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[Drama 2011] The Duo 짝패

Guest yeohweping

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Chun Dung and Gwi Dong were born on the same day.The real Gwi Dong whose mom died of difficult was born earlier by a few hours while the real Chun Dung was given his name by Beggar Jang after his birth.

The slave hunter who was after the two runaway slaves 'Mak Soon and Soe Dol' arrived in the village where the two slaves escaped to. Soe Dol who spotted him, ran back to the beggars hut while Mak Soon laments over the life that their boy will be going through. She only brightened up when Soe Dol tells that the baby's birthright is of someone with a bright future. Mak Soon who looks down on the beggars, gave Keun Nyeo the eye while telling her that Soe Dol isn't her husband but someone who had worked in the same household as her. Beggar Jang later calls Soe Dol over and gave a beating while threatening him.

Beggar Jang and gang later went to Officer Kim's place to haggle for a meal and money. They began to strip outside the house when the housekeeper wanted to chase them away.

Mak Soon was taken away by Officer Kim's men as he needed a nanny for his newborn son. Feigning ignorance and pretending to be meek, Mak Soon gains Officer Kim's trust and shown that both father and son have the same birth marks on their necks. Officer Kim paid Beggar Jang to keep quiet about Mak Soon whereabouts to the slave hunter and gave orders that Mak Soon is to stay indoors.

Soe Dol brings her son to the house at night as the baby had refused to eat. Soon the selfish Mak Soon who doesn't want to return to the beggars' huts nor leave her son, came up with the plan to switch the babies.

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Guest CricketVK

Ohhhh, you shouldn't have because this looks really good.....I will think about this one a little bit more.

Oh, you definitely should! It's only 20 eps, I think.

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Guest yeohweping

Pls read the 1st post before asking any questions that's already answered on the 1st post (for example: how many eps.. etc)

MBC opens official eng.site




Making a breakaway from the “royal family centered” drama, it portrays the lives and the love of the outcasts or the neglected class in the late Joseon Period whose life stories have often been neglected in dramas before. Slaves, beggars, leather shoe makers, thieves, street bums and butchers were those people who were very poor yet good in heart.

Rating for 1st ep.(TNS) - In future, click the link on the 1st post to view ratings

Nationwide : 8.9 (20th)/ Seoul: 11.9 (7th)

Ep.01 afterthought

The Duo is giving me goosebumps after watching it. Mak Soon must be the selfishest role that Yoon Yoo Seon ever played.She had wanted to kill the slave hunter after her and then switched the babies later when she doesn't want to get out of the noble house nor give up seeing her own child while 'throwing' away the nobleman's real son and Soe Dol who has been standing by her side since he escaped with her.

K-drama rule for babies switching dramas

All babies looks the same when they are babies. No one will know that they have been switched even if you have been seeing them a lot. :phew:

[REVIEW] MBC TV series "The Duo" - 1st episode


MBC TV series "The Duo" Mon-Tue 9:55 p.m.

The first episode of “The Duo,” which began with the two main characters being born on the same day, same time and ended with Mak-soon (Yoon Yoo-sun) switching the babies, chose to focus on giving a vivid description of its characters rather than trying to present a speedy and absorbing plot or unconventional storyline. The story which is centered on describing the lives of common people of Korea a long time ago, made its direction quite clear by putting much effort into introducing the characters and the setting by showing official Kim’s house (played by Choi Jong-hwan), seen colorless and lifeless after going through a funeral, in contrast with a beggar’s quarters smoldering with the burning desire for survival each day.

The depiction of diverse characters including Sweo-dol (Jung In-ki) who recalls on a prophecy that a child born in Yongmak (literally meaning “swift horse”) Village the night a horse neighed loud will become a great figure one day and places a hope in his child who is born in the beggars’ quarters, Keun-nyeon (Seo I-sook) who willingly begs around to breast-feed a baby even if the child is not hers and Jang Kkok-ji (Lee Moon-sik) the king of beggars who would go as far as to protest naked in front of a funeral house just to earn a day’s meal, succeeded in helping viewers understand the time, space and hierarchical background of the drama without need for further explanation.

Slave woman Mak-soon in particular, who played a key role in the first episode of the show, was described as someone quite bold in pursuing her desires despite her lowly status. Even after Sweo-dol caught her sleeping with the master of the house, she shot back to him outright, saying that she slept with the master on her own will under the promise of becoming a free woman. It was she who also urged Sweo-dol to not hesitate in killing Choon-bo (Yoon Yong-hyun) who chased her down, making the wide spectrum of her acting alone enough to fill the entire episode. The powerful writing by scenarist Kim Woon-kyung noted for her previous series “Moon of Seoul” (MBC, 1994) and “There Is A Blue Bird” (KBS, 1997) has proven to hold valid in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

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Guest yeohweping


The two babies were switched successfully by Mak Soon and Soe Dol although the housekeeper suspected something was wrong.

15 years passes by, Gwi Dong went to the mountains to learn how to use a gun the day his uncle returned home as a court officer while Chun Dung who despite being in the beggar class is well-liked in the market place. Geum Ok tells Mak Soon in secret where Gwi Dong went to when their father came home looking for him as the whole family is to welcome their uncle back home.

Chun Dung was beaten up badly by the guards when his bag of potatoes ripped in front of the new officer, thus blocking the officer's way when he tried to pick them up.

Gwi Dong wasn't able to make it back in time to welcome his uncle as he had to go to Dal Yi's place to fix his shoe which she had taken a shoot at earlier.

Mak Soon hides away when she sees Soe Dol carrying Chun Dung for his injuries treatment when she was given orders to find Gwi Dong. Gwi Dong was later given a trashing by Officer Kim when he got home while Chun Dung who was sent over to Keun Nyeo's place to rest, tried to fish out more information about his mom whom he heard is working for officer Kim.

Chun Dung had a run-in with his real dad but was let off when Servant Park accused him of being a thief when he was looking at Mak Soon. Mak Soon becomes uneasy upon realizing who he is. Chun Dung shouts to Soe Dol that he will do whatever he wants when Soe Dol tried to convince him that Mak Soon isn't his mom and ran away to his secret place in the forest where he learns to read and writes on his own.

Gwi Dong gives his crush, Dong Nyeo a letter which was later torn away by her as she has a strong dislike towards Officer Kim for snatching away her dad's official post.

Gwi Dong who is late again for his classes, catches Chun Dung trying to study by the school's gates when he tried to sneak in.











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Yeah, I'm pissed just reading the review/spoilers about the adorable baby switching that took place.  Wow, the frustration starts out immediately with this drama so I must continue to mull this one over....

I'm getting worked up already and I have not even watched any epis.blush.gif

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