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❤️Kim Soo Hyun ❤️ 김수현❤️


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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Soo Hyun in black & white for “Marie Claire Korea”

Through his latest photoshoot with Marie Claire Korea, actor Kim Soo Hyun shed his school boy charms for a more mature style that emphasized his charisma in black and white.

Different from his role of ‘Sam Dong’ in KBS’s “Dream High,” the photoshoot aimed to capture his real age of 24 through crisp and modern clothes and deep, emotional gazes.

A representative of the magazine commented, “He’s an actor with a smart feel of what he needs to do in order to express a certain image. He created beautiful cuts that led us all to believe he was a professional model, and also understood all of the clothing and concepts we were aiming for. His ability to express all of that is amazing.”

The rest of his photoshoot and interview can be found in the magazine’s March edition.


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Guest old soul

I'm officially a fan of Kim Soo Hyun. He's such a good actor. I think he's one of the best (if not the best) in crying scenes. To top it off, the funniest scenes in Dream High were the Sam Dong scenes. My favorite funny part was when Hye Mi gives Sam Dong a makeover and they go shopping for clothes. When he felt dizzy and dropped to the floor, I was beside myself from laughing. He has so much range as an actor. He literally brought Sam Dong to life. I can't wait to see him in another drama, but I'll always have a soft spot for my Sam Dong.

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I loved him in Dream High. I can't believe he's 24; he looks so much younger. I'm officially obsessed with him. Can't wait to see him in another drama.

Count me in :D I'm officially obsessed with him too. He's one of the most talented korean actor I've seen so far. Besides that he's handsome and hot of course :D :D I love his fury eyebrows and his lips... well I love everything about him now :D :D  

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Guest purple-blossom

This is from Kim Soo Hyun posted @ KeyEast website March 01, 2011. can someone translate this??

송삼동, 김수현 입니다.

어떤 말로 시작을 해야 할까 한참 고민하다가 떠오른 말이 송삼동, 이네요.

끝이라는 게 실감이 나지 않아서일까요..

김수현이라는 이름보다 송삼동이라는 이름이 아직은 더 익숙한 것 같아요. ^^

그 동안 많은 관심과 사랑 보내주셨던 <드림하이>가 오늘 스페셜 콘서트를 마지막으로 끝이 났습니다.

더운 여름에 촬영 준비를 시작했는데 어느새 두 계절이 지나버렸어요.

악보를 익히고 안무 연습을 하는 동안 잘 해낼 수 있을까 걱정도 하고,

촬영장에서 밤을 새면서 삼동이의 꿈을 어떻게 봐주실까 기대도 하면서 보냈던 것 같아요.

<드림하이>는 저에게 삼동이라는 또 하나의 이름뿐만 아니라,

배우로서 어떻게 살아야 할지 고민할 수 있는 시간을 만들어 준 작품이에요.

드라마 속 K에 만족하지 않고,

배우로서도 최고의 모습 보여드릴 수 있는 김수현이 될 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.

앞으로도 계속 지켜봐 주세요.


마지막 방송을 함께 보기 위해 시간 내주신 팬 여러분들, 감사합니다.

그 동안 큰 사랑 보내주신 분들이랑 마지막을 함께할 수 있어서 더 좋았던 것 같아요.

집에서 혼자 방송을 봤으면 좀 섭섭했을 것 같은데,

옆에 든든한 지원군들이 함께 있어주니까 좋더라구요.

또, 함께하지는 못했지만 방송 보시면서 응원해주신 많은 분들께도 많이 많이 감사 드립니다.

내일부터는 늦잠도 자고, 그 동안 못 본 드라마들이랑 영화도 챙겨볼려구요.

100% 충전한 다음 좋은 소식으로 다시 인사 드릴게요.

언제나 여러분들 덕분에 외롭지 않고 힘이 납니다!!

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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Soo Hyun is as pretty as a…girl?


Fans and netizens the world over are shrieking with delight as they view a picture of Kim Soo Hyun dressed up as a girl!

The picture is actually an old photo of the “Dream High” star’s, taken from his personal mini-homepage and uploaded onto community boards. Hilariously, he’s introduced the ‘lady’ in the picture as his ‘older sister’. Even though Kim Soo Hyun isn’t wearing any makeup, the long black wig was all he needed to successfully transform into a very pretty girl.

Those who saw the photo commented, “The more I look at it carefully, the more it looks like a girl“, “So pretty, it’s not fair“, and “Are you sure it’s not a girl who looks like Kim Soo Hyun?”


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Guest gauri92

@purple blossom: i think the translation is up in the dream high thread... can check it out there....

and i loveeee this guy!!! im having withdrawal symptoms!!! i want him to get back with a drama and get that hard core drama fanbase solidified and soon....he won't have problems getting a good fanbase amongst drama fans because he is a brilliant actor!!!

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This is Song Sam Dong, Kim Soo Hyun.

I thought for a long time how i should start out and the first thing that came to mind was Song Sam Dong.

Maybe it's because i still can't believe it's over...

I think I'm still used to the name Song Sam Dong than Kim Soo Hyun.

With lots of love and interest <Dream High> ended today with the special concert.

We started filming in the hot summer and 2 seasons already passed.

While i memorized the music sheet and practiced dancing, i worried whether i will be able to do well.

While i filmed all night, i wondered how the viewers will think of Sam Dong's dream.

<Dream High> not only gave me the name Sam Dong,

but also gave me time to think about how i should live as an actor.

Not just being satisfied as K in the drama,

I will try my best to show only the good sides as Kim Soo Hyun, the actor.

Please continue to watch me.


Thank You, to the fans who made time to watch the last episode with me.

I think it was better because i was able to spend it with the fans who gave us a lot of love.

I think i would have been sad if i watched it at home alone.

Having strong supports with me was better.

And to the people who couldn't come, thank you very very much for giving us a lot of support.

Starting Tomorrow, i will sleep in late and catch up on dramas and movies i missed.

After i re-energize myself 100%, i will return with good news.

I always feel strong and not lonely because of you guys!! 

credit: s@nbi @ soompi

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Guest C51236

Kim Soo-hyun, idol no more

by javabeans | March 2, 2011

Kim Soo-hyun was a hot property before Dream High, but after it, his star has positively skyrocketed. There’s no doubt that attempts to snag him for upcoming projects will be aggressive as everyone wants to claim the newly minted star for their own, whether it be new dramas, movies, or CF deals.

According to his management company Keyeast, Kim Soo-hyun is currently courting around ten offers for new roles. Of those, he’s got one movie and one drama that he’s seriously looking at, which are in the process of being negotiated.

One thing he won’t be doing, however, is pursuing singing, although he has been approached with multiple recording offers as well. His rep stated that he has decided to put those offers aside and focus on his acting for now, although the option is on the table to consider recording projects at a later date.

Singing is a talent he’d kept quiet until this latest project, and with which he astonished fans. (Honestly, at first I wondered if he’d been dubbed over by a pro, he was that good — better, even, than some of the cast’s idol singers, I thought.) And with his vocal chops, Kim Soo-hyun is one case where I don’t think attempting a side project in music would be off-base. A lot of times the actor-to-singer jump feels like a vanity project more than anything, but he’s got the pipes.

On the other hand, Kim’s also fiercely talented as an actor, and even before Dream High made him popular, he’d been gradually making a name for himself as one of the next generation’s brightest new talents. He had small roles in Jungle Fish and Kimchi Cheese Smile, then really made a splash playing Go Soo’s childhood counterpart in Will It Snow For Christmas, where he was absolutely riveting as an intense, smart, and pained youth.

He shone even brighter in the short drama Father’s House (opposite acting heavyweight Choi Min-soo), playing the beloved young son who was raised by a single dad, whose absent mother returns in his teen years. And Giant was the role that solidified his status as a Serious Actor in the making. This kid is IT. (Okay, technically he’s no kid at age 23, but he’s just so wonderful at conveying his characters’ youthful hopes and disappointments that it’s easy to forget he’s out of his teens.)

So given the choices, I’m certainly all for seeing him acting in another drama right away, and would much prefer that to an album or single. (Although imma be greedy and say that there’s no reason we can’t have both… Oh, all right, except for maybe the boy would like to sleep once in a while, I suppose. *sighs ungratefully*)


We might see him in a new project by the end of this year!! :)

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Thank you for latest news of our SooHyun,Really hope we can see a new project of him coming soon.Although i begin love him from Samdong's character but since now i sure i love him so much and will supoort him forever.

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Guest gauri92

i thin dramabeans is in loooveee with KSH...not tht i blame them...who wouldn't be??? so he's considering a drama and movie role eh??? hope he picks up the drama, since it will b easier to see him on screen....but whatever is best for him!!!

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Guest azn_cute_bois

I'm a Big Fan of Kim Soo Hyun too..

i miss drama high and i going to watch it again..

i going to miss him as Sam dong and Suzy as Hye Mi too..

I Love U Hye Mi!!!!

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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Soo Hyun’s ID picture released

Actor Kim Soo Hyun’s high school ID picture has been released!

Through an online community forum, Kim Soo Hyun’s high school ID picture was uploaded and is receiving a lot of interest.

In this picture, Kim Soo Hyun has a clean and neat hairstyle that shows off a hard-working student image. Also, his thick eyebrows, high nose, and sharp jawline once again proves that he is an ulzzang.

Netizens praised this picture by stating, “This is the ultimate photo ID picture.” “I bet a lot of girls followed him around when he was in school.” “The more I see him, the more I think he looks really handsome.”


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