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♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥


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..++Skinship Couple~ Doong Doong ++.. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Stage Name: Victoria
Real Name: Victoria Song; Song Qian
Group: f(x)
Day of Birth: February 2, 1987
Height: 168 cm
Languages: Chinese, Korean
Specialties: Traditional dance & Jazz dance
Education: Beijing Dance Academy

Stage Name: Nichkhun
Real Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Group: 2PM
Date of Birth: June 24, 1988
Height: 180cm
Languages: English, Thai, Korean, Chinese (not fluent)
Specialties: Piano, acrobatics

1. First date 1/6/2010: Went to 63 Building, had dinner, went to Karaoke, Wooyoung and Junho joined.
2. Second date 22/6/2010: Picnic trip to the remote area – played in the creek, revealed Khunnie’s journal and gifts from the US, played with clay, had dinner, Vic talked to Sherleen.
3. Third date 24/6/2010: Vic cooked 9 dishes for Khunnie’s birthday, met Khunnie in the park, had dinner, went to post gifts to Khunnie’s parents.
4. Fourth date 28/6/2010: Went to register driving license, practiced driving, went to Namsan, made huge couple lock, Khunnie gave Vic the CD, had lunch, met with Adam couple, went to Hangang, Vic left early.
5. 12/7/2010: Khunnie made the questions book for Vic with Seulong and Miss A, Khuntoria talked on the phone
6. Fifth date 13/7/2010: Met in café, exchanged gifts from Bali and Japan, Khunnie’s mom gifts for Vic, Khunnie passed practical test, Vic passed theory thest, went kart driving, went to eat spicy Dokkbokki, Khunnie asked for Vic’s number .
7. Sixth date 28/7/2010: Went to water park with f(x) members, played in the water, sat down to play games, Khunnie surfed, Khunnie taught Vic swimming, went to eat, decided nicknames for each other omma-appa, went to take family pictures, Khunnie invited Vic to Busan concert.
8. Seventh date 7/8/2010: Vic went to Busan, took taxi to the stadium, met backstage in the tent, met again after the concert, went on the yatch, watched WGM, had sashimi, Khunnie prepared surprised concert for Vic.
9. Eighth date 17/8/2010: Special horror episode with other couples, Khuntoria is the strongest couple, lots of skinship while going around the haunted house.
10. Ninth date 7/9/2010: 100th anniversary, Khunnie picked Vic up, drove to Incheon, played on the beach, Khunnie lifted Vic, Vic leaned on Khunnie’s shoulder, had dinner, Khunnie forgot their 100th day, went to their new house, very happy at the beautiful house.
11. Tenth date 14/9/2010: New house filming, went shopping, Vic made sweet and sour pork, slept together on bed, made MV for Sherleen, prepared for Thailand trip.
12. Eleventh date 16/9/2010 – 17/9/2010: Trip to Thailand
13. Twelfth date 16/10/2010: Music Core backstage filming, Vic brought food for Khunnie.
14. 26/10/2010: Khuntoria dancing to I’ll be back video released (filming date still unknown)
15. Thirteenth date 2/11/2010: Filming at their new house with 2pm members
16. Fourteenth date 23/11/2010: Filming at a cinema (unconfirmed)
17. 11/12/2010: Khunnie and Kwon recorded songs for their wives
18. Fifthteenth date 14/12/2010: Khuntoria filmed the preview for special stage with Jinwoon and Seulong in the morning, with Junho and Chansung in the evening. Khunnie made a surprised event for Vic then Khuntoria went to Starbucks for coffee. Vic wrote a glass letter for Khunnie “I like Nichkhun very much”.
19. 15/12/2010: NU ABO MV starring Khuntoria released, directed by Khunnie
20. 16/12/2010: Khunnie thanked Khuntorians all over the world for 200th day anniversary presents.
21. 17/12/2010: Khuntoria’s 200th day anniversary. #khuntoria200days was trending worldwide at the second. Khuntoria ‘s Star certificate made a news in Nate. Khunnie’s friend Ian Choe help trend #khuntoria200days.
22. Sixteenth date 28/12/2010: Rumour filming WGM, Vic waited for Khunnie in front of JYPE
23. 29/12/2010: Khuntoria attended MBC awards show and won Popularity award.
24. 31/12/2010: Khuntoria special stage. Rumour that they practiced for a month.
25. 14/01/2011: Khuntoria MBC Great Birth video (filmed in their house, filming date unknown)

1/6: 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria for We Got Married
4/6: Nichkhun dances to NU ABO for Victoria?
7/6: Nichkhun tweets U-Kiss’s Alexander about Victoria
7/6: 2PM’s Nichkhun introduces his HusWife
15/6: f(x)’s Victoria is smitten over 2PM’s Nichkhun
19/6: Nichkhun and Victoria’s We Got Married preview
23/6: Nichkhun wants you to be cool about him being on We Got Married
25/6: D-1 to Nichkhun and Victoria’s We Got Married
26/6: Nichkhun encounters 3 women before finding Victoria on We Got Married
3/7: Nichkhun and Victoria’s first date stop is at a samgyupsal house
8/7: Nichkhun did the splits for Victoria?
10/7: 2PM’s Junho & Wooyoung visit the Khuntoria couple on We Got Married!
14/7: Nichkhun and Victoria spotted at a driving center
17/7: Nichkhun fails to keep his promise with Victoria?
20/7: Nichkhun to go on vacation with Victoria & f(x)
21/7: 2AM and miss A to perform as special guests for 2PM’s concerts
23/7: Nichkhun tries to cheer up Victoria
24/7: We Got Married will not be filming at 2PM’s concert
24/7: Nichkhun tricked Victoria?
29/7: Victoria shares a phone call with Nichkhun’s sister
31/7: Nichkhun disappoints Victoria by accidentally calling her Krystal
3/8: Khuntoria takes their ‘family’ to a water park
8/8: f(x)’s Victoria is a Pororo fan
10/8: Victoria attended 2PM’s Busan concert
11/8: Nichkhun and f(x) take a family photo
14/8: Khuntoria Couple meets for first time on music program
14/8: Victoria’s surprise birthday party for Nichkhun is successful
27/8: Nichkhun is falling for Victoria
27/8: The truth behind ‘We Got Married’ casting decisions
30/8: Nichkhun and Victoria voted as the top make believe couple that should be real
4/9: Truth or dare with the Adam and Khuntoria Couple!
11/9: 2PM Nichkhun’s reaction to f(x) Victoria’s passport photo
12/9: Nichkhun feels like he’s already married?
15/9: 2PM’s Nichkhun, Junsu, Junho leave for Thailand
15/9: Victoria to visit her in-laws in Thailand
18/9: ‘We Got Married’ is plummeting in ratings
18/9: Nichkhun reminisces in Thailand
19/9: Watch out! Nichkhun the gunslinger has arrived!
20/9: Nichkhun’s fifth Harvest Festival in Korea
25/9: f(x)’s Victoria manages to barely pass her driver’s license test
26/9: Nichkhun finally exchanges numbers with Victoria
1/10: Khuntoria couple brings out their “daughters”?
2/10: 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria meet with their f(x) ‘children’
8/10: 2PM’s Nichkhun does not know who Song Seung Hun is
16/10: Victoria makes Nichkhun get jealous on We Got Married
26/10: Nichkhun teaches Victoria the “I’ll Be Back” dance
26/10: Nichkhun’s grandma asks about Victoria, “Do you guys sleep together?”
26/10: Nichkhun would be happy if Victoria really was his girlfriend
28/10: Nichkhun and Victoria take selcas at the beach
29/10: Nichkhun shows off his mini-Khun
30/10: Nichkhun’s heart stopped when Victoria initiated skinship
5/11: Khuntoria couple gets a new house on 100th day anniversary
20/11: Nichkhun gets frustrated over Victoria’s change of heart
26/11: Nichkhun & Victoria share a picture of themselves cooking in their new home
4/12: f(x)’s Victoria finally meets Nichkhun’s family
10/12 Nichkhun & Victoria reveal family photo from Thailand
11/12 2PM’s Nichkhun shows f(x)’s Victoria past childhood photos and an ex-girlfriend
14/12 f(x)’s Victoria on the possibility of becoming a real couple with 2PM’s Nichkhun
15/12 Director Nichkhun’s “NU ABO” MV starring Victoria released
16/12 Why did Victoria attend Nichkhun’s press conference as a reporter?
17/12 Khuntoria Star Certificate news in Daum25/12 ‘JoKhun’ creates a love song for their wives on ‘We Got Married"
25/12 [uPDATE: Video] Nichkhun holds a surprise event for Victoria on “We Got Married”
25/12 A fierce lover’s quarrel between Khuntoria for MBC’s “Gayo Daejun”
29/12 Yoo Jae Suk wins Daesang, Adam and Khuntoria couples also win at the MBC Entertainment Awards + other winners
31/12 Nichkhun & Victoria exchange Christmas gifts

1/1 Nichkhun and Victoria spend their first Christmas together on “We Got Married”

Links to full Khuntoria episodes: Here
Starking ep prior to WGM

Khunnie talked about Vic in Strong Heart
2pm mentioned Vic
Khunnie wanted to invite Vic to the concert
Khuntoria dancing I'll be back

Khunnie Baskin Robbins interview, talked about Vic:
Khunnie in For the first time show
Nichkhun in China
Khunnie mentioned Vic in Shenyang
Khunnie’s fav Korean words:
Khunnie Yeobo I love you, too

Khuntoria moments prior to WGM
Khunnie's cut in All my love (Doong Doong <3)

29/12 Khuntoria couple won Popularity award

31/12 Khuntoria special stage fancam 4

14/1 MBC Great Birth




Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

Episode 17:

Episode 18:

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:

Episode 22:

Episode 23:

Episode 24:

Drawings/ Cartoons


Khunnie's"]Khunnie's Birthday #537
Khuntoria in Huahin #6044
Khuntoria at Thailand airport #6028
Galaxy U concert, 2pm talked about Khuntoria #7630
Khuntoria eating Spicy Rice Cake #8021
Khunnie texted Vic #8682
Khuntoria house
Khunnie at Busan fansign event
WGM filming in Music Core
WGM filming 2/11/2010
Khuntoria at the cinema
9/12 Victoria danced Doong Doong in Vietnam
Khuntoria filming at a coffee shop

All Soompi Rules apply.
- No bashing of any sort.
- No profanity
- Do not quote pictures
- No spamming
- This thread is only for Victoria and Khun.


thanks to saranghae<3, hnAcogN, paulapino ^_^
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Guest naomz

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! T__T

ok so this just broke my heart! really! not a good idea! i don't hate or dislike victoria.... but.... nichkhun on we got married just killed me! dang it! so this is what those crazy fangurls feel huh? i just hope victoria won't give him a hard time.

but stilll.... i think im going crazy! haha! i cried when i read this! LOL!

edit: 06/26/10

lol since this has become vic and khun's official thread, i just wanna clear that i love vic/khun now! haha! that was just an initial reaction by a khunnie fangurl :P

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Guest evilgary

same i hope the fangirls won't flame victoria for being on the show with nickhun. it would be interesting to see how she actually interacts with him

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Guest pencilcasee.

This is actually interesting. I started watching f(x)'s show and Victoria is pretty funny and sorta clueless and random at times. I think they'll be fun to watch.

At the same time, it seems like Seohyun and Yonghwa's couple should be ending soon? SNSD are going to Japan soon and it seems like the addition of Victoria to the program is probably to offset Seohyun leaving like the whole deal with Sunny and Yuri leaving Invincible Youth and Victoria joining that cast.

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Guest meisk

i thought i just a rumor..i heard about this a couple months ago..

my heart aches so much...khun~ T_T

i'm shocked actually.

vic and nic.

dang~vic is very very lucky girl.

khun is such a gentleman.

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im not a fan of f(x), but i dont hate f(x), hehe..

i love khun so much, it's must be interesting to see how khun would be react on his marriage.. im so anticipate this...may be too early to say i love this couple, but i will for sure watch wgm again bcoz of khun.....

still envy of victoria, she gets a cute and sweet husband...

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Guest Trixbox

SMe are really pushing f(x) now in korea hehehe gonna be interesting couple to watch but felt saddened for my sweetpotato T_T

nunan neomu yeppeoseo.. ^_^

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so this has been confirmed already? because before i read it was khun and min hyorin..

anyways, i'm a huge fan of both khun + victoria so i'm excited to see how they react with each other :D.

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waiiit what? I thought i read somewhere that Victoria was gonna be the new addition to Invincible Youth..

anyways.. i'm just curious to see how they will communicate with each other :S

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lols :lol: I thought it is just a rumor but it was actually has been confirmed. Now WGM will have 3 couples, I read another news on allkpop. I think I'm looking forward to watch this couple also. Even though each couple will have only about 20 minutes each, it's better than nothing I guess.. ;)

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria for We Got Married

After a false alarm earlier, there was no repeat this time for fans as it was revealed that 2PM’s Nichkhun (22) will be on We Got Married and his partner, f(x)’s Victoria (23).

This was confirmed by a We Got Married staff on the 1st who said that they have already filmed their first episode today.

There is much anticipation especially as Nichkhun is Thai while Victoria is Chinese, making for a foreign idol pairing. This will be another major coup for Victoria who snags another high-profile variety show slot after Invincible Youth earlier.

They will become the third couple to appear on the show, and join existing couples, Jo Kwon – Ga-In, Yonghwa – Seohyun. Although some netizens are worried that this may mean that Seohyun will leave the show for her SNSD overseas activities, the staff assured that it will be 3 couples, not 2 on the show.

Although airing time will be now split between 3 instead of two couples, it’s good to have more variety. Thoughts?

credit : allkpop

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Guest whysoserious

:) VicKhun / KhunToria.

I ship! Cannot wait for this coupling.

Although I was already content with watching two couples, this coupling in addition to the Adams and Sweet Potato coupling would definitely make WGM more interesting for me.

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Oh wow I thought that it was just a rumour haha o.OOO But I'm really looking forward to watching this new couple =] I'm not their biggest fan, however looks-wise, they'd be so beautiful together hehe. Anyway why the first foreigner couple? I understand that Nickhun is Thai, what about Victoria? o.o Is she Chinese or something like that?

Off-topic: I really hope that it doesn't mean the end of the Yongseo couple :/

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