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Son Ye-Jin 손예진 [Drama “Thirty-Nine” (JTBC/NETFLIX)]


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Son Ye-jin ate Xiao Long Bao  in Taipei: She picked it up 46 times with chopsticks and chewed it 1,153 times in total.





APRIL 18, 2024





On April 16, after Son Ye-jin attended the M2 event in Taipei, she called it a day and turned into a foodie. She and her team went straight to 101 to eat Xiao Long Bao!


Good food goes well with good food, our main focus is a food certified.


Son Ye-jin shared her "eating" journey that lasted for more than 1 minute on her personal account on the 17th.






Unable to stop, the smiling goddess appeared and smiled brightly when she saw her favorite food.

Let’s just say that my sister’s looks and delicious food together make the picture really beautiful.

The steamed dumplings were eaten one after another in front of her, and my sister had no intention of stopping.

She ate one bite after another, but looking closely at Son Ye-jin’s facial expression, she really enjoyed her food trip in Taipei.

My sister chewed the food slowly and looking very good, it is really a pleasure to watch Son Fairy eat delicious food.

The editor counted that Son fairy took 46 small pieces of the xiaolongbao with chopsticks and chewed it a total of 1,153 times!










Not only Xiao Long Bao, Son Fairy also ate steamed dumplings later. Watching the video of foodie Son Fairy, I counted the scenes of her eating delicious food. The author and I can both feel the fragrance fragrant and salivating.

This food trip should be a kind of leap on the tip of the tongue for Son Fairy. The taste is intoxicating.
When Son Fairy is enjoying the food, his facial expressions are also super rich and layered, making people have endless aftertaste, haha.



Love it, love it! After eating and drinking well, Son Fairy walked out of the restaurant with satisfaction and took the initiative to greet everyone. The atmosphere was perfect.

25 years after her debut, Son Fairy came to Taiwan Province of China for the first time, and the response when meeting and greeting fans was extremely friendly.


It was the first time for me to come to Taiwan Province. From the time I landed at the airport to the end of the event, Sun Xian described it this way: I felt very excited. On the way from the airport to the hotel, I felt that the overall atmosphere was very similar to that of Korea. It was very friendly and I was looking forward to it tonight. Eat xiaolongbao.

It was not yet evening, and she had already begun to look forward to the xiaolongbao. Well, she was indeed a foodie.
So as expected, she changed into casual clothes directly after the event and went to Taipei 101 for dinner.


During the interview, Son Ye-jin felt shy when everyone talked about Son Fairy. She said that I am just an ordinary person! The image on the screen looks beautiful. Thank you everyone for liking me.








The goddess is modest. She is not only beautiful on the screen, but also in real life.

Video link:









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'♥Hyun Bin' Son Ye-jin perfect look in a white blouse and ripped jeans 'Summer Scent'




Actress Son Ye-jin revealed her daily life in Taiwan. 

On the 16th, Son Ye-jin posted a selfie of herself taken inside her hotel on her personal account, saying, "Arrived in Taiwan, event starting soon. Thank you for the welcome." 

In the published photo, Son Ye-jin is wearing sunglasses, a white top, and casual distressed jeans. She is seen wearing white sandals. She attracted attention with her simple yet bright outfit. 

Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in 2022 and has a son. It was recently reported that Son Ye-jin is considering appearing in a new film by world-famous director Park Chan-wook. If Son Ye-jin appears in this work, it will be her first comeback since the JTBC drama 'Thirty, Nine', which ended in March 2022, and her marriage and childbirth. In addition to Son Ye-jin, Lee Byung-hun is also being discussed to appear in this work.




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Son Ye-jin, wake up ♥ Thinking about Hyun Bin... The couple’s  teddy bear on the bed is ‘eye-catching’



Actress Son Ye-jin shared her daily life. 

On the 16th, Son Ye-jin posted on her personal account, "Arrived in Taiwan!! Event starting soon. Thank you for welcoming me." 

In the photo, Son Ye-jin appears to be taking a mirror selfie. Son Ye-jin wore stylish sunglasses and matched them with ripped jeans, showing off her casual charm.


In addition, the surprise bed event prepared by the hotel, including matching teddy bears and towels in the shape of swans, also attracts attention. 

Netizens who saw this commented, “Did Hyun Bin go with you?”, “Who would believe she’s his mother?”, and “You’re so pretty.” 

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, who were born in 1982 and are of the same age, met in the movie 'Negotiation' and tvN's 'Crash Landing on You', and after several dating rumors, they announced their marriage and became a couple. 

A son was born in November 2022. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 31st of last month. 




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Son Ye-jin becomes the 'Pink Fairy', 'Taiwan is rocked' with 'one-shoulder dress'... “♥Hyun Bin, a smile on your face”


Actor Hyun Bin's wife Son Ye-jin drew an explosive response in Taiwan and was crowned Taiwan's 'Pink Fairy'. 

Son Ye-jin posted on her personal account on the 17th, “Extreme hospitality. A sincere welcome. He posted a photo with the message, “Thank you everyone.” 

Son Ye-jin wore a romantic and feminine one-shoulder dress in a soft pink color, creating an elegant atmosphere for her.


Photo = Son Ye-jin SNS


In addition, her upper body wrapped tightly around her body and boasted a lovely and bright coordination with an A-line silhouette made of chiffon material that spreads out toward the bottom. 

Son Ye-jin paired it with softly shining flat shoes, highlighting the image of both glamor and elegance thanks to the sparkling decorations all over the dress. 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in March 2022 and welcomed her son in November of the same year.










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‘Mom’ Son Ye-jin returns, “I have no regrets about my hiatus… I want to experience motherhood and act”



Actress Son Ye-jin, who became a mother, resumed her activities through an overseas brand event and talked about her current state of absence. 

On the 16th, Son Ye-jin attended a medical beauty brand event in Taiwan and met her fans. 

Son Ye-jin has been on a hiatus since appearing in the drama 'Thirty, Nine', which aired in 2022. Regarding this, she said that Son Ye-jin had no regrets, focusing on her life as a housewife and spending most of her time with her family. Son Ye-jin then shared her changed thoughts, saying, "I want to take on a role with strong maternal love because I can express my experiences through acting." Taiwanese fans praised Son Ye-jin's beauty, calling her a 'goddess', to which Son Ye-jin replied, "Consistent care and exercise is the only way. I will strive to age healthily and beautifully. I am working hard to achieve a combination of inner and outer beauty." 

Son Ye-jin said that she is so happy she came to Taiwan and that she wants to take her husband (Hyun Bin) and her child on a trip to Taiwan.

When she was complimented on her beauty, she said, "I'm a really ordinary person," and she revealed her humility by saying, "I feel embarrassed every time I hear stories like this. I'll have to work hard and exercise regularly in the future." 



Son Ye-jin actively communicated with fans before and after attending the event. She took a proof photo upon arriving at a hotel in Taiwan, and posted a photo taken at the event wearing a pink dress, expressing her gratitude by saying, "Extreme hospitality. A sincere welcome. Thank you all♥."


Taiwanese fans and beauty brands also attracted attention by posting explosive sighting videos of Son Ye-jin.






Son Ye-jin uploaded a video of herself enjoying dinner after the event and received an explosive response by sharing her real-time updates with fans, saying, "I feel so happy when I eat something delicious after work. I look extremely happy..." 

The reaction of netizens who saw the post was also enthusiastic. They expressed their affection for Son Ye-jin's next move through comments such as "The way she eats is so beautiful. I'm happy to see her happy," "She looks like a Disney princess. She's so beautiful and shiny," "I hope she takes more videos in the future," "Is actress Son Ye-jin back now?", "I've been waiting for her active SNS", and "I wish she would do YouTube at this point."  

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony on March 31, 2022. Afterwards, they announced the news of pregnancy three months after their marriage, and gave birth to a son on November 27, 2022. 

Recently, Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin became a hot topic when they were spotted together at the baseball stadium when the 2024 American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) Seoul Series was held. 



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Son Yejin wearing Snow Peak clamd woven overalls and cample mini sacoche in mustard. Hyun Bin is the brand ambassador for Snow Peak.











Supportive wifey promoting her husband endorsements from  73hours to Loro Piana to Snow Peak.😚



Son Yejin wears Snow Peak F/W 2023 sneakers on her Japan trip last March.








 Son Yejin pairing Valentino outfit with Lora Piana <Hyun Bin Edition> baseball cap in July 2023. 😘




















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[2022/08/02] Yejinhand is joyful to find the four-leaf clover. 🍀










Lee Minjung comments on Yejinhand four-leaf clover posts. 🤣

[2024 | 216jung]: “put it on, like last time~”

[2022 | 216jung]: “eh? that four-leaf clover🍀 looks fake? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”








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[2019| Throwback] When Hyun Bin found four-leaf clover and kept it in his personal notebook while filming <Crash Landing On You> in Switzerland. 🍀💚





"Let's share good luck with everyone I know. A gift from Hyun Bin during <Confidential Assignment 2> filming" ~  Actor Jin Seon Kyu, 2021/05/29 












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'Hyun Bin ' Son Ye-jin, looking for a four-leaf clover... cute pigtails







Actress Son Ye-jin revealed her current status. 

On her 22nd, Son Ye-jin posted three photos of her on her social media, writing, "How can I find a four-leaf clover?" Son Ye-jin was captured surrounded by dense bushes, intent on finding her four-leaf clover. In particular, Son Ye-jin braided her hair on both sides and showed off her youthful beauty and cute charm. Netizens who saw this posted comments such as “It’s pretty and beautiful,” “The overalls look good on you,” “I hope you have lots of luck,” and “Yejin is my four-leaf clover.” 

Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in March 2022, and held her son in her arms in November of the same year. Son Ye-jin has received an offer to appear in director Park Chan-wook's new film and is currently considering it.


Hyun Bin will be working with actor Jung Woo-sung in the drama series 'Made in Korea' directed by Woo Min-ho. Hyun Bin is waiting for the release of director Woo's movie 'Harbin'.





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 '42-year-old' Son Ye-jin, comfortable life after Taiwan's "I'm looking for a four-leaf clover"  Lee Min-jung, "Put it on like last time."





Son Ye-jin's preferred style well represents Korea's modern casual fashion that reflects a comfortable and nature-friendly lifestyle. 

She shows how, in a similar environment, she expresses different feelings and personalities through various fashion styles. 

Hyun Bin's wife and actress Son Ye-jin uploaded a post on her personal channel on the 22nd titled “Son Ye-jin - How can I find a four-leaf clover? (How can I find a four-leaf clover?)” along with several photos.

Actress Lee Min-jung, who was known to be a close friend of Son Ye-jin's photo, once again boasted of their special friendship by leaving a comment saying, "Put it on like last time." 

Son Ye-jin is standing in an outdoor space surrounded by nature. She appears to be concentrating on something with her head down, with her long hair hanging down naturally. 

For her fashion, she is wearing comfortable yet practical black overalls, layered with an ivory-colored long-sleeved shirt.







The bag is small and easy to wear, cross-bag style, and has an ocher color, serving as a simple yet focal point accessory. 

The landscape is made up of various shades of green, giving a feeling of harmony with nature. Various types of trees and bushes can be seen in the background of the photo, and a slightly worn-looking wooden bench at the edge creates a leisurely atmosphere. It appears that he is recovering from his travels after recently returning from an event in Taiwan. 

This atmosphere and style worn by Son Ye-jin well represents Korea's modern casual fashion that reflects a comfortable and nature-friendly lifestyle.




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Another flood of comments? A 'comedy combination' that even Son Ye-jin





Actors Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-jung once again brought laughter with their best friend chemistry. 

On the 22nd, Son Ye-jin shared her daily life through her personal account, saying, "How can I find a four-leaf clover?" 


In reality, she is wearing comfortable clothes and looking for a four-leaf clover. In response, actress and best friend Lee Min-jung left a comment saying, "Put it on like last time~" and gave a tip to attach one leaf to a three-leaf clover, causing laughter. 

Netizens reacted to this in various ways, saying, “Lee Min-jung’s comments are flooding in again haha,” “Oh, they’re so funny, you two are having fun,” and “There will be no day when we stop laughing at each other.” 

Son Ye-jin married Hyun Bin in November 2022, has a son, and is said to be considering an offer from director Park Chan-wook. Recently, she visited Taiwan for a schedule and became a hot topic.





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Hyun Bin and Son Yejin were mentioned in drama <Lovely Runner> ep 4.

"Hyun Bin and Son Yejin got married!!!" ..... 😄😍







Im Sol  used all the married couples just to save herself. 

"Lee Byung hun and Lee Min Jung; Won Bin and Lee Na Young; Kim Tae Hee and Rain; Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin got married. HAHAHAHAHA 😅😭















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[Exclusive] Lee Seong-min, the 'actor of 20 million people', joins the new work of 'master' Park Chan-wook... 'The Trust's Combination'





Actor Lee Sung-min is expected to join director Park Chan-wook's new film.According to Star News coverage on the 16th, Lee Sung-min has been offered a role in director Park Chan-wook's new film and is positively considering it. 

The new work is known to be based on the novel 'The Ax' written in 1997 by American novelist Donald Westlake. It tells the story of a middle-class man who, after losing his job overnight due to a company restructuring, becomes frustrated with reality and plans to kill other competitors in order to get re-employed. This new work is known to be a long-term project that director Park Chan-wook has been preparing for several years. Director Park Chan-wook attended an open talk event at the 24th Busan International Film Festival (2019 BIFF) in October 2019 and announced that it was "a life-long project." It was previously reported that actors Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin also received offers to appear in this work.  Lee Sung-min has appeared in a number of movies and worked with many directors, but he has not yet had a working relationship with director Park Chan-wook. It is expected that movie fans' interest in the combination of a 'trustworthy' director and actor will increase.  

Lee Seong-min, who started his career as a theater actor in the 1980s, appeared in the movies 'Unfair Trade', 'The Attorney', 'The Wandering Blade', 'Kundo: The Age of Civil Rebellion', 'Big Match', 'The Guest', 'Robot, Sound', 'The Prosecutor's Abduction', and 'Sheriff'. Duke', 'Eyewitness', 'Namsan Managers', 'Remember', 'Confidential', drama 'Golden Time', 'Miss Korea', 'Incomplete Life', 'Memory', 'Money Game', 'Juvenile Trial', 'Criminal Record', 'The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family' In numerous works such as 'The Day of Misdiagnosis', he showed his presence with high-quality acting, regardless of whether he played a leading role. 

Recently, with the success of the movie 'Seoul Spring' in which he played the role of Chief of Staff Jeong Sang-ho, he once again earned the title of '10 million actor' following 'The Attorney'. He is scheduled to release the movie 'Handsome Guys' in collaboration with actor Lee Hee-jun this summer. 

Director Park Chan-wook is considered a world-renowned master who led the Korean film industry. Director Park Chan-wook, who debuted in 1992 with 'The Moon...A Dream the Sun Dreams', started with 'Joint Security Area', followed by 'Old Boy', 'Vengeance is Mine', 'Mr. Vengeance', 'The Bat', 'The Handmaiden', etc. He received great attention at home and abroad by presenting major works one after another. The film 'Decision to Break Up', released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his debut, achieved the feat of winning the Best Director Award at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. 

In addition, director Park Chan-wook was in charge of directing 'Sympathy', a 7-part series released on the US streaming service HBO Max on the 14th.




Will Lee Sung-min appear in Park Chan-wook's new film?... Production company says, "We have nothing to say" (official statement)



Regarding actor Lee Sung-min's participation in director Park Chan-wook's new film, the production company responded, "There is nothing we can confirm." 

On the morning of the 16th, an official from the production company said to MK Sports, “There is nothing we can say at this time regarding Lee Sung-min’s appearance in director Park Chan-wook’s new film.” 

This new work is known to be a long-term project that director Park Chan-wook has been preparing for several years to the extent of calling it the 'masterpiece of his life', but it is said to be too early to announce it to the outside world as the original work is available and the copyright contract is in the final stage.

Before Lee Sung-min, Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin were considered for the main characters, and BH Entertainment and Son Ye-jin's agency, MS Team Entertainment, said, "We have received an offer to appear and are considering it."

If the appearance of Lee Sung-min, who has appeared in numerous movies and established himself as a 'reliable actor', is true, he will be working with director Park Chan-wook for the first time through a new film. 

Meanwhile, Lee Seong-min, who started his career as a theater actor in the 1980s, appeared in the movies 'Unfair Trade', 'The Attorney', 'Kundo: The Age of Civil Rebellion', 'The Prosecutor's Abduction', 'Confidential', 'Spring in Seoul', dramas 'Golden Time', 'Miss Korea', and 'Incomplete Life'. ' He is loved by the public by showing his deep acting skills in numerous works such as 'Memory', 'Juvenile Judgment', 'The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family', and 'The Day of Unlucky Misdiagnosis'. In particular, following 'The Attorney', 'Spring in Seoul' surpassed '10 million viewers', attracting attention as a 'two million actor'. 

Director Park Chan-wook, who is considered a world-class master who led the Korean film industry, received great attention at home and abroad by continuously releasing works such as 'JSA', 'Old Boy', 'Vengeance is Mine', 'Vengeance is Mine', 'Vengeance', 'The Bat', and 'The Handmaiden'. The film 'Decision to Break Up', released on the 30th anniversary of his debut, won the Best Director Award at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. 


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