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  1. Hello everyone! On the 16th of this month, I placed an order in Yesstyle. I would like to cancel it though but I can't find any option for that. I already sent an email yesterday and today they sent this answer: "all YesStyle products are non-cancellable after the order is placed. We apologize that we are unable to process your request. Please allow us to continue processing the order and arrange shipment once the item is available. We will notify you by e-mail should there be any changes in the item's availability." Is this possible? Not being able to cancel??? Some of the items are still "waiting for the supplier", so order wasn't shipped and so I believe the cancelation is possible (I've done it in other websites, never in Yesstyle because I am a first time user). Does anyone have experience with the same situation? Any tips with dealing with this will be well received! I really need this order cancelled and refunded of my money (sorry for my english, not a native speaker here)
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