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[Drama 2011] Manny 매니

Guest poly0410

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Guest toGETherONE

aw man~ is there no Chad 720p out this time for e06?

i need to hop over viki for e06 online.

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I'm liking the show so far (first two episodes). I'm tuning in for "Janice" and for when the little girl starts to come around, so we can see that old "Shinbi" smile, again. ^_^Seo Ji Suk is doing a good job as Manny and the lead actress is going to fun to watch. But,where Janice goes, the fun follows... ;)

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Guest relly

Hi Everyone,

Manny Episode 5 English Soft-Sub Subtitle is out.


Manny 1-5 English Subtitle can be found Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project:-

URL: http://www.darksmurfsub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1069-manny-2011-coming-soon/

Please visit the link for more information about the Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project. CTS Project is about FANS helping FANS for FAST SUBTITLE RELEASE! Enjoy!

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Guest beckyqldgpr

i hope manny will jealous to ahjumma ex husband,,,,,

and sorry really2 dont like many with ahjumma sister,,,,

Me neither... hello! she is JANICE she can find a man whenever she wants....jajajaj I think I like him better with ahjumma and the kids, that's what seems better for him.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Rottyful Sky to make her acting debut in “Many”


Singer Rottyful Sky will be making her debut as an actor in the upcoming tvN mini-drama Many.

Rottyful Sky will be playing the part of the annoying niece of Byun Jang Soo, a stock investor, and it’s being reported that she was able to pull off the act pretty well. The singer was able to land the part after meeting a crew member from Inkigayo.

The crew member stated, “I think she has gotten a lot more mature. I asked her to participate in the drama as I know she’s not only a good singer, but she has star quality. She was able to do very well with the important parts as Byun Jangsoo’s niece and as Hyung Sung Ha’s love interest.”

Rottyful Sky herself stated, “I’m always happy to have the chance to try out new things. If there’s anything like this for me in the future, I would like to be a part of it on top of being a singer.”


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Guest angel91

Ahjumma and manny may be cute, but will it help ahjumma grow? Ahjumma is so full of low self-esteem. Like the time she didn't even think about opening up her own shop, thinking she wouldn't ever make it because of her age. She relies too much on people and very naive. It probably won't go this way, but I want manny to teach her how to grow up and stand up for herself. Manny deals with mothers all the time so how is this one any different? She needs to learn how to make her own descions, like when she followed the "trend" of putting up cctv's in her house. She should've asked manny and talk to him about the bruises instead of hiding behind his back about it.

To be perfectly honest I think ahjumma is a very annoying character. She baby whines when problems occur like when her child was sleep-walking. Its sleep-walking, not cancer! I can understand how she might've over-reacted as a mother but logically its not that big of a deal.

Janice I like. True her personality is not the most likable but this could be her chance to change into a better person. If she falls in love with Manny then she'll be able to understand what leaning on another is like. To care for others and probably pretty soon that nasty atittude will turn its head around and match that sweet smile of hers.

I won't have a problem with ahjumma and manny but I would much rather have janice and manny. GO JANNY!!

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Frankly, I was thinking about all the other kids that Manny could help, in the same way that he's helping Jung Min and Eun Bi.  So, for me, I would prefer that he accomplish his mission in this household and move on to help the next one.  Just like Mary Poppins.  (Instead of an umbrella, he has a baseball.)  :lol:

And, as angel91 said, if Manny stays, will it help any of them to grow?  Although, the reason that he stays may be love.  But, it can only be after they are sufficiently self-reliant.  Otherwise, he is just an enabler for them.  :huh:

Actually, I think Janice would go very well with her attorney.  But, she can't see what's in front of her. -_-

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