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[info.] Korean Music Festival 2011!!!

Guest Sokua

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Hope they release something soon i have till the first of February to ask for planned vacation time at work and i have to ask for at least 4 days off since i travel and its about 8-10 hours by plane. If anyone from the organizing team and or khype read this please let me know at least the month!:)

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The 2011 Korean Music Festival will be held on Saturday May 14th!

- Korean Times Music Festival facebook page

We have a set date! I'm glad to see an update!


glad to see them update us on the ticket sale, too. 10 AM, I should already be up by then and crossing my fingers to get the tickets I want. XD

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^ Ah you beat me to it! I'm so excited!!!! It's after my finals so I can celebrate with KMF!

Korea Times is slower this year with announcements :unsure:


Ticket sales start on Saturday January 29th 10am PST!!! Korea Times Ticket Office (located in the lobby)

4525 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90010


Online at koreanmusicfestival.com

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Guest dear_music

im excited that there is finally a date and all

but im also sad cuz its the same day

as my friends graduation T_T

guess its just me and my other

friend going now.

haha oh man 10am ... I better not

even sleep at all!!!

its gonna be a chaotic day haha

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Guest x_lailaibaybee

I was kinda hoping for May 7th to be the official date, but May 14th is cool too. :D

FINALLY! They updated us with some info, I hope they announce the artist list soon too!

I SERIOUSLY CAN"T WAIT! See you guys there~ ^___^

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Guest vanessa1988

ahh kmf depnds on who goes though

good thing i just paid my credit debt so looks like i have made some space for hb tix XDD

too bad my class ends around the time the tix start selling but i might just make it in time

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Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know I updated the first post. This is where all the updates and new information will be released throughout the year until the concert! Stay tuned! And get ready to pack up and buy your ticket! Or better yet? Wait in your p.j.'s on the computer to purchase those tickets! Good luck everyone! :)

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Guest IhEaRt0nLyU

AH Yikes I am so excited! I just hope everything works out with school so that I can go early to KMF! I just wish that Korea Times would have let us know the dates last week so that I am not such in a rush getting everything together! But at the end it will be worth it! :)

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Guest findjunebug

O.M.Freaking.G!!!!!!!! So Happy that info is out!!

Little disappointing that: Ticket sales is so short notice and no price list. I've been going for a couple years now so I know the drill and have my visa empty and waiting to spend super bucks on tickets starting January 1st but what about new concerts goers (especially out of state peeps) and kids that need their parents help?

fml it's on one of my finals :(

Arrange with your professor to take the final on an alternative date?

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