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[info.] Korean Music Festival 2011!!!

Guest Sokua

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Guest crazie_meh

I don't care as long as Big Bang attends then I'm happy with anyone else

that comes! last year was on my birthday it was a super amazing experience

Hopefully I can make it to the one this year!!! for sure if big bang comes XD

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Guest findjunebug

.....also, they started releasing information JANUARY 30TH last year. i remember this clearly because it's my birthday lol so i hope they begin releasing info at the same time this year (: but the fact that they release artists one by one is so excruciating lol........

Actually they started releasing info earlier then that, like they released the concert date on the 18th and when they would sell tickets on the 21st but yeah tickets went on sale the 30th. Happy early b-day!

I'm super hyped for the date release because thats when the hard core planing starts........

@ Sokua lol watch out when khype sees your post they're going to freak

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Guest vanessa1988

well for me its....

1. SS501 : i absolutely went crazy when they came in 09 so it would be a dream come true if they did come but i really doubt it

2. shinhwa...man i need to see this legend for sure but i know minwoo is in the army along with the others

3. big bang : these guys need to come again. they were awesome in 07. ahh top!! <33 but hearing about their japanese activities i really doubt it now...

since my top picks seem doubtful

then i will have to go with cn blue, miss A or 2ne1

the ones i think that are most likely to come is

miss A, 2am and shinee and maybe f(x)

since sm likes to send mostly their newer groups

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Guest Kui4eva

I don't think SM is going to send any of their groups to KMF since they probably will have another concert at the Staples Center again with all the SM artists. I think maybe 2ne1 will come to perform. Last year, it was mostly JYP artists that came Maybe this year will be YG's year to all come.

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^ I agree, I have a feeling SM is going to want to have another concert in LA this year and if they do then they most likely will not be sending any of their artists to HB. Also, I would be VERY suprised if Ktimes manages to get YG artists to come this year. I know in the past Se7en attended a couple times and BB came in '07 but since then YG seems to have started declining. :(

I would love it if Ktimes managed to get Big Bang to come. I only started going to HB annually starting in 2008 so I missed them when they came in 2007. Blah! I also wouldn't mind it if they got b2st to come back because I loved them last year. :)

Also, I called in yesterday and they finally picked up my call! Lol The lady that picked up said that tickets are going on sale this month so its either next week or two weeks from now, which is very soon!

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I hope they have the info soon if its gonna happen or not. I travel from far away every year and have to take vacation time from work. I am not gonna vote for just idols or pplo who have come already because even though they were some of my favs i like variety on the shows

Park Hyun Bin

F.T. ISland



CN Blue

Jungmin or saengie from SS501 since they are the ones releasing albums right now


Eun Ji Won



LEE hyo RI

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Guest lovinUsuju

OKAY FOR BIG GROUPS: MBLAQ or BIG BANG !!! has to be seriously... because b2st and 2pm were last year, and the year before was SHINee, and before was DBSK...so yeah for sure!!! haha~yay! im so excited

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Guest superstar`kiss

I've had a gut feeling since mid-last year already on U-Kiss. And hearing that they'll make their U.S. debut..now I'm just kinda expecting them. (HAHA, I won't put my hopes too high though.) And the lovely Liveworks artists! I hope for at least one Shinhwa member, Hyesung and/or Dongwannie. Since they'll be back with albums soon so I hope Ktimes will at least invite them. And of course, any SS501 members for me. xD

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Guest dear_music

Its about time FTISLAND head over to HB...

Their like the only artist I know that debuted for a long time now

and still havent been to HB at all.

I was disappointed when I asked a FNC Staff last year

if they will come to HB but apparently their too busy.

So Hopefully this year, they will come!!!

While their at it, bring CNBLUE too >D haha

Also I wish these artist comes this year;

Sung Shi Kyung, Gavy NJ, Davichi, 4men, Joo,

After School, Younha ...

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Guest kaolee1717

I totally want to see TVXQ or JYJ, MBLAQ, After School and/or Orange Caramel, Jay Park, Secret, Rainbow, 4MEN, UKiss, SUJU, CN Blue, FT Island, and so many more..Ah, I just pretty much love everyone. I would be happy with whoever really!! But TVXQ would totally make my.....life as well as Jay Park!

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Guest yumoreo5

I really wish to see:

1. Lee Seung Gi

2. Big Bang

3. Super Junior

I couldn't attend last year but hopefully, this year will be different. I'll keep my eyes on this thread on forwards.

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I would love for Big Bang to come, but I doubt they will be coming due to their Japan promotions. Other idol groups I would love to come will be U-Kiss & MBLAQ. Also, I really think it will be awesome to have Yoon Jong Shin there. Hope they get an awesome MC like HaHa again. ;D

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Guest YuffieK

So tickets are going on sale this month..? I know that's when they usually do, but AHH!!! I'm so nervous already... I really hope I get paid (and then paid again, lol!) before they go on sale.. xD

How is everyone gonna try to get tickets? Online/phone/or in person? Last year the online ticketing system totally failed on my friend and I so we ended up with no tickets that way... :(

Oh, random, but wouldn't it be awesome if Psy came......?? Haha! I love him, and he'd DEFINITELY get the crowd pumped! :D

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Guest flyaway.

I hope B2st will come back, since I missed out on seeing them last year. They're the only artist group I really want to see at the moment. (Well, and Big Bang, but tbh, I doubt they're going to come.)

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