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  1. Hello there! Eventhough this is a late answer, I will still say it. It is a " Circumcision". In our culture, if the boy is in the right age to undergo it. Then, he will go through it.
  2. Hello to everyone! Sorry for being late on posting here for these two (2) beautiful people. I love reading your comments and posts here. It gives me inspiration and love. We are talking some circumstances or "coincidences" of these two. I would like to add something also. Last 2014, Eunji joined "The Masked Singer". Guess what she sang? It's "LOVE RAIN". Did you know that Seo In Guk had a drama entitled "LOVE RAIN" (you can check it out) before "Reply/Answer 1997? Another thing, he said that his ideal type is Im Yoona but he is not bubbly or not used of being giddy with her unlike with Eunji. About his previous relationship, I will not buy it because I don't believe that "there is" a relationship to begin with eventhough it lasted for 2 years. Eunji guested in WGM of Shinee-Key, right? Before, I asked myself why does she have to go through with that? She said it's because to give a peace-of-mind to the virtual wife of his. But now, I fully understand when I get to know the "EUNGUK" couple. She is telling to the Keyji shippers that they are just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, these are my thoughts about these two. I am sorry for the long opinion of mine. I hope you get and understand what I am trying to say, right?
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