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2PM sell out all 6 nights of '6Nights' concert 


2PM have sold out all seats to their '6Nights' concert!

The boys will be filling out every seat of the Olympic Handball Stadium on February 24-26 and March 3-5. It's their last concert as all 6 members in a while as Taecyeon and Jun.K will be enlisting in the army afterward. They'll be performing songs that they've never performed before.

Because it's such a meaningful concert, the boys have decided to open extra seats even though they have a limited view to the stage.


cr. to allkpop

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Father and daughter~~~:rolleyes:

PD Thanks 2PM’s Nichkhun For Agreeing To Make Cameo Appearance For One Single Question

2PM Nichkhun


The PD of “Elementary School Teacher” (literal title) thanked 2PM’s Nichkhun for his small cameo appearance, which involved the singer answering a single dictation question against f(x)’s Amber.

PD Kwak Seung Yeon was asked during an interview whether the competition was too easy for Nichkhun, to which the PD replied, “Not at all. The other idols had a chance to study material related to the questions beforehand while he didn’t. Though Nichkhun is good at dictation because he’s studied Korean for longer, he doesn’t know proverbs very well. So if the question had been about proverbs, the tide may have turned against him.”

2PM Nichkhun 2


Kwak Seung Yeon added, “We weren’t initially planning to just do a sudden death round. We were actually going to ask one question about idioms, proverbs, and dictation each. Kang Ho Dong brought up the idea to make it a sudden death match to make it more fun.”

Stating that it may have been advantageous for the singer to have more questions asked because he’s been studying Korean for much longer, the PD added, “Sudden death matches are like penalty kicks. There’s a bit of luck involved. Nichkhun agreed to the change as it would make the show more interesting.”


2PM Nichkhun 3


The PD revealed that Nichkhun had even stated he would come back to learn more Korean if he lost. Kwak Seung Yeon added, “Actually, I hesitated a lot about doing it [inviting Nichkhun]. Though I’m friends with him, he has quite a busy schedule. But he was happy to come and wait for 10 hours just to solve that one question. It made me feel better when he told me that the changes made the show more fun and nerve-wracking.”



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Hello there! It's been awhile. I just remembered that someone mentioned here why Nichkhun choose to be a " KOALA" costume. I would like also to add the information. Another reason that he chose that it's because f(x) had a show before and the title was "KOALA". 

While I was browsing the net these past few days, I stumbled some blog/fanfic stories. But instead of fanfic, she elaborated/wrote some facts about KHUNTORIA couple. One of the facts that caught my eyes was RED, the favorite color of Khun but the real name of Victoria is "QIAN", which means is RED. I don't know if it is correct but if it is, then, I'm starting to analyze Nichkhun on his favorite color red. Is it really his favorite color or he just said it because that is the English meaning of Victoria's real name? :wink::heart:

If I may add again, I've been watching again the WGM of this couple when I noticed that they have the same colors of what they're wearing on their first meeting. Black and white. I don't know if someone mentioned here about that. I just want to share them with you. These two (2) are really fated to be with each other. :blush:

It's such an enjoyment when some guys are choosing f(x) Victoria as their ideal woman but the host(s) were telling the guys that she have a "MAN" already. As if, it is automatic for them to tell that you can't have her because she have Nichkhun. While Nichkhun, we know and we are sure that he already have Victoria, his wife.:lol::heart:

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