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Son Ye-Jin 손예진 [Drama “Thirty-Nine” (JTBC/NETFLIX)]


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[2024/04/18] Yejinhand IG story post.

“동영상에서 빨간동그라미 음식 먹었어요.헤헤 😝 게살이에용 🦀 crab was so so good 😋” 

“The food in the red circle is what I ate in the video. hehe😝 it’s crab meat 🦀  crab was so so good 😋” 









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Son Ye-jin's first visit to Taiwan! She visited Taipei 101 for steamed dumplings…enjoy the night view without forgetting to look back and pamper her fans




APRIL 16, 2024 19:55PM





Son Ye-jin came to Taiwan for the first time and was all smiles and friendly.  (Picture/Photography by reporter Yang Shu)

 Son Ye-jin came to Taiwan for the first time and was all smiles and friendly. 


The 42-year-old Korean drama goddess Son Ye Jin, who has been in the industry for 25 years, visited Taiwan for the first time today (16th) for an event.

Although the flight was not public, her high popularity made her attract attention in Taiwan, attracting many people to stop and take photos. She attended the event in a rose gauze dress. Immediately before leaving the event, she took the initiative to approach the fans waiting outside, helped sign autographs and waved thank you to the media present. Then she put on a casual outfit and took the nanny car to go shopping at Taipei 101.



Son Ye-jin appeared at the entrance of Taipei 101 Observation Tower, and fans kept saying hello along the way.  (Picture/Photography by reporter Yang Shu)
Son Ye-jin appeared at the entrance of Taipei 101 Observation Tower, and fans kept saying hello along the way.  (Picture/Photography by reporter Yang Shu)


▲Son Ye Jin appeared at the entrance of Taipei 101 Observation Deck, and fans kept saying hello along the way. (Picture/Photography by reporter Yang Shu)



At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Son Ye-jin was wearing a pink sheer dress, looking fairy-like. Son Ye Jin showed a sweet smile. After the event, Son Ye Jin was escorted by 5 or 6 bodyguards back to the lounge. All the brand employees happily queued up outside the door to take a photo with Son Ye Jin.


Son Ye-jin left Taipei 101 earlier.  (Picture/Photography by reporter Yang Shu)

▲▼Son Ye Jin left Taipei 101 earlier. (Picture/Photography by reporter Yang Shu)

Son Ye-jin left Taipei 101 earlier.  (Picture/Photography by reporter Yang Shu)


After Son Ye Jin took photos with everyone, she went outside to greet the fans who were waiting for her.

When Son Ye Jin heard the fans shouting "Unnie" and holding up the support board, she was surprised and happily signed autographs for the fans, showing full fan service.


After signing the autograph, Son Ye Jin left the venue under the escort of bodyguards. Fans were happily grinning from ear to ear.  

Son Ye Jin change into casual clothing, tied up her hair in a princess bra, and took the nanny bus to Taipei 101 for dinner. During the visit, Son Ye Jin heard a fan calling her, and she turned around and waved, showing that she was in a good mood.




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Son Yejin wears Llyod Tudor Rose 7.67 carat Royal Ring and Llyod Double Ring 4-carat Ring for Taiwan M2 Lab event on 04/16.💎💎

























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Son Ye-jin‘s xiaolongbao mukbang is not Din Tai Fung! Goddess IG shows off her six-square food photo again: crabs are super delicious




APRIL 18, 2024





Korean goddess Son Ye-jin made her debut on April 16. Not only did she post a photo of her hotel room, which caused heated discussions, but she was also spotted appearing in Taipei 101 after the event.


People speculated that she ate Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao. However, according to her latest upload in Taiwan In the video of eating delicious food, as well as the six-square food photo in the IG limited edition, the food should be the Taipei 101 high-altitude view Chinese restaurant "8Wutiandi".  The restaurant issued an article today (18th) revealing the full menu of the same style as the goddess.


Korean stars Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin got married because of "Crash Landing on You". They had a son after marriage and became a popular husband and wife team in South Korea.

Son Ye Jin came to Taiwan for M2 event and set off a "Son Fairy (孙仙) whirlwind" with her friendly attitude and signature sweet smile. She stayed at The hotel and the gourmet restaurants visited received a lot of attention.


Son Ye-jin stayed in the "luxury suite" of Taipei Hi-Lai Hotel during her visit, priced at 25,000 yuan per night. Son Ye-jin mentioned at the press conference that "I am looking forward to eating Xiao Long Bao at night." After the event, she was photographed for her appearance at the Taipei 101 building.   She posted a video of her private meal on the evening of April 17. She was eating bite after bite with gusto, looking very happy and satisfied.


Son Ye-jin went to "8 Wutiandi” for dinner and posted a mukbang video on April 17 (Picture/reproduced from IG)


It is reported that the goddess and her entourage went to the Yushan Room of "8 Wutiandi" to enjoy a meal.

The restaurant issued an article today (18th) confirming that Son Ye-jin ate the crab meat soup dumplings at 8wutiandi and released the complete menu of the goddess, including signature dishes such as Truffle Protein Seafood Dumplings, Timber Barbecued Pork King, 85-skinned Goose, Baked Stuffed Fresh Crab Caps, Yangzhi Manna, etc. The goddess also specially selected the "Baked Stuffed Fresh Crab Caps" on IG for a limited time. And strongly praised "crab was so good".


Son Ye-jin shared a six-square grid of food photos on IG, especially her favorite crab dish. (Picture/reproduced from IG)





The picture on the left is the "Crab Meal Soup Xiao Long Bao" that Son Ye-jin really wants to eat. The picture on the right is the "Baked Stuffed Fresh Crab Cover" that Son Ye-jin praised, which is made from the crabmeat of a whole flower crab.

Located on the 85th floor of Taipei 101 Building, 8Wood is a very unique Chinese restaurant. It has celebrity chef Xie Wen with more than 50 years of culinary experience personally at the helm. It has been recognized as a restaurant by the Michelin Guide because it is located on a high floor. , you can experience the high-altitude landscape in the open dining area or private VIP box.



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The menu of Son Ye-jin‘s Xiao Long Bao  is revealed




APRIL 18, 2024





▲Son Ye-jin has a meal.  (Picture/taken from Son Ye-jin’s IG)

▲Son Ye-jin recently dined at the restaurant 8 Wutiandi. (Picture/taken from Son Ye-jin’s IG)


South Korean goddess Son Ye-jin (formerly known as Son Ye-jin, 손예진) is visiting Taiwan for the first time in 25 years since her debut, and she is looking forward to trying xiaolongbao. However, as photos were exposed on social networking sites, it was discovered that Son Ye-jin was not dining at Din Tai Fung, but at Taipei 101’s high-rise restaurant "Eighty Woods". The restaurant owner also announced the goddess’s dining menu that day, including crab noodle soup dumplings and truffle protein seafood dumplings. and baked stuffed fresh crab lids.


Son Ye-jin recently appeared at the venue of an endorsement event and revealed that she was "looking forward to eating xiaolongbao tonight." Since foreign celebrities who come to Taiwan will arrange to dine at Din Tai Fung, a large number of media and fans were waiting for her when she went to 101 after the event.


However, Son Ye-jin did not go to Din Tai Fung, but to the high-rise restaurant "8 Wutiandi". The operator also confirmed and announced the goddess's menu, which includes crab soup soup dumplings, truffle protein seafood dumplings, Thousand Thousand Thousand Radish Cake, Timdi Barbecued Pork Emperor, Ba Goose with five pieces of skin, baked stuffed fresh crab lids, and poplar nectar , this is also in line with the dish photos and eating videos posted by Son Ye-jin on IG.



▲Baked stuffed fresh crab lids. (Photo/Provided by 8 Wutiandi)


▲8. Wu Tim’s Crab Meal Soup Xiao Long Bao.  (Picture/taken from 8 Wu Tiandi’s Facebook)

▲ Crab Meal Soup Xiao Long Bao.  (Photo/Provided by 8 Wutiandi)






▲Bawu Barbecued Pork King.  (Photo/Provided by 8 Wutiandi)




Located on the 85th floor of Taipei 101, 8 Wutiandi is personally helmed by former Michelin one-star chef Xie Wen. It will be officially opened in October 2021. It mainly focuses on Cantonese cuisine and brings together Taiwan, Sichuan, Chaozhou, Suzhou, Hunan and Northeast China. Specialties from various places, including signature dishes such as Timber Barbecued Pork King, Bawu Sliced Goose, and Baked Stuffed Fresh Crab Caps, were all on Sun Yizhen’s menu that day.


In addition, South Korean queen IU is known to love spicy food. She held a concert at the Taipei Arena a few days ago and went straight to the "Taihe Temple" in Xinyi District to eat spicy hot pot after the concert. The spicy hot pot base of this restaurant emphasizes numbness rather than spiciness. Because the hot pot base is salty, the hot pot ingredients can be enjoyed directly without dipping into sauce. It is also a favorite restaurant of Hong Kong stars Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse.



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'Hyun Bin♥' Son Ye-jin, storm eating show in Taiwan, "extremely happy"... YouTube recommendation comment ↑



Actress Son Ye-jin enjoyed a whirlwind mukbang in Taiwan. 

On the 17th, Son Ye-jin released a video saying, "I am so happy when I eat delicious food after work. I look extremely happy. You should also enjoy something after work." 

In the video, Son Ye-jin is seen enjoying a meal with her staff after completing her schedule in Taiwan. Not only does Son Ye-jin enjoy her food, but she also spends a happy evening chatting with her friends. 

Fans cheered at Son Ye-jin's friendly and easy-going appearance, as if it were a daily vlog. One fan also recommended, “Sister, don’t you use YouTube? It looks like it would be really fun.”



Son Ye-jin attended a beauty brand's event held in Taiwan on the 16th. Son Ye-jin appeared in a pink dress and attracted attention by showing off her beauty with her unique half-moon smile. 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in 2022, and she held her son in her arms in November of the same year.





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Support the icon of sincerity, actress Son Ye-jin [MD Issue]




It's nice to see Son Ye-jin's friendly behavior. 

Recently, the public's fatigue has increased with the extensive SNS use of celebrities such as Han So-hee and Hwang Jung-eum. Although it has been welcomed as a way to communicate closely with celebrities directly without going through their agencies, it has become a place for wars of words or revelations with fans, and the view of celebrities' SNS has not been kind. 

But Son Ye-jin was different. She revealed the small details of her daily life without being excessive. She also recently released her on-site photos from her fan meeting and start of full-fledged activities, instantly dispelling her regret of not being able to meet her often through her work. 

Unlike many recent actors who repeatedly complain that they have “no work,” it is also different to be honest about the work they want to do as before. In a recent interview with a media outlet in Taiwan, Son Ye-jin talked about her different days, saying, "I don't have a lot of work these days," but instead said, "After becoming a mother, I want to play a courageous role. In particular, I want to try acting with strong maternal love." . That's right, in the case of Son Ye-jin, she has never taken a break from her work since her debut. She moved freely between the home theater and the screen, and she pursued only ‘acting’. In each successive interview, she explained the reason why she lived faithfully, saying, "When she was in her 20s and 30s, she ran tirelessly. She only wanted to be good at acting, so she didn't have time to look around." . If you look at her filmography so far, she is constantly active and has never changed her agency, so she is called an icon of sincerity and loyalty. In addition, the fact that since her debut she has never once had an unpleasant incident occur on her filming set or focus only on her commercials without her work shows the true character of Son Ye-jin as an actress and person.  Is that why? Instead of saying, "The entertainment industry is difficult these days," Son Ye-jin said plainly, "I want to work harder." She said a lot has happened in the entertainment industry recently. She had no choice but to expose her personal history, and after a war of words on blogs and social media, she turned into a sniper with emotional consumption again. A celebrity who regained her composure showed only her good side and revealed her daily life with her family, but in the end, she became a stranger. Even couples. Is that it? Not only is there a severe concentration of works on OTT, but it is not the only case that productions are halted one after another despite brilliant casting. Even top stars who once had a lot of work to do but turned it down and only appeared in commercials are surprising those around them by saying, "It's really hard these days because I don't have any work." Son Ye-jin probably also had many concerns. As it is his full-fledged activity after giving birth, be honest and not excessive. However, should we say that she has the dignity to maintain her position as a top actress?

Although she has been a star since her debut and has always been in her prime, we cannot help but cheer on the steps of actress Son Ye-jin, who is humble and ready to move forward with sincerity again. 





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Son Ye-jin ‘♥Hyun Bin', "You look so happy" in Taiwan  



Actress Son Ye-jin revealed her easy-going appearance. 

On the 17th, Son Ye-jin released one of her videos on her own account. In her video, Son Ye-jin shows off her easy-going smile and the sight of her eating happily while constantly playing with her chopsticks.


The camera angle taken with Type Lapse is placed only in front of Son Ye-jin, and Son Ye-jin, neatly wearing a pink cardigan and a T brand necklace, can't stop smiling happily as she plays with her chopsticks non-stop with her half-up hair styling that stands out for her unique innocent beauty. 

Son Ye-jin expressed her happy feelings, saying, "I'm so happy when I eat something delicious after work. I look so happy. Oh, everyone, enjoy something after work, too."


Netizens who saw this left comments such as “You are so pretty,” “The way you eat is also a goddess,” “Are you your mother?”, “The way you eat happily is so beautiful”, “You eat beautifully,” “For some reason, Hyun Bin likes this video,” “Would it be better for Ye-jin to eat something delicious after work without her husband? No matter how much you love her, sometimes dinner alone is delicious,” “First of all, I order it after work.” There were various reactions such as “Please give it to me.” 

Son Ye-jin married Hyun Bin in November 2022, has a son, and is currently leaving for Taiwan for a schedule. In addition, Son Ye-jin is said to have received an offer from director Park Chan-wook and is considering it.


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