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Son Ye-Jin 손예진 [Drama “Thirty-Nine” (JTBC/NETFLIX)]


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Bella 45 Official IG story update.  





Bella 45 Country Club is a new exclusive country club featuring a 45-hole golf course in Wonju, Gangwon-do, Seoul.  The Bella 45 Owners Club member invitation trial round will run from April 30 to May 26, 2024.



















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“Every time Son Ye-Jin posts about golf we’re reminded that  𝐂𝐋𝐎𝐘 was not a precursor but a 𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒖𝒍𝒕 of the friendship and love between her & Hyun Bin, built years before. Her dedication to this sport was his influence. 

He was so impressed by her talent that he pushed to work with her in a drama that ended up propelling them into global household names. 

It’s a story that’s uniquely 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓𝒔.”




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“Overwhelming size”… Son Ye-jin ‘7.67 carat diamond ring’ ‘surprised’ by the price




‘Lab Diamond’, which is half the price of natural diamonds, is popular. 
Increasing entry into the Lab Diamond market.



Actress Son Ye-jin wearing Lloyd's lab-grown diamond 'Tudor Rose 7' ring.  Photo = SNS capture


Actress Son Ye-jin wearing Lloyd's lab-grown diamond 'Tudor Rose 7' ring. Photo = SNS capture


“Look at the size of the diamond in the ring Son Ye-jin is wearing… 
“How expensive is such a big diamond?”


Recently , a ring worn by famous actress Son Ye-jin became a hot topic on social networking services ( SNS ). She came out wearing a gorgeous ring at an event in Taiwan, and it was studded with an overwhelmingly large diamond weighing a whopping 7.67 carats. This product is the diamond ‘Tudor Rose 7.67 carat royal pair ring’ from domestic jewelry brand Lloyd. The price is 77 million won. Considering that diamonds of this weight usually range from billions of won to tens of billions of won depending on the type, the price is relatively cheap. 

The reason why the ring worn by Son Ye-jin is cost-effective (price-performance ratio) is because it is made of ‘lab-grown diamonds.’ Lab-grown diamonds are artificial diamonds created in a laboratory and are up to 70 % cheaper than natural diamonds. As the popularity of lab-grown diamonds increases, precious metal companies are also launching new brands one after another to target the precious metals market.

Lloyd's lab-grown diamond product.  Photo = Provided by Lloyd

Lloyd's lab-grown diamond product. Photo = Provided by Lloyd


According to the industry on the 27th , the lab-grown diamond market is growing in Korea as well. The size of the domestic lab-grown diamond market is estimated at approximately 70 billion won. The industry predicts that the market will grow by double digits every year. 

In Korea, E-Land Group's jewelry brand Lloyd is introducing a variety of products. At the beginning of the launch of lab-grown diamonds, small diamonds of less than 5 carats were popular, but recently, demand for larger diamonds of 1 carat or more is increasing. For this reason, recently , a variety of sizes and shapes are sold, from meli diamonds of less than 1 part to big carat diamonds of 7.67 carats.


Based on a diverse product lineup, lab-grown diamond sales soared, recording annual sales growth rates of 52 % in 2022 and 67 % in 2023 compared to the previous year. It increased by about 75 % in the first quarter of this year . In terms of sales volume, a cumulative 5,000 carats have been sold since lab-grown diamond sales began in December 2020 . Sales have increased rapidly recently, with more than 3,500 carats sold in about a year from April last year to March this year .  […]



A view of a lab-grown diamond store.  Photo = Provided by Lloyd


A view of a lab-grown diamond store. Photo = Provided by Lloyd

Lab-grown diamonds are made by injecting methane gas and argon oxygen into natural diamond seeds to grow the gemstone. According to the industry, in 100 hours, a 1 mm seed can grow to about 1.3 mm. It takes about 400 hours to turn 1 carat into a workable gemstone . It is so sophisticated that even gem appraisers cannot tell with the naked eye whether it is a natural diamond or not. 

It is analyzed that the reason why the demand for lab-grown diamonds is increasing is because the prices of jewelry and gift accessories continue to rise. Luxury goods companies, which are popular with consumers, have begun to raise prices of products such as jewelry and watches ahead of the spring wedding season. Cartier, a high-priced French brand , will increase the prices of major watches and bracelets by 5-6 % on the 6th of next month. Previously, Tiffany, Boucheron, and Bulgari also raised their prices.



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Son Ye-jin, ♥Hyun Bin took the picture... Perfect side profile + beautiful legs 




0003828037_001_20240430191803193.png?typPhoto = Son Ye-jin


Actress Son Ye-jin revealed her current status. 

On the 30th, Son Ye-jin released several photos of her with emoticons on her own account. In her photo, Son Ye-jin appears to be out on the field to play golf.

0003828037_002_20240430191803250.png?typPhoto = Son Ye-jin

In the photo released first, Son Ye-jin is sitting in a cart, leaning on the front seat and looking somewhere. Son Ye-jin, wearing golf wear, a hat and sunglasses, was spending time with a relaxed and relaxed smile. 

In the next photo, Son Ye-jin is smiling brightly with professional Lim Jin-han. Son Ye-jin showed off her close-knit vibe by standing side by side with her impro and posing with her V for the camera. Son Ye-jin often appears on She's Pro's YouTube channel to share her current status, and she has become a hot topic. 

0003828037_004_20240430191803366.png?typPhoto = Son Ye-jin

In addition, Son Ye-jin also revealed a photo of herself posing for golf. Son Ye-jin's beautiful legs in short pants attract attention. 

Son Ye-jin is famous for her love of golf. She also became closer to her husband, actor Hyun Bin, through golf, and it was reported that she enjoyed golf even during her honeymoon. She also attracted attention by revealing her visit to the field with Hyun Bin through her own account. 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin recently announced that she has received an offer to star in director Park Chan-wook's new film and is positively considering it.




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“Hyun Bin♥ is teaching me golf”...Son Ye-jin, 25th month of dating as a couple


2024.04.30. 8:05 PM





Actress Son Ye-jin went on a golf outing. 

On the afternoon of the 30th, Son Ye-jin released several photos. 

The released photo shows Son Ye-jin enjoying golf. Son Ye-jin wears her golf wear perfectly and shows off her extraordinary beauty. Fans who saw Son Ye-jin's appearance said, 'She's really pretty. She had a good time ''Did you go with Hyun Bin? There were various reactions such as ‘It’s nice to see’.


Previously, Son Ye-jin revealed through a YouTube broadcast that her husband Hyun Bin taught her a lot about golf. 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin recently announced that she has received an offer to appear in director Park Chan-wook's new film and is positively considering it.



@forumsoomp Hi, those are fake news, fabricated stories about Son Yejin, Hyun Bin and baby Kim. 




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Son Ye-jin said, "♥ Hyun Bin will teach you about golf"... A more leisurely swing ‘eye view’




Actress Son Ye-jin reported on her current situation. 

On the 30th, Son Ye-jin released several photos with an emoticon playing golf.


In the photo, Son Ye-jin is seen enjoying golf in the field. Son Ye-jin, who matched her neat navy blue golf wear, shows off her long legs, drawing attention to her. 

Netizens who saw this commented, “I thought it was a golf wear pictorial,” “She must be good at golf now,” “I feel relaxed,” and “I like it because she looks happy.” 

She previously revealed that Son Ye-jin learned golf from Hyun Bin, who has excellent golf skills. At the time, she appeared on Son Ye-jin's YouTube channel and boasted, "She teaches me a lot, I practice with her, and she tells me what the problems are." 


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Spring round, Hyun Bin❤️Son Ye-jin's golf day... “Is there an effect of being a professional golfer?”




Actress Son Ye-jin's golf fashion is a hot topic. Photo = Son Ye-jin's personal channel.


Actress Son Ye-jin revealed a golf round with professional golfer Lim Jin-han through her personal channel. 

This post on the 30th includes several photos with a golf course in the background on a warm spring day, and Son Ye-jin is known to be a golf enthusiast, so she generously showed fans pictures of the special day. 

In the photo, Son Ye-jin looks like she is receiving professional golf lessons, smiling brightly and posing with professional golfer Lim Jin-han.

The location is reminiscent of a typical high-end golf club in Korea, and the wide green lawn and distant mountains create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.



Actress Son Ye-jin revealed a golf round with professional golfer Lim Jin-han. Photo = Son Ye-jin's personal channel

Son Ye-jin's focus on golf was revealed. Photo = Son Ye-jin's personal channel

Son Ye-jin matched white golf shoes with high white socks, adding a classic feel. Photo = Son Ye-jin's personal channel





Son Ye-jin wore sunglasses and looked stylish. Photo = Son Ye-jin's personal channel

Son Ye-jin's golf fashion was enough to attract attention. She paired her black denim skirt with a white long-sleeved shirt and black vest, showing off her sophisticated yet individual style. 

In particular, her large logo stands out on her vest, emphasizing her stylish yet sporty sense. 

She also paired her feet with comfortable white golf shoes and high white socks for a classic feel.





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[2024/05/02] Yejinhand IG update and her new endorsement with Lloyd Jewelry. Congratulations! 🩷

“I had a beautiful and sparkling jewelry photoshoot today💓
Have a night that shines like a jewel💍”  

“오늘 반짝반짝 빛나는  아름다운 주얼리촬영을 했어요💓
보석같이 빛나는 밤 되세요💍













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[Soyoobridal_official] IG story:

“Goddess 🤍




Son Yejin wore ‘Destiny’ gown by Newhite (from Soyoo Bridal) for her Lloyd jewelry photoshoot. 🤍









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Son Yejin wears Llyod Tudor Rose 7.67 carat Royal Ring and Llyod Double Ring 4-carat Ring for Taiwan M2 Lab event on 04/16.💎💎


























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Son Ye-jin, beauty like a jewel... The unchanging ‘goddess’





Actress Son Ye-jin showed off her beauty. 
On the 2nd, Son Ye-jin said through her SNS, “Today, I took a photo of beautiful sparkling jewelry. She posted several photos and videos along with the message, “Have a night that shines like a jewel.” 
The released photo is a behind-the-scenes look at his filming. Son Ye-jin, who perfectly wears a pure white dress, attracts attention with her delicate shoulder line and innocent charm. 
Fans at home and abroad who saw this expressed their praise for Son Ye-jin by sending heart emoticons in the comments.


Photo = Son Ye-jin's Instagram 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in March 2022 and gave birth to a son in November of the same year.




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‘42-year-old’ Son Ye-jin, “A beauty that defies time… The return of the eternal ‘goddess’”






Actress Son Ye-jin caught the attention of fans by revealing the scene of her gorgeous jewelry shoot. 

On the afternoon of the 2nd, Son Ye-jin said through her personal channel, “Today, I took a photo of beautiful sparkling jewelry. She posted several photos with an affectionate message saying, “Have a night that shines like a jewel.” 

In the published photo, Son Ye-jin is posing in an elegantly sleek off-shoulder wedding dress.



The dress is designed with a silhouette that fits her body well, making her alluring charm stand out even more.

In particular, the light fabric with a soft flow makes her dress flow beautifully every time she moves, and the long train dramatically emphasizes her silhouette.

Son Ye-jin's jewelry shoot emphasizes her luxurious and sophisticated image, while also showing her making new attempts through collaboration with brands. 


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