schoolroom windows.  Jin-shim is called in by the teacher and Tae-yang goes to the homeroom alone and reads the last page in the diary.  What he sees is that Jin-shim plans on leaving their hometown and live with Ga-on’s family once her father returns to them.  Tae-yang is upset, and tears that one page out of the diary.

It’s dark now, and Ga-on is waiting at the van for Jin-shim to arrive.  Some neighborhood bullies are hanging around, lighting off fireworks and causing general mayhem.  Since Ga-on has not returned home, Mom goes off to look for her and runs into Jin-shim.  Ga-on runs off and hides in the theme park operating booth, accidentally setting off the lights at the park.  The bullies chase her with the fireworks, and Ga-on starts walking up the roller coaster track to escape them. She gets to the top, trips and falls to the ground.  The bullies freak out and run off.

Mom and Jin-shim run into Tae-yang as he is returning home and ask if he knows where Ga-on is.  Tae-yang then shows Mom the page from the shared diary he tore out earlier that day and apologizes for not telling them earlier. They all run to the van to see Ga-on’s doll there in the weeds, but Ga-on is nowhere to be found.  And there we end Episode 1.

PREVIEW:  Kang-sun accuses Tae-yang and Jin-shim of hurting Ga-on.  Mom goes over to confront Grandma.  Jin-shim goes over to Ga-on’s house to find it empty. Grandma collapses from the stress of meeting Kang-sun.  Jin-shim makes a fateful decision about how to live the rest of her life. An all-growed-up Tae-yang is seen riding his bicycle through the streets.  And in a voiceover, we hear the Catch Phrase again:  “I am Han Tae-yang.  I will not fail!!”








See my entry for Episode 2 -- too sick to think right now.  I'll be back with this later today.



AGB:    .364%


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Thank you so much for torrent and captions ka.This drama has eng hard sub? i saw caption in pervious page there eng sub in captions.

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Oh thank you guys for sharing everything .!

Opps actually i'm so excited to watch changwook oppa drama .!

I miss him ^^'/ start downloading .! ^^' ., Yeah BTW guys dose there a live stream ?!

wanna watch it alive .! Oh also let's waiting a rating will be high .!



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thank you so much for the recap cherkell. i was really waiting to watch this series. i am new here and i really3x love watching ji chang wook sshi acting. like him in smile donghae and absolutely love in warrior baek dong soo. really can't wait for the sub version of the episode. really appreciate all of this and could not thank you enough. BVS, fighting!!!  :D

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does anyone know if someone will be subbing this drama? thanks!

Also DramaFever will carry this starting on Friday (23 December).  Always check the first page of this Forum for your handy download links and any other news pertaining to watching BVS!!

Sorry it's taking so long to type up the recap, chingus.  My router blew up and I had to go purchase a new one.  I'll keep updating the post above as fast as I can.  My question is:  do you guys want a detailed recap with screencaps (takes longer but should have done by the end of the same day the episode airs), or just an outline of the highlights without the pretty pictures (short but sweet and done by noon)?  Majority rule wins!!

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hmmm, i would really appreciate it if you could do a detailed recap with screencaps because it will be easier to understand for me. and thanks again, cherkell. i followed you on the tumblr as well :lol:

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Also DramaFever will carry this starting on Friday (23 December).  Always check the first page of this Forum for your handy download links and any other news pertaining to watching BVS!!

Sorry it's taking so long to type up the recap, chingus.  My router blew up and I had to go purchase a new one.  I'll keep updating the post above as fast as I can.  My question is:  do you guys want a detailed recap with screencaps (takes longer but should have done by the end of the same day the episode airs), or just an outline of the highlights without the pretty pictures (short but sweet and done by noon)?  Majority rule wins!!

Hilights and maybe some condensed, important dialog is good for me. Short and fast works well with raw postings. Looking forward to your recaps and, of course, more eps.

Thankx for your valuable recaps.

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Also DramaFever will carry this starting on Friday (23 December).  Always check the first page of this Forum for your handy download links and any other news pertaining to watching BVS!!

Sorry it's taking so long to type up the recap, chingus.  My router blew up and I had to go purchase a new one.  I'll keep updating the post above as fast as I can.  My question is:  do you guys want a detailed recap with screencaps (takes longer but should have done by the end of the same day the episode airs), or just an outline of the highlights without the pretty pictures (short but sweet and done by noon)?  Majority rule wins!!

Thanks for all the updates CherKell. Brief recap is fine with me because you summarized it with all the the highlights. I know it's hard to do the recaps and screen caps at the same time. You can do whatever is more convenient to you, no pressure :-D

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Phew.  Swapping out my wireless router took a lot more time than anticipated.  But it's finally done and I can get back to normal surfing the web for hours on end now.  wink.gif

Thanks for the input, folks -- between the posts here and my PMs today, the "short recap with highlights" wins out after all.  I'll save the massive recaps for another time.  I should be finishing up Episode 1 within the next hour or so.  Thanks for your patience!  For the big recaps with pictures and everything, you guys should be checking out Dramabeans.com, because the lovely and talented Javabeans will be recapping over there as well.

But... we're not off to a great start at all.  According to the AGB Nielsen Media Research, the ratings for the first episode of BVS was only at 0.364% of the national audience that was watching Channel A.  "Fermentation Family" (which is the jTBC drama running at the same timeslot as BVS) earned a 1.062% for its fifth episode aired on 21 December.  I am wondering if the sudden time switch kept viewers unaware that the Show had aired earlier than expected... I was quite upset to tune in and find out it was already running!!  That, or the viewing public is waiting for the adult actors to appear before tuning in.  Geez, I hope not, because these kids are freakin' amazing!!

Anyway, check back later for more goodies -- hopefully Channel A will post the preview for Episode 2 soon!!  BVS FIGHTING!!!

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thank you for the amazing recaps.

I know that jTBC has been pawning the drama ratings out of other cable channels. It only happens in Korea, I think international fans would love to watch BVS more. (I'm just being positive here) :P

I like Ji Chang Wook in WBDS & I like Wang Ji Hye in PTB, they have a great talent as an actor/actress. I hope they will give us a good chemistry, I'm looking forward to the rest of the bachelors! Woot! I'm really loving this "Flower Boy" drama genre lately~

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Spoiler: We begin at the end of Episode 1, where Kang-sun (Mom) and the kids find Ga-on's doll in the weeds.  Mom understandably starts freaking out that Ga-on has run away, and wanders off sobbing hysterically.  We then see Tae-yang and Jin-shim at the church in front of the funeral alter containing Ga-on's death portrait.  The kids are sobbing as well and cry themselves to sleep until a church deacon comes over to ask where an adult is to receive Ga-on's ashes.  Jin-shim gets up to leave to find Kang-sun, as Tae-yang flashes back to Mom accosting him at the hospital by throwing him up against a wall, almost shakes the crap out of him, while blaming him for Ga-on's death and tells Tae-yang that he should die die die instead.  Tae-yang stays back at the church, crying.

Later that evening, Jin-shim arrives at Kang-sun and Ga-on's house looking for Mom.  Milk cartons are piled up against the front door, but Jin-shim goes in anyway.  It's too quiet, but as she looks around, she finds Mom in the bathtub with blood everywhere.  Mom has slit her wrists and is waiting to die.  Jin-shim saves her and waits by her bedside after Mom gets patched up and an IV drip inserted.  In a long, drawn-out speech, Mom tells her that Ga-on was her last hope for their family to be reunited, while she was waiting to die, she could have sworn she heard Ga-on playing her violin and that it was a perfect and beautiful piece, and she collapses sobbing into Jin-shim's arms... until Mom starts freaking out wanting to die like Ga-on did.

The next day at the funeral parlor, Jin-shim receives Ga-on's ashes with Mom standing by.  They leave the crematorium, where Grandma and Tae-yang are waiting, and both bow deeply as they both walk past.  Mom doesn't even acknowledge the two, but Jin-shim turns around after a bit and looks back sadly at Tae-yang.

Now back home, Tae-yang and Tae-in are looking after their chicks, all grown up and rooting around for food.  Tae-in wants to name the chickens, while Tae-yang just sits there staring.  Tae-in accuses her brother of not caring about the chickens and gets all pissed off at him and runs back in the house.  With Grandma looking on, Tae-yang cries about how he could have met Ga-on that night to save her instead of taking care of the chick that Tae-in gave a bath to.  He apologizes to the chickens and tells them he'll be a better keeper now

At Kang-sun's house, Jin-shim attempts to force some food down Mom's throat.  Whatever Jin-shim says to Mom upsets her highly and she freaks out again... as we fade to Mok In Beom's (Dad) palatial mansion, where he is apparently waiting for a guest with presents strewn around him.  Mom is in their living room, continuing her freak-out when the phone rings.  She just stands there and stares at it for the longest time.  Jin-shim asks if she should answer it and reaches for the phone, when Mom grabs it out of her hands.  It's Dad, telling Mom that his divorce is now final and that they should make preparations to move in with him.  He wants Mom to put Ga-on on the phone so he can talk to her, to which Mom lies and says she is not home to receive his call.  She tells Dad she will call him back and hangs up... and we then see the thoughts formulating in her head about what she's going to do next.

Mom turns to Jin-shim and has an idea to ask her to be Ga-on going forward.  She can't give up her hopes now that Ga-on is dead, so she wants Jin-shim to step into her shoes.  Mom then hugs Jin-shim and Jin-shim just melts at a mother's touch.  In a voiceover on her way back home, she asks Tae-yang what she should do with this problem.  As she arrives at Tae-yang's house, she comes upon Grandma on a stretcher being taken out after collapsing.  Jin-shim stays behind with Tae-in, while Tae-yang accompanies Grandma in the ambulance to the hospital.

Hours pass at the hospital, and we see Tae-yang and Jin-shim taking turns piggybacking a sleeping Tae-in.  The next day at school, Kang-sun is waiting for her after classes let out.  She asks Jin-shim if she's made a decision about stepping into Ga-on's shoes -- Mom can provide for Jin-shim for the rest of her life with money and everything she's ever wanted being an orphan.  Jin-shim is still conflicted, but pinky-swears with Mom to join her family.

Grandma finally wakes up in the hospital to see Tae-yang standing over her.  She wonders out loud what to do, as Tae-yang tells her he's the man of the family and will take care of everything.  Next scene the three kids are in church, praying for the health of Grandma.  As they leave the church, Kang-sun is waiting for Jin-shim and tells her to come with her.  Tae-yang continues to apologize to Mom, but Mom just wants to leave with Jin-shim and tells them she's no longer to be friends with Tae-in and Tae-yang.  Jin-shim leaves with Mom as Tae-in starts yelling back at them.

Mom and Jin-shim walk off to their house, as Jin-shim protests that Mom shouldn't treat the kids that way.  Mom wheels around with that look in her that says "don't mess with me, girly" and orders Jin-shim to follow now.

[insert Micky Yoochun ramyun commercial here.  Ooooooooh.]

The next day, Tae-in is running through the neighborhood with one of Tae-yang's chickens.  Apparently Tae-yang is trying to take her favorite chicken for dinner that night for Grandma's return hom, but Tae-in wants to keep her favorite chicken as a pet.  Tae-yang's pleadings aren't working, and Tae-in throws the chicken over the fence to set it free.  Clinging to Tae-yang's leg, he drags her along for a good 20 feet down the courtyard.  The chicken runs into the mizuna field, where Tae-yang eventually catches it.  The next thing we see is Grandma hovering over the stove, ladling stewed chicken and broth into a bowl while Tae-in sobs nearby.

Tae-yang has the idea to bring some of the chicken dinner over to Kang-sun's house to give to Jin-shim.  Mom opens the door and listens to what Tae-yang has to say, but then slams the door shut in his face.  As his sits on the church steps pondering, Mom comes out to see the chicken dish still sitting on the porch.  Mom just picks it up and throws it away.

In the next scene, we see Grandma at a photo studio.  She's all dressed up in hanbok, so it becomes obvious that she's there to have her funeral picture taken.  She walks down the hall to where she will be photographed, but runs into Kang-sun and Jin-shim having Jin-shim's graduation pictures taken.  All this time, she calls Jin-shim by Ga-on's name.   As Grandma calls out to Jin-shim, Mom asks who this person is.  When Jin-shim explains that she is Tae-yang's halmoni, Mom grabs the door to the studio and slams it shut.  Outside the studio room, Jin-shim attempts to address Grandma to explain.  Mom puts a stop to that right away and calls Jin-shim away.  Grandma lets her leave, but then Mom wants to discuss the situation with Grandma at her home.

Back at home, Grandma is peeling tangerines while Mom keeps yammering on about how this is a good thing for Jin-shim to have the things she wouldn't have if she stayed as Jin-shim.  Grandma asks her if she really intends to break the kids up, as they have become fast friends all these years, and then gives Mom grief about using Jin-shim as her substitute daughter.  Mom gets pissed and leaves.

Mom returns to the church to find Jin-shim sewing what looks like a bag, and tells Jin-shim that she needs to cut all ties with Tae-yang's family now.  The next day, Tae-yang and Tae-in and Grandma are all sitting around the breakfast table.  Tae-in is still giving Tae-yang grief about her chicken becoming dinner.  At school, Tae-yang looks for Jin-shim and asks her what the ahjumma is doing with her.  They make an agreement to meet after school, where Tae-yang plans on giving her the pager.  He and Tae-in look longingly in a bakery window, knowing that they can't afford most of the products there.

We then see Jin-shim at the beauty shop getting her long hair cut into a Ga-on hairstyle.  She looks upset because she was supposed to meet up with Tae-yang after school and there she was getting her hair cut.  As they leave, Mom pulls out the same jeweled hair pin that Jin-shim fantasized about wearing, and pins it into Jin-shim's hair.

Tae-yang and Grandma are then preparing for Tae-yang's birthday party, but it's getting way past the time Jin-shim promised to be there.  Grandma pulls out a puffy jacket for Tae-yang's birthday present and gives it to him, while Tae-in starts yelling that Grandma will be giving her yet another one of Tae-yang's hand-me-downs.  And they continue to wait for Jin-shim...

Mom is discussing the proposal with Jin-shim after the haircut.  Through her tears, Jin-shim agrees to go through with the plan and to call her Ga-on from now on.  Next we see them at a tattoo parlor, getting Jin-shim marked the same as Ga-on's birthmark.  Several scenes of she and Tae-yang flashback to her while she gets marked, as she tells Tae-yang she's sorry and calls Kang-sun... Mom.

Later than night, Tae-yang and Tae-in are out by the church looking for Jin-shim.  Mom and (now) Ga-on walk up, and Tae-in starts yelling at eonni, asking her why she now looks so funny and why she missed the birthday party.  Mom just stares at them and pulls Ga-on right by them.

In bed for the night, Tae-in complains to Grandma about Jin-shim's situation, while Tae-yang just lays there and stares at the ceiling.  At school the next day, Tae-yang opens his locker to find the present that Jin-shim was sewing for him: a little patchwork bag for his lunches with a cute puffy heart on the front.  He's as happy as a clam, and runs out of the school to the next building to his homeroom.  When he gets there, he sees that Jin-shim's seat is empty.  When Tae-yang asks where she is, one of the other students say that she's not in school today.  Tae-yang runs out looking for her, with his voiceover from when they kissed still echoing in his ears.

Mom and (now) Ga-on have finished the 'transformation,' and are walking fast towards their home.  Ga-on stops in her tracks and asks Mom why she's in such a hurry.  Mom explains that she needs to hurry to get Ga-on out of town to meet her father.  Tae-yang is still wandering the town looking for Jin-shim with the fabric bag in his hands.

Mom and Ga-on are at the bus station waiting to leave to meet up with In Beom (Dad).  The bus arrives, and as they get ready to step on, Ga-on breaks free from Mom's hand and runs off, saying she has to say goodbye to someone.  She runs all the way back to Tae-yang's house and asks where Tae-yang is.  She tells Grandma of the plan for her to assume Ga-on's identity, and Grandma tells her that is going to break Tae-yang's heart.  Ga-on bows deeply and runs off, while Grandma clutches her chest and falls to the ground.  Ga-on then runs to the theme park, flashing back to the time when all four of the kids were together playing in the van.  In a surreal scene, the new Ga-on stands there, while the old Jin-shim walks right past her.  At that point, Ga-on realizes that was all just a dream.  As she turns to walk away, Tae-yang comes up behind her.  Tae-yang teases her about the 'girly present' she made for him, and he then pulls out the pager to give to Ga-on.  She thanks him and she starts to cry.  Tae-yang is confused.

Mom arrives at Grandma's looking for Ga-on.  When Grandma tells her she's not there anymore, she starts giving Mom major lip about making Jin-shim into her dead daughter.  Mom yells back at Grandma that she's ruining Jin-shim's life, when Mom tells Grandma to shut up and butt out.  Grandma says she's going to report Kang-sun for kidnapping Jin-shim to the police., which throws Mom into such a rage that Mom grabs Grandma by the throat and starts shaking her and freaks out.  She leaves Grandma on the floor having an attack, reaching for her pill bottle that flew across the room.  Mom picks up the pill bottle and throws it against the wall, where it breaks.

Tae-yang and Ga-on take one last walk together, where in voiceover Ga-on apologizes over and over to him.  Tae-yang tells her he'll see her in school tomorrow, and she looks back over her shoulder to watch him walk away.  Ga-on sits on the steps and sobs her little heart out.  Mom comes rushing up and drags Ga-on away.  Tae-yang returns home to find Grandma passed out with the pills scattered around.  Mom and Ga-on get on the bus and leave for good.

Tae-yang and Tae-in are at the hospital where the doctors are trying to revive Grandma, to no avail.  The kids are hysterical, and the sheet is then pulled over Grandma's face... the screen goes all white...

And here we are (according to the title card), 11 years later.  A white dress shirt is hanging on a clothesline, suddenly taken off by (drumroll) an older Han Tae-yang (Ji Chang Wook).

(Excuse me here for a second... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!  Okay, I'm done now.  Sorry about that.)

Tae-yang is getting all dressed up for something, and when he looks in the mirror and says "Okay.  Perfect!"  He pulls open the door of his room and leaves.  We see on a side table books on marketing, several notes to himself hanging on the walls, and on the dining table is a picture of Tae-yang and Jin-shim in their school uniforms...

Tae-yang is going down the hallway of his apartment complex, knocking on all the doors, reminding the tenants of their daily schedules.  He checks in with the Manager, where he asks the Manager how he looks because today is a BIG DAY!!  The Manager reminds him that Tae-yang asked to borrow his camera, as he hands it over.  And he's off to... a large ConHugeCo corporate office complex, with Grand Opening banners at the front doors.  With a congratulatory bouquet in his hands, he raises his hands over his head and yells "HOORAY!!" three times and heads inside.  At the lobby are several mannequins in various states of dress (and undress as well).  Tae-yang scours around looking at the name tags with camera and bouquet in hand, accidentally bumping into the other patrons.

As he turns around... and standing there is older Tae-in (Lee Se Young).  As they whirl around semi-hugging each other, Tae-in secretly switches the description tag with her own.  As Tae-yang hands the bouquet to her (it's in congratulations for her graduating fashion design school), he asks which project is hers, and she points to some butt-ugly Pepto Bismol-pink fluffy thing with fake fur.  Tae-yang asks a passerby to take a picture of him and Tae-in and her "creation."   Suddenly the real designer of the dress arrives and calls them out, while Tae-yang gives her lip back about not dissing his sister's design.  She reaches down and takes the fake card off to show them it's her own creation.  Tae-yang starts asking what the heck is going on, when Tae-in grabs his hand and starts to drag him out of the corporate lobby... but not before the two women start getting catty with each other.  And then the bomb is dropped -- Tae-in has taken a leave from college and spent the tuition money that Tae-yang had provided for all this time on a Chanel outfit!!  Tae-in explains that she was unhappy and that she's gonna do something better from now on (like marry a rich man), as Tae-yang keeps crabbing at her to get her life together.  He'll pay for her tuition again, so she should go back to school.  Tae-in says no way, and she'll just spend the money on new boobs instead!! (hee...)

In the next scene, we see the older Ga-on (Wang Ji Hye) getting all dolled up kinda like a greeter for a department store.  She arrives at another ConHugeCo building, where she runs into the office ladies gossiping about something.  The head office lady tells Ga-on that there were some strange things going on today... and we find out that Ga-on actually works in the ConHugeCo Parking Garage.  Another Garage Worker woman complains to Ga-on that she is being accused of stealing an expensive sports car, and then asks Ga-on to take the fall for her (since her parents will bail her out anyway because they're rich and stuff).  Ga-on politely refuses and leaves.  

In the ConHugeCo parking garage, Lee Seul-woo (Kim Yeong Kwang) is seen polishing his fancy-richard simmons Porsche sports car, while on the phone with his mother and pleading for something.  Other Garage Worker follows Ga-on into the garage and gets on her knees to bag for assistance.  When Ga-on refuses, the rejected girl gives her grief about being 'God's Daughter' because of her family connections, but Ga-on gives it right back to her and says she'll be fired anyway because she had the rotten luck to insult God's Daughter.  Seul-woo thinks Ga-on is scary, and he gets into his car to leave, passing Ga-on on the way out.

We then cut to My Precious Tae-yang riding his bicycle down the riverside path, and then back to Ga-on riding the bus home after quitting her job.  Tae-yang arrives at the local Farmers Market where he stares at the front gates.  Ga-on is on the other side of the gates, staring up at the other side.  And there we end Episode 2.

PREVIEW:  Tae-yang is seen almost naked, clothed in only his boxer shorts, being spun around on a forklift through the Farmers Market, while grabby-hand ahjummas reach for him.  Ga-on is also at the Farmers Market, watching a competition between Tae-yang and another farmer to see who can carry the most radishes from one spot to another and properly stack them.  The Jung Dan-bi character is seen getting out of a fancy car.   Tae-yang is smacked in the face by another adjusshi at the Market for (believe it or not) having the wrong hairstyle (hee!!).  Ga-on and Tae-yang find themselves competing for the same market stall spot.



a0ca6782.jpg  b7b67e1b.jpg

f59435f3.jpg    fdeb8b90.jpg




Spoiler: Dramabeans Episode 2 Recap

Spoiler: Well, that went from dark to darker real fast.  The pacing is what's annoying me right now -- I realize there's only 20 episodes in this production, but  doesn't it seem like everything is rushing a little too fast to get to the adult cast?  I felt like they could have focused at least another two episodes on the kids, especially expanding the storylines after Grandma passed away and Jin-shim/Ga-on was taken away by Crazy Mom.  It was rather abrupt after the Death Scene to be all-of-a-sudden 11 YEARS LATER.  That would make Our Bachelor Hero what, 25 years old now?  How did Tae-yang and Tae-in and Ga-on get to be where they are at when the older versions were introduced at the end -- did Tae-yang ever get to attend college like he told halmoni he would?  Did Ga-on 'pass muster' with her birth father not having a clue she wasn't the real daughter after all?  Anyway...  it just broke my heart to watch the two young lovers be pulled apart in that way -- Tae-yang in being so innocent and not having a clue that would be his last meeting with Jin-shim, and Jin-shim basically prostituting herself just to have a roof over her head and a farce of a mother's love.  Sigh.

I'm having a hard time with Hwang Shin Hye's character, though.  You would think that if one just lost her only child that one would also have a few more emotive looks on their face than just EXTREMELY ANNOYED or SCREAMING LIKE A BANSHEE.  (As an aside, KBS World is re-running "The Queen Returns" in the afternoons, and Shin-hye is playing her BVS character *the same exact way* as she did in that drama.  Weird.)  But for those netizens who said the whole slitting-her-wrists scene was too risque and totally uncalled for... take a chill pill, please.  Maybe I'm just too de-sensitized, but I found nothing wrong with it and it did further the plot along as a grieving mother with nothing left to live for.  Remember this show is on cable, so they're going to push the envelope because they can. 

But I digress.  Tae-yang's promise to his Grandma aside, I find it heartwarming that the two Han children remain so close to one another... but that Tae-in's "scamming" ways are still alive well into her twenties.  As I attempt to be objective here... Changwoo-ssi, you're really chewing the scenery big time there.  If it's part of the plot for you to be extra perky and overly-optimistic, then I can deal for a little longer.  I'm hoping his character will mellow out once his hyungs hit the scene, and we can spread the Hotness Level around a bit.  Okay, a lot.  A LOT.

We're only two episodes in, folks.  It's too early to abandon ship, because I think this show is gonna ramp up really fast.  Strap yourselves in and stay tuned!


AGB:    .508%

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Of course I am watching this drama via Viki.com. It has my favorite actress in it 

Wang Ji Hye!!



I am sure she will have more chemistry with Ji Chang Wook than emo nun (aka she who shan't be named) who was his love interest in Warrior Baek Dong Soo


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love, love the recap.... :w00t: i'm so excited seeing ji chang wook, not that i don't like the child actors. they were great as well, but i was waiting for ji chang wook to appear. i am also excited to watch the other bachelors as well because from the highlight i watched before, it looks like it is going to be a fun series to watch with all of them together!!! Can't wait. YAY for Bachelor's Vegetable Store. Fighting!!!! :D

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