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♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥


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HELLO 1st day of JUNE!!! :)

Time flies and today marked 7th meaningful years of being khuntoria shipper! We still celebrating these kinds of celebrations despite everything happened. We encountered so many things as a khuntorians , I know it's not easy but we are stronger than ever! So keep on fighting fellas! Sometimes things are really tough for us but in the end it will be worth it! Let's all be happy and keep on believing guys that khuntoria is real! ^_^ 


(P.S I noticed that our thread seems so quite and outdated.I will wait you guys here. ):wink:

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Happy 7th anniversary to Khuntoria and us Khuntorians!!

I know its been ages since I last posted on our thread but I will never forget our anniversary! As you know, I've been busy at school and for that I'm sorry for not being able to update our thread. Thank you to everyone who keeps on posting here especially @Elle1997 :wub::wub: As expected here is the official 7th anniversary video made by Winnies! Khuntoria fighting! cr to owner


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I know I have uploaded these before but I'd like to reupload all of it for the newbies and silent readers (which I believe are still visiting our thread once in a while especially today) and also because it's our special day! Enjoy! Pls take out with credits :wink::wink:



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Who said we didn't celebrate our 7th anniversary? :tongue::tongue: Proud to be a Khuntorian!

[event] #7yearswithKhuntoria 170602 Bus stop poster is up today! Come by the bus stop outside big C across Central World in BKK





cr to owners

[event ]#7yearswithKhuntoria Khuntoria 7th Ann. Support Events: 5 Charity Event+1 Fan Meet+1 Outdoor Ad 6.2 - 6.29 outside Big C in BKK


cr to owners

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Wow so happy seeing our thread alive once again ! ^_^

 How I miss you here sis!:bawling: @twinkies20

I miss how we spazzing nonstop in our thread before. So many things to talked about, so many questions, everyone here had something to say.oh I'm being so emotional sorry I just really miss everyone here in our humble thread! 

Anyway, sorry I forgot to welcome new fans/khuntorians here. I noticed in the past pages that there are newbie khuntorians so Welcome to our official khuntoria couple thread! (Better late than never right? Hihi:D) Khuntoria and khuntorians fighting ! :blush:



Anyone? has something to ask? I'll try to answer your questions !



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20 hours ago, supgeekypanda said:

hey guys, I just wanna ask if there's any khuntoria chat forum available, or maybe meu. I'd like to join. thanksss! #keepsailing #keepthefaith


We have a group chat here in our thread , there's also in weibo and In Facebook too . There are active khuntoria fan pages in Facebook so try to DM them!

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10 minutes ago, twinkies20 said:

Eng subs are out! Does anyone know if that's really Victoria's voice? It doesn't sound like her though. cr to owner

A Life Time Love - Trailer [Eng Sub] | 上古情歌 告片 [英字幕]




No it's dubbed

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