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❤️Kim Soo Hyun ❤️ 김수현❤️


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Don't really like this guy at the beginning but loving on along Dream High drama. He look a bit like Taemin of Shinee, which I notice the most.

I like his character, can't wait for upcoming ep.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Soo Hyun sends fans his Lunar New Year’s greetings

Actor Kim Soo Hyun would like to wish his fans a happy Lunar New Year!

On February 1st, Kim Soo Hyun sent his Lunar New Year’s greetings through his company, KeyEast Entertainment.

The actor said, “Hello. I hope you spend a meaningful Lunar Year with your loving family and friends. I also hope you receive a lot of luck during the year of the rabbit.” He added, “I, too, will work hard this year to show you my improvements. Please love “Dream High’s” Song Sam Dong a lot!”


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Guest Notty107

I looooveeee soohyun. First know him from dream high n my neXt project is to watch WISFC

.he got so hot on dream high ep 11!! Can't wait for next ep.

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Guest portakal

Woow, new hair style is realy suit him!! blush.gif

Then that earring... Oh~ That guy so cool.. :wub:

I'm agree with you, Notty107. =) He's so hot.. Every where... From now on he's much more cute cause of his new hair style, hehe. ^^'

Lastly, thanks for all pic and news. ~ :))

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Guest Licky27

- love kim soo hyun.<33

- he's just so handsome and charming, love his smile, his lips too..lol...such a great young actor.

- i made this graphix-[wallie] of him... & used it for my signature....just wanted to share.^^;


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

[haven't used photoshop in years...>.<;;]


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Guest adikkeluangman

How does Kim Soo Hyun react to…

On the February 6th episode of KBS’s “Dream High“, Kim Soo Hyun’s character will undergo a radical 180 degree transformation, thanks to ‘Jin Guk’s interference in his love line with ‘Hyemi’.

Throughout the series thus far, ‘Samdong’s love for ‘Hyemi’ was much like that of a sunflower’s, as he always loved and followed her without doubt in all of her pursuits.

Unfortunately, ‘Sam Dong’ witnesses the kiss shared by ‘Jin Guk’ and ‘Hyemi’ during their trip to Nagoya, Japan. Unable to do anything, he’s forced to clutch at his breaking heart and look on with tears as his first love gets taken away from him.

The experience, however, makes him more determined than ever to become the greatest star, and he formally begins to prepare himself by honing his inner talents.

Directors who watched on commented, “He’s definitely Kim Soo Hyun. The whole time we were watching him cry, our hearts felt so stuffy, we could feel his misery reach out to us.”

Be sure to check out the episode to see how the love triangle unfolds.


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I totally love this guy, he's so freaking cute and a good actor!

Thank you for making this thread, I shall stalk till no tomorrow WOO :D

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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Soo Hyun transforms into ‘Dark Samdong’

On KBS 2TV’s “Dream High“‘, country boy ‘Samdong’ – played by actor Kim Soo Hyun – has transformed into ‘Dark Samdong’.

The 11th episode of “Dream High” started with Samdong’s shocked reaction to ‘Jin Guk” (Ock Taecyeon) and ‘Haemi’ (Bae Suzy)’s kiss. Up until that moment, Samdong had been an innocent boy who was genuinely in love with Haemi.

Heartbroken and angry, Samdong decides to cut his hair – a traditional symbolic gesture of one’s transformation. Stepping out from the barber’s, Samdong will now walk as “Dark Samdong”, a cold man stunned by the betrayal of love.

The shock eventually wears off as he walks through the streets. Samdong is seeing crying as he broods over his thoughts, “My mother lied to me. She said the heaven only gives as much pain as one can withstand, but it is too difficult for me to bear”.

It’ll be interesting to see how the love triangle will be affected by Samdong’s abrupt transformation.


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